Biohacking: A Synonym For Self Help



In the scientific world, the one reviewed and overseen by established academics, biohacking is not a real study. It is a pseudoscience related to biology, one that professional biologists regard in the same way they regard ghost hunting and palm reading.

There are no accredited, recognized universities dedicated to the study of paranormal forces, although lots of extra-scientific organizations exist. Biohackers are no more than quacks or, at best, curious individuals with too much time on their hands as far as “real” scientists are concerned.

Where Do You Find a Biohacker?

They love to hang out in small groups and perform experiments in the dark, and when these individuals bring their results into the light the reaction is usually divisive. Many people regard them as unethical and dangerous.

Only fellow biohackers and individuals outside the mainstream appreciate what they are doing. At best, participants just want to know more about their world. At worst, there could be serious ethical ramifications to what they are capable of. Maybe only funding affects the outcome.

Mostly Confusion

For the most part, biohacking is greeted with plain old confusion. What are these people doing; splicing genes or trying to change genetic coding? Sometimes they get into that, often with little projects that won’t rock the world or hurt anyone outside of their lab. They play with organic and non-organic articles in an effort to learn more about the biology of plants, animals, and how these interact with their man-made environs.

Numerous biohackers hope to develop products and eBooks so as to make a living from their interest in esoteric studies like these. Ideally, they would create items to improve life and which consumers would wish to purchase.

The average person, however, has no idea what these people are doing and can become frightened as a result. They hear “bio” and “hacking” and they imagine men in white lab coats creating the real life equivalent of the Terminator or a home-based gene-mutating device anyone can bring home to their peril. Their closest reference in the technological world is computer hacking; its malicious intent and destructive, costly results.

What is Biohacking?

Realistically, biohacking is about improving one’s environment or one’s own body. An example that captures the idea in a user-friendly format is nootropics. These are regulated and non-regulated supplements and drugs which change neurological activity.

When used correctly, advocates say they promote crisp thinking and focus; better energy; reduced fatigue; and even reduced symptoms from chronic conditions of the mind and body. Individuals who develop and market these products seek to perfect the human brain and body one pill at a time.

Their pills and powders can be swallowed or turned into a smoothie. Allegedly, the best-known nootropics are followed by thousands of clients who claim that these supplements have improved their productivity at work, enhanced athletic performance, or helped a child overcome the worst symptoms of autism.

What Biohacking Can Be

In the instance above, biohacking is potentially harmless, maybe helpful, perhaps no more than an unwise and frustrating encounter with the 21st Century equivalent of a high-street huckster. Maybe you will waste your money on an idea, but it won’t be long before you know if anything good came of your investment. At worst, you might suffer an allergic reaction to the ingredients. Perhaps real improvement is the result of taking this risk, and data from legitimate research will prove as much very soon.

All biohackers sell an idea, one which is supported by science according to the background information you read. Some of that science is conducted by biohacking amateurs as it happens or real scientists working outside of mainstream directions and without funding. Occasionally, someone with better credentials says something nice which is quoted on a website in relation to a product or is taken out of context to the same purpose.

What Biohacking Could Become

There is always the potential, however, for unethical individuals, corporations, or extra-curricular groups to gather with a malicious aim; to make money out of products which hurt people. “Hacking” does not have to be a back word, but it always is when associated with research that would harm people or society.

Is there a chance that weapons could be developed which affect human beings in detrimental ways at the cellular level? Biological warfare has already proven this to be the case. Technological advancements raise the stakes.

Master & Dynamic

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From their base in New York City, US company Master & Dynamic designs high-end headphones and accessories. Their target is your audio pleasure; enhancing it while you work or go about doing whatever you do that has to be accompanied by audio tracks from your portable device.

Whether those are songs or spoken words, Master & Dynamic is pleased to create luscious sound and to provide a luxurious headphone or earphone for that purpose. These aren’t just any headphones; these are more like jewellery you will want to keep safe between uses.

If you see someone lovingly storing his headphones or earbuds in their own case, perhaps after polishing them with a special cloth, they are probably wearing Master & Dynamic products worth several hundred dollars.

The Approach

The people behind Master & Dynamic believe in routine and discipline, doing the same things over and over to understand them but also exploring new possibilities. They always expect to improve and create; to become masters over audio technology, but to relinquish that title at the end of every day and reclaim it as they start a new one. This approach keeps them humble but confident.

They believe you need an audio component to a creative environment. So many people say it — they work better with sound in the background, a voice singing or talking. They can focus when they know the sound hasn’t been taken away.

Otherwise, it’s like trying to live and work in a black hole. Headphones, in Master & Dynamic’s words, are “modern thinking caps.” With these, designers at Master & Dynamic are also better able to concentrate on their work.

Although there is that pledge to innovate and improve, a pair of Master & Dynamic headphones will last for years as long as you treat them nicely. They have been made with top materials we will talk about in a minute, each one chosen for comfort or performance; endurance or amplification.

Master & Dynamic Materials

These products are made from leather, brass, copper, stainless steel, neodymium magnets, and more. The last of these is a part of every ear piece and is probably the best sort of material for driving amplification. This is probably why they call it a Neodymium Driver.

Leather on the ear pads and internal parts of headphones enhances their comfort. Doctors will say you should take headphones off and take a break for the sake of your eardrums, but some people live in them. If so, leather is easy to wipe clean and provides a cushion against ear cartilage which, though bendy, can become sore over time.

Headphones for the Best Sound


Expect to experience sound as it was meant to be experienced; let it flood you with a feeling of satisfaction. Sound is tuned, three-dimensional, not tinny. Hear a balanced presentation of instruments from a symphony orchestra or a live band.

MH30 Headphones

These come in several colors but also a designer version by Carolyn Rowan featuring black beads. Stress points like the hinges are all made from stainless steel but the body of forged aluminum is light. Personalize the pads by replacing them periodically just for fun. Master & Dynamic makes wireless, on-ear, and over-ear headphones in several warm styles. Alcantara on the band, both inside and out, provides a luxurious feel like the kind you find in an expensive car.


In-ear phones like the ME05 are ergonomically shaped to fit in the ear and stay. Silicone tips are soft and easy to clean with the cloth provided. If you are tired of twisted and knotted cables, the copper internal parts of these ones won’t tangle while a brass body optimizes acoustics.

These come with a remote, a mic, and they filter audio so all you are conscious of is glorious sounds, not background noises. There are three styles of earphones and, as always, numerous styles. The MEO5 variety is compatible with Apple devices.

