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Do you drink bottled water? How many bottles do you create for recycling and landfill every week; every month; every year? The answer could shock you, and that is before you calculate how much is spent on bottled water in your home annually. Add up the numbers across America and the figures are startling. Millions of those bottles wind up in creeks, rivers, in the ocean, or in landfills.

Should We Be Drinking Bottled Water?

Consumers choose bottled water because they distrust tap water or do not like the taste of tap water where they live. Though considered potable, many consumers argue that the chemicals found in bottled water are bad for you and that it’s not always as clean as people think it should be. Chemicals that clean the water also kill beneficial minerals. You’re better off with bottled water or installing a filter in your home.

Using a Water Filter

Buying and installing a water filter in your kitchen isn’t cheap, but in the long run it will save you money and ease your conscience. How did it feel knowing you contributed so much to the amount of waste produced in your country? Even if you take them to a recycling depot, the recycling process is not carbon neutral. A built-in filter could be the solution. Reverse osmosis purifies water without involving the expensive skills of a plumber. In fact, the installation process is simple.

aqua-tru-filterUsing TruPure Technology

This is the first countertop reverse osmosis system and, according to AquaTru, the only one of its kind. TruPure reduces the size of regular reverse osmosis devices used in large plants where bottled water comes from.

The system is small enough for your home and works hard to make your water safer. It gets rid of almost all the toxins that gush out of your tap. Even though water is regulated, some chemicals get through, but TruPure Technology quadruples the filtration capacity at your tap even compared with a filtered water pitcher. Invisible toxins like disinfectant and residue from drugs will be gone.

Filter Vs. Purifier

AquaTru makes a distinction between filters and purifiers: their system purifies water. A filter only gets rid of a percentage of nasty consumer byproducts found in the glass. A filter gets rid of large particles like chlorine but leaves many chemicals behind. The AquaTru Countertop Water Filter is more efficient.

Four Stages of TruPure Tech

The system works step by step starting with a mechanical pre-filter. Step 2 is to use a reverse osmosis pre-filter. The third step involves a reverse osmosis membrane made in the United States. Fourth is the carbon filter. That’s a formidable line of defense.

How Much Do You Drink?

Studies indicate that average households consume 1,000 gallons of water daily just for drinking. This amounts to thousands of dollars too, but you can save that with the AquaTru filtration system to the tune of nearly $3,000 if your consumption is considerable and you buy the most expensive water.

With a filtration system, you don’t have to worry about going out without water, hunting for a grocery shop or convenience store selling the stuff when you need it. Your fridge won’t fill up with bottled water before you shop for food either.

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