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Most juice is for drinking, but not this brand of juice. It is known as “Don’t Drink My Juice” because that sounds funny and a little bit rude, but that’s also a statement. Don’t Drink My Juice does not create and sell fruit juice but e liquid and one certainly wouldn’t want to drink that.

Safety of E Juice

At the bottom of their bio page, Don’t Drink My Juice says clearly that nicotine is an addictive and harmful substance. An adult vaping this stuff might not suffer any harm, but someone ingesting e liquid in the mistaken belief it will taste good could potentially suffer illness or death.

That goes for children especially who, unable to read and not the least put-off by special childproof caps, get into colorful bottles with pretty labels easily unless they are kept well out of reach of even the most adept young climber.

Ohio Company

Don’t Drink My Juice operates out of Ohio. It’s comforting to know this is a US company as regulations in this country are quite strict. Do you know how e juice is regulated in other countries? Probably not; most people are dedicated to buying US products even if they are made with ingredients sourced from elsewhere.

Their specialty is quality vapor juice sold at an affordable price. Products contain USP-grade vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) plus flavors made for e cigs particularly. Every flavor has been developed, created, and tested by someone who vapes, so you know the taste isn’t altered in a bad way by the vaporizing process.

They provide an email address: Never say the company is not prepared to hear from you with questions or flavor suggestions. Another place to get in touch is Facebook where you can become part of the conversation about e liquid, vaping, and this company with other vapers and current fans of Don’t Drink My Juice.

About Their Juice

Don’t Drink My Juice says they are only able to ship to domestic customers at this time. When you place your online order, they expect the shipment to arrive quickly. Order online as there is no physical location.

I didn’t see any security provisions on their site although they allow people to pay by credit card. Don’t Drink My Juice is set up for PayPal transactions, however, which are safe. Products are not steeped when they arrive since Don’t Drink My Juice makes them to order.

There are no “diketones” in their e liquids. Diketones are found in flavorings like butter and cream used to make products such as e juices but also processed foods.

One must test for them in foods according to US legislation because of certain health risks associated with diketones, but in e juice this is a choice made by companies. Don’t Drink My Juice says there are no diketones (acetyl propionyl, diacetyl, or acetoin) in their e liquids.

Juices come in several nicotine levels from 0 to 18 mg and bottle sizes of 15, 30, 50, and 120 ml. There are varying VG/PG ratios available so one can use flavors with multiple types of coil systems from single coils to Clapton and other sophisticated styles.

Flavors at Don’t Drink My Juice

Try a Cannoli Moly or an AR-15 (Apple Raspberry Macaroon). Select Peach Yo (Yogurt) or Angry Pear (just pear). Select from their bestsellers’ list: Strawnana Yo, Malk (Strawberry Milk), and Graham Cracker are among them. The entire list contains 42 flavors plus unflavored e liquid.

Down Side

There is just one downside I can see in this catalog where e juice costs $5.49 for 15 ml: lack of traditional offerings, though this is subjective. There is no tobacco and only one mentholated flavor which is Blueberry Haze. Most of the selections are at least mildly sweet, there’s nothing with an old-fashioned throat hit.

Otherwise, since that’s the way e juice is going anyway, I’d say Ohio’s Don’t Drink My Juice is worth a try.

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