Beachbody 3-Day Refresh

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I’ve read about the Beachbody 3-Day Refresh and read reviews by survivors. Not everyone agrees it’s good value for the money. When I say money, I mean the program can cost up to $70 plus shipping if you don’t belong to the Beachbody club already. What does that give you? Take a look below.

Beachbody 3-Day Refresh Components


Firstly, it doesn’t include everything. You will need to make a shopping list and get everything into the refrigerator before starting. Don’t grocery shop while you do the cleanse; that could be enough to kill every ounce of motivation you have and, believe me, you will need all of it.

By the end of Day 2 you could be asking yourself “what does it matter if I just spent $70? How can I go on?” The cleanse comes with a lot of shake mixes as you will be consuming them at every meal.

Not a Liquid Detox

This is not a liquid-only cleanse but a way to get rid of bloating and cravings in a very short space of time. You will consume around 1,000 calories, give up coffee, and forget about meat and dairy. At least, you will try to forget about them, and you certainly won’t crave more than coffee during a withdrawal headache that turns into a migraine if you’re a real addict. Apparently, coffee without cream or sugar is allowed if you’re going into shock.

The Plan

Every day starts with a big glass of water and lemon, filtered water mind you, not straight tap water. That stuff will kill you (if you believe filtered-water fanatics). The day does not begin with a 12-oz Americano. That might rule out a hefty percentage of readers saying “I can’t do that, not even for three days.”

Breakfast is a shake and fruit and this is important; you’re not eating a banana or an apple but a slice of watery cantaloupe. Maybe you can swap honeydew or watermelon; read the book. There is logic to the madness. Around mid-morning you drink a fiber shake, so expect to spend some time in the toilet. I would recommend either a day when you’re so busy you don’t care or one where you can sleep all day.

Lunch should take place 1 hour or more after the snack, so stretch this out if you can. Drink the shake, eat 12 strawberries, and finish with 5 roasted spears of asparagus plus a touch of olive oil. Maybe you can reverse the order, but eating the strawberries first helps to make you feel full.

Snack time will be 2 celery sticks and hummus. Later that day, dinner will involve another shake plus a stir-fry of vegetables only and broth if you want it, plus herbs for flavor. On Day 2, you alter this routine a little bit by switching strawberries for raspberries and asparagus for cauliflower plus cumin. The snack becomes carrots and hummus. Instead of a stir-fry, enjoy a spinach salad.

What to Expect

Reports suggest you will lose the cravings you had plus bloating caused by water retention. This will last if you cut back on coffee, salt, and refined sugar for the long haul.

Terra’s Kitchen Delivers The Family Dinner

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Statistics depict a sad picture of family life. Meal time is traditionally where busy family members gather, but fewer families take time to eat dinner together, and those who do often can’t manage the feat every night. It takes too much planning.

Fast food is the order of the day, or a lack of inspiration in the kitchen leads to another night of grilled cheese sandwiches or cereal topped with yogurt. What would it take to bring back the family meal? Maybe a little bit of help in the kitchen is all Americans need, and Terra’s Kitchen has the recipe for domestic success.

Terra’s Kitchen: More than Meals

Unlike some delivery services which drop a pre-made meal at your doorstep, Terra’s Kitchen delivers the ingredients. Prepare a meal for when you need it. This is more than a microwave short-cut. Terra’s Kitchen meals come with ingredients for making fresh salads you can’t just heat up.

It doesn’t take long to get ready. Each meal is accompanied by a recipe card indicating which extras you will need like olive oil and sea salt. There is a list of equipment required too. Terra’s Kitchen tells you how long it should take to make the meal — maybe 20 minutes or half an hour — so you can plan ahead to start at 5:30 and be ready by 6.

Cost Per Serving

Most people think about the money first because they live on a budget and can’t afford to be gourmets. Terra’s Kitchen lays it out by serving, and this is not cheap food. The lowest price on their sample menu is $9.99 per serving with some meals priced $17.99. If you’re feeding a family of four, that first meal costs $40 or more which is about what you pay to go to a restaurant.

But the cost per serving might be unrealistic if you aren’t a big eater. Many times, the serving is too generous for a child or even for an adult. Besides, if there are leftovers, you can heat or re-serve them for the following day’s lunch or even breakfast. Who says you can’t eat arugula salad in the morning with your eggs?

Philosophy at Terra’s Kitchen

Although only some of the ingredients are organic, they are all natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, without additives or chemicals. The company also tries to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Every plastic container in the shipment can be recycled or re-used, but there’s one other element to the delivery that is unique and innovative: Terra’s Kitchen supplies ingredients in a box made up of drawers which separate them in a food-safe manner. You don’t keep this “green” delivery vessel but leave it out the next day for collection the same way it was delivered: by courier. Return it so as not to incur a fee.

All-natural, seasonal food is more expensive than processed stuff full of chemicals. The delivery method has to be costly. I imagine these factors contribute to the high price of food from Terra’s Kitchen. Also, it’s more nutritious than fast food.

How to Subscribe

Create a weekly menu for Terra’s Kitchen and she will regularly ship whatever you place on the menu. Every plan you create informs the suggestions they make for you at Terra’s Kitchen. You might be avoiding peanuts or gluten.

The calorie count could be important. You will also receive an email reminding you to set preferences or ignore it and let the company select recipes. You can read some of them on the website but more are available to customers.

Website Wonders

Terra’s Kitchen is using the blog format effectively to talk about food and also to get people talking about the business. Learn about the value of family dinners. Explore why they matter to physical health and also to the emotional health of children and adults.

HP Spectre Laptop

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Consumers will get the feeling, reading descriptions of the HP Spectre, that its designers wish they were in a different profession They don’t sell it like a piece of electronics as much as a work of art, its image enhanced by moody lighting. Take all of the fancy words and lights away and what do you have? Well, actually, it’s a pretty special laptop, and it should be for over $1,100.


Skinny with Muscle

Never underestimate the skinny guy. He has muscle, but it’s long and lean. So, too, does the HP Spectre. One of its foremost visual features is how slender it is and, thus, how light. Lacking bulk in any tangible way, it’s designed for mobile use and to take up very little space at home. It’s just 10.4 mm – the skinniest laptop worldwide.

Artisan Style

The HP Spectre was made to be the best but not the most economical. That being said, they didn’t use gold but aluminum and carbon fiber. Gold would have been heavy, even if it was hammered to 10.4 mm. Carbon fiber and aluminum are light and tough. Add scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass, installed here from edge to edge, and you have a machine that can be dropped without breaking. Again, given the price, don’t test that theory from a 2nd-storey window.

