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January 2024 update: I’m sad to report that the creator of WholeTones, Michael Tyrrell passed away in November of 2022. And sadly, it appears that the WholeTones Amazon store is no longer in operation.

Because I still enjoy the beautiful music Michael created, I will leave this review in place as originally written in case you come across his products and want some additional thoughts on his work. The original review follows:

Original Wholetones review

My hands and heart are moved to write just one more in a series of Wholetones reviews that I’ve been working on lately – and then, if you need a Wholetones promo code to save a little money on the purchase of your own Wholetones downloads and CDs, you’re in the right place.

If you want to cut right to the chase, Wholetones is music played in what are becoming known as “healing frequencies.”

The musician’s instruments are tuned to a different frequency than is commonly accepted in mainstream music.

And these frequencies are said to have very beneficial effects on your body and spirit.

I purchased Wholetones music and the book…

As I type this latest review about Michael Tyrrell’s inspired passion, the Wholetones Healing Frequency Music Project, I have my own copy of the music playing in the background.

In fact, what happens to be playing right this moment is “Transformation,” played in the 528 Hz tuning. There is something almost haunting about this piece. I love them more, but this particular one is filling me with a feeling I just cannot describe.

The screenshot to the right is my playlist. This is the second time today I’m listening.

I purchased it with my own funds, and neither Michael Tyrrell, the creator of Wholetones, nor anyone else affiliated with him were aware that I was purchasing it: I did not receive any special considerations when I bought it.

Anyway, this stuff moves me more than I have ever, ever been moved by pieces of music in my life. Infinitely easy on the ears, Wholetones – at its core – is a series of 7 individual tracks, each played in a very specific key that you will not hear on everyday radio.

But… I wish we did hear it in mainstream music. I firmly believe our world would be a whole lot calmer and happier if we did.

Once you learn more about it, you will be pleased to know that more and more musicians are beginning to produce music in these special, and little known frequencies.

What is Wholetones music?

Wholetones is the trademark name of Michael Tyrrell’s music, created in specific frequencies and tunings that are different from the tunings in which most of today’s music is played.

The purpose of the Wholetones music project is to create a healing atmosphere using these specific tunings that Michael Tyrrell believes were revealed in the Bible during the rein of King David.

The music of Wholetones is based on the Solfeggio frequencies which were believed to have their roots in early sacred, deeply spiritual music.

–> IMPORTANT: Now – one thing I really feel I need to make VERY CLEAR is that I’m not able to explain scientific or technological stuff. I don’t have a brain that can do that. 

I’m trying to simply give a Wholetones review – but in order to do so I do have to cover a couple of primary things that are part and parcel of the product.

To learn about the science of sound and frequencies and stuff, let Google be your guide. 🙂 Ok?

Resolving the Frequencies

Each frequency can be resolved, using what is called Pythagorian math to either “3” “6” or “9”. For example, if you look at my screenshot above, you can see that “Open Door,” played in 396 Hz resolves to 9.

Wholetones Amazon

Wholetones Review – My own copy

  • That is, 3+9+6 = 18. Then, 1+8 = 9.

“Desert Sojourn” is played in 417, which resolves to 3.

  • That is, 4+1+7 = 12. Then, 1+2 = 3.

“The Key of David” is in 444.

  • 4+4+4 = 12. Then, 1+2 = 3.

“Transformation” is played in 528.

  • 5+2+8 = 15. Then, 1+5 = 6.

“The Bridge” is played in 639.

  • 6+3+9 = 18. Of course, 1+8 = 9.

“Great Awakening” is played in 741.

  • 7+4+1 = 12. Then, 1+2 = 3.

“The Majestic” is played in 852.

  • 8+5+2 = 15. And 1+5 = 6.

Michael goes into why this is all important in his book.

But what does it mean?

Honestly, my mind began spinning when I began reading about all this. But one thing that has stuck in my head that I find uncanny.

Evidently, Nikola Tesla, the great inventor and one of the “fathers of electricity” made some interesting observations and is supposedly quoted as saying, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”  Check out this article for more on this:

But, back to Wholetones.

Why are these frequencies important?

Michael believed that the commonly accepted tunings (A = 440 Hz) are detrimental to physical and spiritual well-being; his mission is to educate those who would listen and hear this message. For example, if you ask the majority of musicians to what frequency the “A” above Middle C on a standard keyboard is tuned, most musicians would respond that the “A” above Middle C is tuned to 440 Hz.

However, in Wholetones, Michael Tyrrell’s tuning is completely different, and instead of tuning his guitar to 440 Hz, his “A” would be tuned to 444 Hz instead.

