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Late in 2014, a three-person team started The Hungry JPEG. It sounds like the title of a children’s book, but is a website. The people behind it feed their hunger for helping other website makers and users to build their sites beautifully by running this company for experienced and new website designers. Their goal is to give customers affordable quality and, occasionally, free stuff too. Here is a review of The Hungry JPEG.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

In their Cirencester cocoon, The Hungry JPEG started developing design products in the dark. Soon people heard about what they had to offer and the team had to open their own store, emerging like a butterfly into the sunlight. Now, everyone can find out about products from The Hungry JPEG by visiting them online. Their products include new graphic fonts and a number of bundles which we’ll get into in a minute. A strong reputation among clients and word-of-mouth advertising has set the company on a path of rapid growth. It’s likely their team of designer Stuart, techy James, and cheerleader Hannah will need to expand operations to keep up with demand.

Buying Fonts

Fonts are created by artists and there are more of them out there than even your computer knows about. Are you looking for something fancy? Pantel Rough type, a hand-painted style, replicates lettering done by hand. It’s not quite cursive but definitely better than regular printing. Use it to create elegant titles or to personalize the script of a character in your story. Consumers also choose this font to create original advertising. Type in some text below the product listing to see how your ad or a character’s love letter would appear in print.

Toscana is more like European calligraphy; the style you would see on a wine bottle from Italy. You might see Nightly Poem scrawled along a tea mug or coffee cup, a chunky style of cursive great for graphic gifts. New brush styles available to graphic artists enable font specialists to come up with these designs which can be yours for less than $20. The variety is amazing and beautiful.


What if you want to enhance the font you selected or one that is already available from your computer? Crafters give you the option to beautify what you have already written. Add a border or a shape. Be specific: select something for kids, a holiday, or a theme. Autumn Life is a silhouette available for immediate download, so when you order it, be sure your computer can deal with the format. You can’t get a refund if it doesn’t work because then people would order, use, and ask for a refund all the time. The Hungry JPEG would go hungry indeed.

There are numerous cute cutting files for children: I Love Daddy, Grandpa Can Fix It, It’s My First Birthday, and so on. Food and Drink crafters represent fruit, wine, ice cream, S’mores, tea, coffee, and more. Bring a holiday alive in your graphics, choose specific breeds of dog, dragonflies, cows, or paw prints. What they offer is vivid and I can easily see how it would be applied to posters or giftware.

Graphics Section

The Hungry JPEG lists complete images and parts of images for you to enhance. There are mockups, infographics, and patterns; objects and illustrations. Most of these are floral or seasonal with a few animals and some bundles available too. Some of them help designers get started with a project, providing nothing but the bare bones of an idea. The Autumn Pumpkins Watercolor Bundle hand-painted offering comes with more than 40 elements including a number of pumpkins, seeds, leaves, and banners plus Halloween graphics. Customers receive 7 watercolor pumpkins, 19 plants, and 11 pieces of Halloween art. Costs vary. You could find a great deal in the extensive selection of Graphic enhancements listed on the site.

Try Templates

These are for anyone with designs and no idea where to put them. You already created the pictures. Where should they go next: a t-shirt, mug, or billboard? Buy a template from and get to work turning your graphic into a marketable product available to advertising companies and website designers.

Monthly Bundles

These are collections of products which fall into a certain category, usually a seasonal one, and are available for a limited time. Features when I visited included “Citrus and Cinnamon,” “September,” and “Laura Worthington” which is a floral offering. Items in each bundle are cheaper than their usual prices when items are sold individually. “Citrus and Cinnamon” is available in 25 colors, their accents altered for each color. There are up to 12 mockups available with each one and the format suggests this one is great for making cards.

Building Your Website

Have you ever wondered how blog writers and web designers make such beautiful sites? They use tools found on sites like Their skills help clients create eye-catching educational and commercial website and upgrade amateur status to a professional one.

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