Internal Affairs

Check out the Intel Core Processor, i5 or i7, a customer choice. That’s why the price only starts at a little over $1,100; customization could make it higher. An i7 processor is faster than an i5 and it comes with more memory, ideal for the writer or artist storing large amounts of information and working in coffee shops. Few professional writers could afford the price, but maybe you’re one of the prolific and well-paid writers who can.

A Pcle SSD is also a revolution in the business of computer speeds. With the SSD, computer experts say you lost some speed in the transfer of memory to the processor, but not anymore. Select the i5 or i7 and this Pcle will make the whole system run much more quickly.

Writing in the Dark

Do you write at night with the lights out like a disobedient child reading by a flashlight under the covers? Such dedication deserves a break and you get it with the backlit keyboard. Backlighting helps you find keys in dark environs, supports individuals with vision problems, and is generally cool.

So is Cinderella’s glass trackpad, although this is another breakable thing. Then again, chances are you won’t drop something heavy onto it. Most people spill their coffee and drop crumbs over a computer keyboard if anything. So, have your fancy features without fear they will be fragile.

Hidden Hinge

Unfortunately, the hinge on a laptop between the screen and keyboard gives away the practical purpose of your beautiful machine. You can’t deny it’s meant for work, not for show; however, HP has created a hidden hinge, one you can’t see without looking for it. They say it was inspired by expensive furniture which also tries to hide its functional nature.

HP Safety

How is HP’s safety record? Designers of electronics have been faced with many problems over the years associated with overheating in particular. In response to those challenges, they have come up with a cooling system which allows the internal parts to operate at their best without melting.

You should still avoid placing this machine on your lap so that body heat doesn’t make the laptop too hot; a table is better or place the device on a flat surface before putting it on your lap. Additional hyperbaric cooking sucks in cool air as well as letting out the heat. Never cover vents or these cool-air intake sections.

No Memory Problems

Consumers complain about their short-term memory all the time, but HP doesn’t make excuses for forgetting a face or a name. In fact, they don’t have to because 8 GB of memory won’t let them. There’s lots of room on here for storage and with such a lot of media one might wish to store, that’s a good thing.

Allow yourself a moment to be impressed by the visual clarity of images and the crispness of Bang & Olufsen sound. Put them together to watch action movies and concerts through stereo speakers. The battery runs up to 9 hours, so you’ve got plenty of time for a movie marathon before you have to plug in at the C-Type USB. Four batteries have already been installed.

Escort IX Radar Detector

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Yes, this is a machine that detects when police are on the road looking for speeders. No, it does not detect radiation; that’s something else. The Escort iX Radar Detector has a very particular function which it performs to a technically advanced level for the price of $499.95 with FREE SHIPPING HERE.

It’s expensive, but not if you are one of those people who could easily have his license revoked by now owing to the number of points on his license, not to mention the fines to be paid for speeding, this is a great Christmas present. That cost includes free shipping and the company promises to pay any speeding tickets incurred if the machine doesn’t do its job.

Details of the Escort iX Radar Detector


Buy the Escort iX Radar Detector for $499.95 plus Free Shipping by clicking this image! Direct from the Manufacturer!

The Escort iX is not specifically made for use in a Ford Escort. Customers can use it with all sorts of cars and it even adds elegance to the internal décor of your vehicle. Upgrades are available, but let’s start with the package you pay $500 for outright.

Firstly, you get GPS Intelligence which discards alerts identified as “false.” Strangely enough, radar is in use more than you think and not always associated with police speed traps. The Escort is able to learn, like a human brain. It automatically adjusts to frequencies to determine when alarms are false so you are not distracted unnecessarily. Although more caution is better than being incautious, there’s such a thing as “too much.” Some of those sources come from your own car after all.

The Escort Live App lets you know when alerts are available from crowd source, but you have to be connected to Bluetooth. When I say this works in any car, perhaps I should clarify: the car needs to be modern enough to supply this connection.

Real time protection ensures that if anyone in the network spots and reports a speed trap or police in an area, everyone will hear about it. This network will also indicate when new speed designations have been made during road works or at an accident site.

Defender Data Base

The program knows where all cameras are located throughout the United States and Canada. Of course, new ones might be added or taken away, but that’s where the Live App comes in. The Defender Database uses GPS to locate cameras for subscribers. Download updates online periodically, but only if you’re using anything but Apple; the Escort isn’t compatible with Mac computers yet. You can use the USB port from your computer to download new information.

Voice Control

Alerts are provided audibly to drivers so they don’t have to view a screen. When a trap or camera is coming up and the computer knows about or detects it, a voice will tell the driver that it’s time to slow down. You can have it speaking in English or Spanish.

Clear these if you are pulled over for a broken light, etc. The Escort doesn’t detect problems with the car or warn you about negligent driving; just speeds. You’ll still be pulled over if your driving is erratic or your vehicle is not properly maintained.


The OLED screen features multiple colors, making it easy to read and decipher at a glance. The color settings are amber, blue, green, and red. Add warnings at a distance for X and K-bands, SuperWide Ka-Band, POP mode, and upgrades as required and this is a top-notch machine for savvy road users.

Buy it from the source –>

PS: Are you someone who prefers shopping on Amazon? If you prefer, you can buy it or check out the Escort iX reviews on Amazon HERE!

Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds

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Jabra offers solutions to audio technology that doesn’t serve its purpose; that fails to live up to its promise. Athletes require inspiration and a solid beat keeps the feet moving, gets them over the hardships of a final few kilometers on a long run. Headphones are necessary to this activity, but they are also inconvenient. The answer is wireless earbuds.

Jabra Elite Sport Makes Earbuds to Keep You Moving


Jabra wants you to push through pain and over hills. Enjoy the clarity that will make you believe someone is talking right into your ear. If your purpose is to get a job done and maintain focus, this will be the result with Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds, but without the difficulty of cords.

Corded Earphones Get in the Way

While they were great when first released to a hungry audience of music lovers pounding the pavement, the cords of old-fashioned earphones flap around or have to be tucked somewhere. When you re-tie jogging pants, tie and cord get caught up together. They become twisted and the connections loosen so that one side works but the other one goes wrong. Don’t get hung up on cords; go wireless.

Sound Blocking

You want music or a conversation to come across clearly, not the sounds that would distract and interrupt. Jabra’s wireless earbuds block out sounds that have nothing to do with what you really want to be listening to. Hold a conversation on the cell or listen to your favorite album on a 10-km run.

Jabra is Inspired

What keeps Jabra working towards bettering their technology? You, their customers, inspire Jabra. They want their clients to experience the best audio possible, even away from home. They love technology and the challenge of developing and improving it. Jabra’s technologists listen to music; they appreciate sound; they also listen to their customers.