As Michael explains at his site and in his book, each frequency – which is measured by a unit called a “Hertz” (Hz) – has a different property. A sound measured at 1 Hertz means that the sound is moving at 1 cycle per second. So, if you have a sound frequency that is 444 Hz, that means it is 444 cycles per second.

What are the benefits of each Wholetones song and these Solfeggio frequencies?

Each frequency is said to affect different aspects of well being. Remember that all the Wholetones pieces are played in a different frequency. Here is a very basic rundown of what each song might affect:

  • 396 Hz (“Open Door”) – Listen to this first. This frequency is said to help free us from feeling fear, shame, and guilt.
  • 417 Hz (“Desert Sojourn”) – Said to help us let go of negative habits and to help us change for the better.
  • 444 Hz (“Key of David”)  – This is a biggie. If you even skimmed the part above, about tuning instruments to this frequency, there are 4 Solfeggio frequencies you can access when you are tuned to 444 Hz. This is a frequency of peace and overall wellness.
  • 528 Hz (“Transformation”) This is also a biggie. This is said to facilitate healing, DNA repair, and miracles
  • 639 Hz (“The Bridge”) This one is about forgiveness, and better relationships
  • 741 Hz  (“Great Awakening”) This one also moves me along the same lines as “Transformation.” I dn’t quite know why. But, it is said to help us with being tuned in to our intuition and spirit.
  • 852 Hz (“The Majestic”) Michael says this is “purely spiritual” and this frequency is often spoken of in relationship to spirituality and pure connectivity.

Sound moves in waves.

If you look at the graph showing 5 Hz, you see 5 sound waves. When we are listening to music, each musical note that we hear corresponds to a specific frequency. And that frequency is what the hertz is measuring.

In his book, Michael explains that not all frequencies are created equal. He explains that some are actually harmful and promote a dissonance within our bodies, while others (such as those used in Wholetones) are beneficial and promote healing and overall wellness. Michael provides some compelling resources that explain that in the past, certain people in history wanted to promote the dissonance (think “Nazis”).

So, if we are to believe what Michael Tyrrell and an increasing number of musicians and researchers are saying, when you listen to music played in a common tuning where A = 440 Hz, you are hearing a frequency that isn’t doing you, your body, or your DNA any good.

Can anyone play instruments and music in these frequencies? Michael discusses this in his book.

For Musicians: Guidelines for Tuning to These Frequencies

Michael Tyrrell explains how to tune your instrument around the 444 Hz (the Key of David), where the following notes would necessarily be played in equally helpful frequencies – and note that this little summary of Michael’s explanation is actually meant for musicians who understand tunings, and playing in different keys – but he does have a chapter that covers the 7 primary frequencies that Wholetones is based on.

It begins with tuning first to A = 444 Hz; but it gets a little technical for me. If you are tuned to A = 444 Hz, you can move through G at 396 Hz, G# at 417 Hz, and C at 528 Hz. But then to play in 639 Hz, 741 Hz, and 852 Hz, you need to tune differently.

It’s in the book, but again, even though I love to sing, can plonk around on the piano and strum a bit on the guitar while I sing old folk tunes, I’m not a trained musician. And…

I mentioned before that I’m no scientist…

…and I don’t need to be to receive the benefits of Wholetones music

Please keep in mind that you do NOT need to actually understand any of this to benefit from listening to Wholetones music!

I only understand a very little of the rudimentary stuff.

But it doesn’t matter, because when I’m listening to the music, I’m feeling something that I rarely, if ever, feel from listening to music.

My hope is that by being a “Musicianary” as Michael Tyrrell calls those who are trying to spread the word, my personal experience with Wholetones will be enough to pique your interest in trying it for yourself.

Now, what is Wholetones Chroma?

Based on Chromatherapy (sometimes referred to as “color therapy”) the Wholetones Chroma product has not only the music, but also a kind of light show playing from a TV or computer screen. I personally know a number of people who keep their televisions on all day – partly for background sound, but sometimes also for “company.”

In my mind, if I were going to have a television screen on all day, I might as well make good use of it. To me, watching a beautiful light show set to music would be a better use of my TV then say, watching some famous family’s continual drams being paraded in front of me any day.

Wholetones To Go

Recently, Wholetones released another way to listen to the music without needing to have a laptop or any other device with you: Wholetones To Go (or “Wholetones 2 Go”). It’s a clever idea! It’s a small speaker already pre-loaded with all 7 tracks! You can take it with you anywhere, or move it from room to room if you want to be sure you are able to hear it no matter where you are. He doesn’t seem to have it on Amazon yet… not sure why. Hopefully he’ll add it soon.