To this end, the company “reinvests more than 10%” of their profits towards “research and development every year.” Jabra belongs to the GN Group, in existence since before the end of the 19th Century, which calls Copenhagen home. Since their earliest days, GN has been busting down the walls that get in the way of progress and forging new paths.

Theirs was the first noise-cancelling microphone in the world, a Bluetooth device for wireless, hands-free communication. GN has made hearing aids which help people communicate better and filter out irrelevant noises. Their technological department is passionate about sound.

Jabra Wireless Elite Earbuds for Athletes and Others

You don’t have to be sporty to appreciate wireless innovation. Jabra’s wireless earbuds bring out the bass in a tune and it’s the bass you need when you need to push forward. Meanwhile, all you hear is music, not background sounds such as cars, conversations, or the pounding of your feet against pavement.

Listen for as many as 9 hours with 3 hours of operation on a charge plus up to 6 more with a portable charger. The Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds work with Apple and Android devices.

Custom Fit

One of the complaints about earbuds is how they fall out of your ears. Those by Jabra Elite Sport stay in all the time because you modify them to fit. Use one or both; whatever is more convenient or safest depending on what you are doing when you wear them. This technology is so advanced, the earbud can even detect your heart rate, monitor, and report it using a fitness app.

Personal Coach

Use this app to take advantage of personal coaching. This workout feature will encourage and guide you without you having to manipulate or view a screen. The headphones are even resistant to water: ideal for a heavy sweater on a hot day. They are, in fact, capable of meeting US Military standards for water-proof durability. Buy these as an investment in your fitness or even to stay connected with an athlete on the go.

The Amazing Amazon Echo Dot

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Good luck finding the Amazon Echo Dot for sale. If this is something you want to buy a special someone for Christmas, keep a regular check on the product. It sells out quickly. What’s with the hype? Why are people so revved up about this Amazon technology? Read on for a closer look.

Starting with AVS

The Echo Dot begins with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service. This is a cloud service for developers to create voice-enabled programs where there is a speaker and mic. Just talk to AVS and start music playing or get directions while you travel. Order take-away for delivery or pick-up by opening your internet account. This is not new technology anymore but Amazon offers their version of this popular, now-standard feature. They make it such a cunning shape too.

Echo Dot Puck


It’s a dot, but I think of it more as a puck with technical features. There’s the light ring, a volume feature, and also the USB plug port for recharging this cable-free unit. It will sit unobtrusively in any part of the room and can even be hidden from view if you want to play a trick on someone.

The Amazon Echo Dot Connects to AVS

The Echo Dot connects with speakers using Bluetooth or a cable. Play Prime Music, Pandora, TuneIn, and other radio stations found online. A built-in speaker enables the Dot to operate in any room as a wireless assistant as you access directions for how to make a soufflé, fix a kitchen tap, or just need an alarm clock next to your ear so you don’t forget to pick-up Jimmy from swimming classes.

Of course, with Bluetooth connection this also lets you monitor your play list or check something out online that you want the Dot — or Alexa — to do for you. Maybe the Dot doesn’t follow you around, but when was the last time you took your Smartphone out of your pocket? It’s always with you, and so is the Echo Dot by Amazon.

Amazing Amazon Dot with Great Ears

Maybe Jimmy can’t seem to hear you from the other room when you tell him to put his toys away, but the Amazon Echo Dot hears your voice quite clearly across a room. It does not simply hear you; the Dot recognizes your voice specifically.

Music can be playing softly in the background, but the Echo Dot detects the specific pitch and timbre of your voice out of that audio blend. It doesn’t matter if you speak a different language because one’s voice is like a fingerprint; no two are alike. Since AVS is compatible with many languages, so is the Dot.

Multiple Uses for a Hands-free, Efficient Household

What else can you do with the Echo Dot? It sounds like a frivolous toy if all you can do is play music and frighten your elderly aunt by speaking to a disembodied voice, but there is a lot more to it than that.

Use this device to: call up articles from the Huffington Post, order from Domino’s Pizza, or sync to WINK. Control anything that is connected to wireless internet simply at the sound of your voice. This includes thermostat, the WeMo, lights, and whatever else your house is connected to.

Are your blinds wirelessly controlled? What about the TV? Say the magic words and you do not have to move from your spot on the sofa where you might be nursing a swollen ankle, feeding a baby, up to your elbows in soapy water or dough, or just too lazy to walk across a room.

This could be a safety feature, enabling you to turn lights or heating on and off remotely or before getting out of bed so you don’t trip and fall. Teach elderly individuals how to use it so their way is always well-lit and warm, even when you can’t be there to look after them.

Upgrades by Technical People

Amazon is constantly upgrading their device. It is constantly being tweaked to do more and to be more efficient than ever. New apps are set for release all the time so you can gain easy, voice-controlled access to even more websites and take-away food services. Follow the Echo Dot and its progress as you wait for new stock to arrive at Amazon. The Amazon Echo Dot is compatible with Apple, Google Play, and Amazon apps.

Your Meals Made Easy At Sun Basket

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Welcome to food made easy. Sun Basket makes it virtually impossible to give in to fast-food cravings. Why would you want to eat something lacking in nutrition, over-priced, over-cooked, and unsatisfying when food can be delivered right to your door from Sun Basket?

What Is This Novel Idea?

Have you ever wished you could have food delivered straight to your door ready to cook just like your mom makes it? Or maybe you crave something different, but you don’t have time to go out to eat?

Time is usually the issue, or perhaps the complexity of sophisticated meals. When there isn’t that extra half hour in your evening available to wait for a dish to be cooked and served, here is your chance. Sun Basket delivers real food to your door at a price of roughly $11.50 per meal. Select three recipes which will serve up to 4 people each.

Ingredients are carefully selected directly from the people who grow, raise, or catch them. Meat is hormone-free and seafood comes from sustainable sources. Labelling is clear too. When your meals arrive, it takes just thirty minutes from cooking to eating a dish that stays within limits set by a nutritionist; 500 to 800 per person. Learn the recipes from the site and cook these for yourself online with the help of tutorials.

The Chef chooses new favorites every week from a huge selection of ingredients that fits all of the company’s values. There is also a special Rise & Shine menu containing two dinner and two five-minute breakfast recipes.

sun-basket-exampleHow Do Sun Basket Plans Work?

Every week, ingredients are delivered pre-measured to make three dishes. Choose three different ones every week or the same ones; it’s up to you until the menu changes according to the seasons.

Although meals are priced $11.49 each, plus delivery of $5.99 weekly, the first week is free and you can also skip or cancel whenever you like without charge. Shipping goes to most US states including North Carolina, Alabama, Arizona, and West Virginia with deliveries on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Find a place for deliveries to stay if you can’t get to them right away. These should be in the shade and refrigerated or kept cool. Sun Basket recommends being prepared with certain oils and seasonings plus cooking utensils and tools, but that’s all you will need.

Personalize Your Plate

What about the allergy problem? Hardly a single household is unaffected by gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease, lactose intolerance, soy intolerance, or some other issue. There are many trendy ways to eat too such as the Paleo diet, not to mention a lot of people who eschew meat entirely.

It’s a challenging time to run a household kitchen or a restaurant, but Sun Basket has found the answer. Simply customize your meals so they don’t contain anything you wish to avoid whether to lose weight or avoid gastric discomfort.


Yes, you can eat delicious food and still be nourished at the same time. Meals at Sun Basket were devised and prepared by a San Francisco chef. Enjoy real food, not processed stuff. Even better, Sun Basket makes their food from certified organic, sustainably sourced ingredients. This is not cheap food; these are meals you can feel good about feeding your body.


When you go on a diet, trying to count calories is a hassle. Diabetics are also careful about how much of everything they eat, while it’s simply good sense to feed a single individual only as much as one person can eat. These menu items are measured ahead of time so you don’t have to figure out roughly how many calories are in each part of it.

Don’t Shop, Cook, or Count

So you got rid of the measuring; but there is always shopping to do for a family’s meals. That’s one of the reasons Sun Basket is so handy. Keep the usual staples around for breakfast and lunch or eat at the cafeteria for lunch and you barely have to shop for groceries at all.

Run your refrigerator right down to almost nothing periodically and resist the temptation to snack with pre-selected recipes packages at your disposal. Overcome the rushed, hungry sensation that leads you to a fast food drive-thru and choose a healthier option instead. There’s virtually no excuse to go about it any other way and ingredients are seasonal, so the menu changes regularly. You won’t even get bored.

How It Works

Sun Basket meals are delivered to each subscriber’s home every week. They arrive insulated for freshness. Don’t forget to re-use or recycle packaging materials too. This is a green approach to preparing food, yet still convenient.

Menu Items

I already mentioned categories like Paleo and gluten-free. Now select items from the menu such as Chicken-and-Kale Sweet Potatoes, Coriander Crusted Tuna Nicoise, or Black Pepper Tofu with Coconut and Forbidden Rice. Many menu items are exotic. Find out what other customers’ favorites are if you can’t make a decision.

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Late in 2014, a three-person team started The Hungry JPEG. It sounds like the title of a children’s book, but is a website. The people behind it feed their hunger for helping other website makers and users to build their sites beautifully by running this company for experienced and new website designers. Their goal is to give customers affordable quality and, occasionally, free stuff too. Here is a review of The Hungry JPEG.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

In their Cirencester cocoon, The Hungry JPEG started developing design products in the dark. Soon people heard about what they had to offer and the team had to open their own store, emerging like a butterfly into the sunlight. Now, everyone can find out about products from The Hungry JPEG by visiting them online. Their products include new graphic fonts and a number of bundles which we’ll get into in a minute. A strong reputation among clients and word-of-mouth advertising has set the company on a path of rapid growth. It’s likely their team of designer Stuart, techy James, and cheerleader Hannah will need to expand operations to keep up with demand.

Buying Fonts

Fonts are created by artists and there are more of them out there than even your computer knows about. Are you looking for something fancy? Pantel Rough type, a hand-painted style, replicates lettering done by hand. It’s not quite cursive but definitely better than regular printing. Use it to create elegant titles or to personalize the script of a character in your story. Consumers also choose this font to create original advertising. Type in some text below the product listing to see how your ad or a character’s love letter would appear in print.

Toscana is more like European calligraphy; the style you would see on a wine bottle from Italy. You might see Nightly Poem scrawled along a tea mug or coffee cup, a chunky style of cursive great for graphic gifts. New brush styles available to graphic artists enable font specialists to come up with these designs which can be yours for less than $20. The variety is amazing and beautiful.


What if you want to enhance the font you selected or one that is already available from your computer? Crafters give you the option to beautify what you have already written. Add a border or a shape. Be specific: select something for kids, a holiday, or a theme. Autumn Life is a silhouette available for immediate download, so when you order it, be sure your computer can deal with the format. You can’t get a refund if it doesn’t work because then people would order, use, and ask for a refund all the time. The Hungry JPEG would go hungry indeed.

There are numerous cute cutting files for children: I Love Daddy, Grandpa Can Fix It, It’s My First Birthday, and so on. Food and Drink crafters represent fruit, wine, ice cream, S’mores, tea, coffee, and more. Bring a holiday alive in your graphics, choose specific breeds of dog, dragonflies, cows, or paw prints. What they offer is vivid and I can easily see how it would be applied to posters or giftware.

Graphics Section

The Hungry JPEG lists complete images and parts of images for you to enhance. There are mockups, infographics, and patterns; objects and illustrations. Most of these are floral or seasonal with a few animals and some bundles available too. Some of them help designers get started with a project, providing nothing but the bare bones of an idea. The Autumn Pumpkins Watercolor Bundle hand-painted offering comes with more than 40 elements including a number of pumpkins, seeds, leaves, and banners plus Halloween graphics. Customers receive 7 watercolor pumpkins, 19 plants, and 11 pieces of Halloween art. Costs vary. You could find a great deal in the extensive selection of Graphic enhancements listed on the site.

Try Templates

These are for anyone with designs and no idea where to put them. You already created the pictures. Where should they go next: a t-shirt, mug, or billboard? Buy a template from and get to work turning your graphic into a marketable product available to advertising companies and website designers.

Monthly Bundles

These are collections of products which fall into a certain category, usually a seasonal one, and are available for a limited time. Features when I visited included “Citrus and Cinnamon,” “September,” and “Laura Worthington” which is a floral offering. Items in each bundle are cheaper than their usual prices when items are sold individually. “Citrus and Cinnamon” is available in 25 colors, their accents altered for each color. There are up to 12 mockups available with each one and the format suggests this one is great for making cards.

Building Your Website

Have you ever wondered how blog writers and web designers make such beautiful sites? They use tools found on sites like Their skills help clients create eye-catching educational and commercial website and upgrade amateur status to a professional one.

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White House-Approved Mother Dirt By AOBiome

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Mother Dirt is a founding member of the Microbiome Coalition, a White House initiative. You didn’t know the White House was into bacteria, but this is not a dirty topic. Ordinary people are learning to understand and appreciate the value of bacteria.

What is the Purpose of this Coalition?

The coalition aims to expand people’s knowledge of microbiomes and the field, generally. They hope to develop technology to create an industry out of what they know and to spread awareness of the idea that we need a bit of dirt to stay healthy.

Our society is a little too clean these days; too sterile, and sterility, ironically, isn’t good for you most of the time. Coalition members include AOBiome, The Mayo Clinic, Dversigen, and Whole Biome.


Click the Image to Check out Mother Dirt at Amazon!

What is a Skin Microbiome?

There are millions of cells on a patch of skin and many things living there. They are tiny, invisible really, but science wants to know more about them. AOBiome (named for their research into Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria) needs to understand the relationship between these organisms and human skin in order to advance their company and the product line.

Mother Dirt by AOBiome

The purpose of Mother Dirt is to replenish good bacteria to your skin. You have probably heard the germ controversy in many contexts. Mouthwash gets rid of bad bugs in your mouth but also the good ones eating bad germs that protect teeth and gums.

Probiotics restore good bacteria to your gut which enhances digestion and promotes better health. Water-free hand-wash that you squirt on to sterilize germs when you can’t get to a sink and a bar of soap kill good bacteria.

Wearing gloves all the time, applying bleach to every surface, and even excessive hand-washing are making us sick. Using antibiotics instead of letting our bodies heal naturally is creating super-bugs that resist drugs.


Click this Image to Buy Mother Dirt AO+ mist Live Probiotic Skin Spray at Amazon!

Our skin needs some good germs living there to stay healthy. It’s instinct to want to wash them away, but leave them where they are so they can do what they were designed to do.

Otherwise, you and your loved ones will be unable to fight off the unwanted effects of bad bacteria which cause skin problems and even get into your bloodstream to wreak havoc.

Order Products from the official AOBiome store at Amazon

There are shampoos and cleansers plus bundles and subscriptions. Don’t imagine this is like the reverse of a cleansing regimen. Once you get started with Mother Dirt, switch over from your usual washing products permanently.

Ingredients in Mother Dirt Skin and Hair Cleansers

The AO+ Mist contains water, live cultured ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB), disodium phosphate, and magnesium chloride.

The list for their shampoo is Sodium Laurylglucosides Hydroxypropylsulfonate which is a plant-based cleanser, Lauramidopropyl Betaine which is also a plant-based cleanser, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, hydrolyzed Adamsonia Digitata or Baobab Seed Protein as a softener, and a conditioner derived from olive oil called Squalane.mother-dirt-biome-friendly-shampoo-on-amazon-with-free-shipping

The cleanser contains water, surfactants known as Cocamidopropyl Betaine and Decyl Glucoside, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Plyrus Malus or Apple Extract, Glycerin to keep the moisture in your skin, Hydrolyzed Quinoa for the same purpose, a thickener called Hydroxypropylcellulose, and Citric Acid to stabilize the pH level.

Not Preserved

In order to ensure these are all-natural products made with live bacteria, there are no preservatives which would kill the bugs. You order as much of the Mother Dirt cleanser, shampoo, or mist as you think you can use in a few months.

Keep items cool and you should read the Best-Before Date. After that date has expired, you will find that the germs are either dead or dying and their biological benefits have passed; that’s the main loss here.


Testimonials suggest that you will notice a difference in how your skin looks and feels after only a couple of weeks, but you won’t use as much over-the-counter stuff to deal with skin issues either. That means your acne, oiliness, itchiness, and blotchiness should be significantly reduced.

One reason is that the bacteria in these products are making your skin healthier. Secondly, ingredients in the products above and others from AOBiome are gentle and don’t hurt your skin. Thirdly, the absence of harsh ingredients prevents you from experiencing symptoms of inflammation and allergies associated with synthetic, harsh chemicals that cause irritation, rashes, blotches, dryness, and are even perfumed.

This makes eyes water and lungs feel wheezy. You won’t experience such side effects from natural Mother Dirt mists, shampoos, and cleansers.

Buy the Cleanser: Dirt Biome Friendly Face and Body Cleanser

Buy the Mist: Dirt AO+ Mist Live Probiotic Skin Spray

Buy the Shampoo: Dirt Biome Friendly Shampoo, Preservative Free

Check out this video about Mother Dirt and Aobiome from CBS Miami!

What Is Golden Milk?

Healthy Lifestyle, Holistic, Natural Health


The health food industry is always trying to sell us another new miracle: the cure to aging, cancer, colds, allergies, etc. There are teas, supplements, vitamins, and even some natural recipes which are hitting the internet these days, seemingly a new one every day. One of these is Golden Milk.

turmeric-in-wooden-spoonTaking Advantage of Asian Wisdom

Many of us know that the foods we are supposed to eat for weight loss, inflammation fighting, to fight colds, flus, enhance energy, sleep better, and to defeat depression come from countries like China and India. Turmeric is used heavily in Indian cooking and gives foods a lovely yellow color. Though not as hot as many Indian and Thai spices, turmeric will add a warm quality to foods and drinks.

Golden Milk and Turmeric

This is a real drink, something to warm up and sip on cold days or chill and drink slowly on hot days. Turmeric is the number one ingredient since it is considered to be one of those “super foods” I was just talking about the way green tea, ginger, and goji berries are thought to be “super foods.”

A variety of food professionals and health food experts propose their own ways of making this drink. The good news is that it’s flexible; do what works for you. Just be sure to use turmeric that is still in-date if sprinkling powdered turmeric into the milk. If it’s out of date, the active elements are pretty dormant.

Turmeric root is even better. You could say the same for other ingredients. Make sure they are fresh, organic, and non-GMO for best results. Finally, turmeric does no good combined with ingredients that you don’t stomach too well. If you can’t drink dairy milk, turmeric won’t suddenly make you lactose-tolerant.

Why Is Turmeric So Good for You?

Studies show that turmeric’s most beneficial component is curcumin, a nutrient known to possess many benefits. There is a possibility that natural remedies containing curcumin might be as good as if not better than pharmaceutical medicines including steroids and pain killers.

For example, some doctors and scientists relate turmeric to reduced inflammation among arthritis sufferers, people with Type 2 Diabetes, cancer patients, and individuals with digestive complaints. Any form of inflammatory condition responds well to curcumin including arthritis and IBS. One’s entire immune system benefits overall.

Turmeric in Milk?

It might not be your first thought, but turmeric plus black pepper and milk could be a solution to many illnesses. The pepper is said to increase curcumin uptake. Use dairy milk if you like it but consider non-GMO, organic soy, almond, coconut, or rice replacements to make this work for your gastric situation.

Almond milk is aromatic but coconut milk gives you that exotic finish milk without losing the wonderful and interesting flavor of lightly spicy milk enhanced with a touch of honey and some coconut oil. Skip coconut oil if you like, although it is also considered a very good nutrient with beneficial fats that support brain health and general well-being.

Ginger is a great addition too, both warm and spicy. Ginger complements all the ingredients listed here, promoting the exotic qualities of golden milk and adding antioxidants to fight winter colds.

Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses

What is the premise behind Swannies blue light blocking glasses? The company that makes these products says you will no longer suffer from insomnia, but it gets better. Consumers will “look cool” while burning fat, enhancing mental focus, and increasing their energy levels. These seem like big claims for a pair of glasses, so let’s dig deeply to find out where these claims come from.

Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Buy Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses by Swanwick Sleep here at the official Swanwick Sleep Amazon Page

Celebrities are saying great things about these new glasses they wear at night, which is fine if you sleep on your back. Some of those celebrities are known for their nootropics products; items made to increase mental acuity. There seems to be some kind of connection here between nootropics, non-medical treatment for various ailments, and Swannies.

Excess Light in the Night

With light pollution a big problem in the natural world, it was only a matter of time before people started to complain about the effects on their own health as well as that of native animals. Too much light at night could be causing you to miss out on much-needed zeds. Medical researchers are saying this too; it’s not just an idea on the fringes or even a popular myth.

How Do You Burn Fat with Glasses?

A lot of health problems are associated with poor sleep. On the other hand, consumers in great shape mentally and physically will often say that one reason is because they sleep well. They attribute good sleep to their success in many aspects of life, one of which is their ability to burn fat.

That’s right; if you are rested, systems have a chance to de-frag and re-set themselves for the coming day. Metabolism, the immune system: everything is tied to sleep. If you are trying to get trim but can’t seem to do it, sleep could be the key. Experts support these ideas, saying that overall health, including the national problem with obesity, are related in part to sleep.

Better Mental Health

Why aren’t you able to concentrate at work or school? How come your kids want your attention but you seem to be in another world, struggling to keep up with their needs? You could be sleeping better and, consequently, many things in your life would improve. Grades, work performance, and relationships would benefit.

How Do Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses Help?


CLICK THE IMAGE to See the Official info from Swanwick Sleep

These glasses, registered by the FDA, block blue light emitted by electronic devices. Many people unwind by using a Smartphone to catch up on communication; browsing the internet and writing emails; watching TV or using other devices.

This is great for letting go of stress, but the eyes suffer and so does your sleep. Rather than letting go of this habit which is so great to help you unwind, just get rid of the light with Swannies. Your eyes will not be as tired and sore.

You will notice that headaches are reduced or disappear. Blurry vision might also cease to be a problem if there isn’t some underlying reason for near sightedness or seeing double. If that problem does not clear up soon after using Swannies, get your eyes checked.

About Swannies

These really do look cool and are favored by celebrities in the sports, TV, and radio industries among others. They really do protect those orbs against glare and reflections which can cause both insomnia and eye diseases according to the website.

The company is US-based, offers outstanding customer service, and you can order these glasses over the internet. The makers, Swanwick Sleep, are registered with the FDA as makers of medical devices.

Their light-blocking glasses are good for kids and adults so take advantage of their 100% money-back guarantee and buy a pair of Swannies. You have nothing to lose but sleepless nights and everything to gain.

Can A Pill Provide Effortless Weight Loss?



What if all you had to do in order to lose weight was to swallow a pill? Can a supplement ever be designed to produce this result, and if it exists, should regulators make it available on health food store shelves?

The pharmaceutical industry has known for a long time that if they could produce and sell such a thing, they could make lots of money or save the healthcare system in their country billions of dollars associated with illness related to obesity and laziness. Something that powerful would surely require a subscription. Do scientists believe the pill we have been waiting for, the answer to obesity, is finally here?

The Australian Cure

This miracle product comes from Australia, but soon the whole world will know about and covet it. The drug is said to affect metabolism in such a way as to burn fat without burning muscle. While excited consumers around the world frustrated in their efforts to fight flab might be ecstatic, the report clarifies that this pill activates some beneficial properties of exercise, without actually exercising.

More Than a Pill

Besides, as experts remind us, there is more benefit in exercise than mere weight loss. Consumers who are active enjoy better health than sedentary counterparts. They are less at risk of developing heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, suffering a stroke, and can more easily overcome depression and anxiety. Exercise and eating sensibly are crucial to good health, so what’s stopping people from moving more and putting down those donuts?

Who Is This for?

Doctors will have particular patients in mind when they consider this new drug: those with pre-existing conditions for whom too much exercise is as dangerous as not getting enough. These patients have a hard time climbing stairs or getting out of a chair.

Encouraging them to walk two kilometers daily will be a feat and a potentially dangerous one. They need a solution and they need it quickly. Discouraged patients who don’t see results will lapse back into old eating habits, give up their exercise, or might not see benefits in time to go in for surgery which would have prevented a life-threatening event and a stay in hospital.

Is This Something New?

Scientists have spent many years trying to understand the mechanics of weight loss and obesity. They have discovered a component in the body which inhibits weight loss and aim to control that with their new drug. But again, it only works when you activate cells by exercising. They don’t expect this pill to be available to the general public any time soon.

A Downside of Exercise

The big problem with exercise and weight loss is that when you increase your output, energy requirements and hunger increase too. That’s why so many people actually gain weight which they cannot attribute to increased muscle mass. Experts claim, however, that eating a different sort of diet can affect this outcome; that is, reducing simple carbs and increasing protein will yield far better results.

Food, Supplements, and Weight Loss

So what can ordinary people hope for in the meantime? Is there a miracle pill? No, there are no miracles where weight loss is concerned. Yes, some people are gifted with a speedy metabolism even when they don’t work out and they eat whatever they want, but they will still be susceptible to Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease.

Set Goals

What is your starting point and what are your goals? Establish those first. If your goals are unrealistic and unhealthy, you are destined to fail or to hurt yourself in the process. Diets do not work; neither does Green Tea Extract, Raspberry Keytones, or Garcinia Cambogia.

Building muscle will definitely help in the long run, so any exercise routine should include weight bearing along with stretching and cardio. Consumers need to think about what they eat and why they eat it; consider their age and activity level to decide how many calories they need; and people who are unfit should start moving.

Blue Apron: For The Love Of Food

Meal Delivery Reviews


The subscription service model is popular throughout America. Whether it comes to crafts, wine, or food, consumers can arrange to have all of their needs delivered to the door weekly or monthly. This includes the ingredients for making meals rather than ordering meals ready to cook. Both models are available in the United States, but Blue Apron is for customers who enjoy cooking more than shopping.

blue-apron-websiteBlue Apron for Foodies

Here is the idea. Start with a menu that changes weekly. No two menus will repeat during the year and they are all based on seasonal ingredients. That means, if a food is available to chefs right now it will be featured in recipes.

When that season is over, the ingredient won’t necessarily be purchased from a grocer who has ordered it in from across the country or a foreign farm.

Consumers assemble their meals using the ingredients in their kit, tools as listed in online instructions, following video tutorials closely — or not. Some customers know what they’re doing but don’t want to shop for ingredients. They would prefer just to have the exact amount of a necessary ingredient at their disposal and no extra. That’s wasteful.

Blue Apron for Nutrition

Maybe you are on a diet, trying to lose weight or even gain weight as recommended by your doctor. Each serving is designed to contain between 500 and 800 calories, an estimated value, but an expert team arrives at their figure based on substantial experience and education. Talented chefs devise meals that are nutritionally well-rounded and will also provide vegetarian options with every week’s menu.

Other ingredients are sourced from sustainable farms where meat is raised without unnecessary antibiotics and no hormones. Many of their ingredients are also organic. Although Blue Apron has not yet devised menus for gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free individuals specifically, many items fall into these categories.

They can’t yet guarantee ingredients will be prepared in a gluten or dairy-free environment, but the time could be coming. It might just take substituting one item to turn a food you can’t tolerate into one you can cook and serve to sensitive eaters.

Delivery Format

This is the trickiest part of home food delivery services. How are these perishable foods going to remain fresh when they are delivered to your door and meant to be eaten throughout the week? Select a day when you are likely to be in most of the time.

Packaging is insulated to remain cool, but give delivery drivers a place to drop items if you can’t be there; somewhere shaded and cool so that food stays cold until you get home. Delivery is free — a novel idea you might think — and available across the domestic United States.

The website for Blue Apron is very easy to use. Instructions are laid out a little at a time in pictures, articles, and videos. One panel shows all of the tools you will need to have available including what times of pans, pots, bowls, and utensils will make cooking easy and lead to the result you were hoping for.

Wines from Blue Apron

A good meal is made better by the right wine paired with it. Alongside each menu item are wine pairing suggestions based on the expertise of Blue Apron staff members who source varietals from Californian vineyards, Washington vineyards, and other US states producing exceptional bottles.

They cut out all of the supply chain steps which make wine so expensive and have also created a bottle size that’s perfect for two people: 500 ml as opposed to 750 ml. Ordering wines is an option, so add this in if you like reds and whites like chardonnay, pinot noir, and cabernet sauvignon.

Rest assured that these are not economy wines but great products sold at a discount. The cost per bottle is just $10 or $65.99 monthly for 6 wines with shipping and tax included. This could be your chance to learn more and become a connoisseur.

Summary and Review

How should you feel about this company and the idea of home-delivered food? It’s becoming more commonplace based on the number of similar firms opening their virtual doors. Innovative entrepreneurs have found an obvious need in US society which is riddled with weight and nutrition problems.

Two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, including children. Ironically, many of these people also suffer from malnutrition and/or eating-related illnesses like heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

Even if having ingredients delivered is expensive, this is a great incentive to cook at home instead of going out; to eat healthy, home-style meals instead of fast food. Blue Apron will improve their site when dietary needs are addressed, but they are off to a good start.

Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon Products


Pair Alexa with yet another piece of electronic wonderment; the Fire TV Stick. This is Amazon’s best-selling media stick for streaming and now it comes with voice activation. Alexa is always being updated. Your Sundays just got more relaxed.

Advantage of a Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote


It’s quite simple; talk to the Alexa and she will tell your remote to do whatever you want: find a channel on TV, times when a fast-food place is open, concert listings, and more. What channels do you normally go to with the Fire TV Stick? They’re all still there and still available, only you don’t have to find the stick or press a single button anymore.

How to Use the Fire TV Stick with Voice Control

Plug Alexa into the same TV that works with the Fire TV Stick. Now you’re ready to stream thousands of weather, TV, movie, and sports channels. Get access to Disney Channel, HBO, Fox and more plus tens of thousands of TV episodes.

More Storage

This is a high-powered device, enabled with 1 GB of memory and tons of storage. Use these advantages to find favorite shows on any HDTV anywhere you go: a friend’s house, for example, or a hotel. When they see what it can do, family with televisions that are behind the times will be encouraged to catch up.

Take the stick into any room where HDTV is connected. You don’t even need cable TV because the Fire Stick accesses online channels, and that’s not all. With this access to the internet, find your own personal documents such as images and home movies by connecting to your PC.

Built-in Mic

A lot of this was standard with the Fire Stick Remote, but voice control is an added benefit. Get things started by speaking into a mic without moving a finger. If you’re tired of typing, back spacing, errors, and how slow all of this has been while searching your internet-connected TV for content, the days of tedious typing are over.

Alexa is a marvel. This little box gives consumers voice-controlled access to everything that is programmed through the internet including a thermostat, home security, and lighting. Order food, play music, and now watch TV. Rent movies for the night at a cost of just 99₵.

For some services, you might need a subscription, but that’s based on the individual channel and once it’s paid for, the system will work just fine. Ask Alexa to find movies by title, style, or even a favorite actor.

More than TV

Sign up for songs from numerous online radio stations. They’re just waiting to impress listeners. Create play lists and ask for the song of the moment; the one that meets your mood right now. Take part in gaming too; have some colleagues over after work or a post-exam party (as long as your parents approve) complete with online games, snacks, and a lot of laughter. Gather mom and dad to see their grandchildren on the big screen during parents’ brag night. They’ll enjoy watching the videos and photos you took of the kids during a Christmas concert or graduation ceremony.

Sharing Software

Share content from the screen of a Smartphone such as shows or pictures by “flinging” content or “display mirroring” which requires no extra programs to air content on the TV. This is available with certain devices such as LG and Motorola phones.

Enjoy the beauty of high definition and far better sound; let others enjoy those features too. It won’t take several seconds to load content either. Once you give Alexa a command, the Fire TV Remote gets it done in a second.

Consumers with Alexa and the Remote Stick only have to register online. Otherwise, order from Amazon. Customers receive the stick with GPU VideoCore4, 8 GB internal Storage, a cable and power adapter, batteries, and instructions.

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