My Initial Experience Listening to Wholetones Music

I play these over and over again, and just cannot get tired of listening to them. Hearing them play in the background is soothing and energizing at the same time – even if I’m not writing about music.

The first time I heard these pieces – and “Transformation” in particular (as I mentioned earlier) I began to cry. I cannot explain it. But it was a deep, cleansing tear-fest that made me know at some place deep within my very soul that I was listening to something extraordinary. I had just received my package of 7 CDs and the book, Wholetones™: The Sound of Healing, and hadn’t yet opened the book; I simply decided to listen to “Transformation” for some reason.

After I began crying, I decided that perhaps I should read the book to try and figure out what had just happened there. Now, the book is written purely from Michael Tyrrell’s heart, and he pretty much spills his guts about his passion for this project and for these special tunings which – according to him – resonate in frequencies that are conducive to healing of body, mind and spirit.

In the book, he advises listening to the tracks in the order I showed above, beginning with “Open Door.” He says that each track lays a foundation for the next one. I won’t argue. I just put the stuff in, press play, and go about my business.

Michael Tyrrell is a devout Christian – but you don’t have to be…

Michael Tyrrell is certainly not the first person in the world to talk about these unusual tunings, which he believes were given to the world during the days and rein of King David of Biblical fame. However, he is the first person that I have ever heard speak of these frequencies with a fervor I seldom see in the field of self-development.

Perhaps it is because of his own mother’s miraculous healing (you can read about it here) that provided the ultimate proof for him. It should be noted that Michael is a deeply devout Christian, and counts the profession as pastor in addition to his musical resume.

I should tell you that his book is definitely slanted towards the Christian point of view. Whether or not you consider yourself a Christian, the book is interesting, and written from Michael’s heart. There is absolutely no question.

Because I am not a religious person (I consider myself spiritual, but not religious), I can’t speak much about Christian points of view. Nonetheless, I truly did enjoy the book. I feel like I learned quite a bit, and that I was introduced to a number of ideas that I had never considered before.

I’d very much like to meet Michael Tyrrell. He really seems like a genuinely wonderful person – one who is on a mission to help this world and its inhabitants live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Would I buy Wholetones again? Absolutely. My only wish is that he would write and record even more must in these beautiful, haunting tones.

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose!

Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo Review


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Drug tests which are hair based are among the most difficult to pass since you can’t really carry out tests at home and THC is found inside the cuticle of the hair root in a part called the cortex.
Regular shampoos no matter how clarifying are simply going to have no effect.

Zydot Ultra Clean is a product designed for drug users with high levels of toxins in their body and it has been known to help pass drug tests with as little as two washes prior to the test.

Ultra Clean Purifying ShampooWhere To Buy

When compared with premium hair detoxification shampoos such as Nexxus Aloe Rid which cost well above a $100 this is a very affordable yet effective option. The shampoo can be ordered via discreet shipping for only $35.95.

As an employee you will need to undergo drug tests repeatedly so you won’t be spending a fortune in the long run. One bottle lasts for quite a few washes anyway even when used liberally as the product requires.

Order from or pick up the shampoo from your closest pharmacy. Since this is a cheaper shampoo it needs to be used in conjunction with a conditioner and a deep cleaning purifying treatment which are included in the pack.

It claims to dissolve all THC and related toxins from the cortex. In most hair tests only 1.5 inches of the hair from the root is tested so this product gives you the all-clear.

Function Of Each Component

  • The shampoo performs the most basic function which is revealing the follicle of the hair by removing all dirt and grime and clogging toxins. It exposes the cortex with its harsh formula so that the other products might then do their job.
  • The Purifying treatment which is designed to be used next penetrates into the cortex to leech out the toxins and the THC. It also dissolves many chemicals so that they might be rinsed from the hair afterwards. There is no need to worry about anything other than the roots of the hair as this is the only part which will actually be tested.
  • The conditioner just like any regular one makes your hair healthy and silky and makes sure there is no dryness or tangles when you begin to comb out your hair. This will also later give the illusion of healthy hair and a great diet.

Remember to use all this products on the same day as your test. Many people repeat the process twice if they are paranoid or really heavy users but once is quite enough to pass your test.


First step is to wet your hair and apply half of the shampoo in the pack and massage your scalp with it. Leave the shampoo on for about 10 minutes. After that you rinse the product out.
Secondly you apply the purifier, leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse. After that you use what remains of the shampoo to wash and rinse again. In the end you apply the conditioner again leaving on for 10 minutes and then rinsing well.

For Online Purchases: Here’s where you can buy Ultra Clean Shampoo

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Company


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The web host you choose goes a long way in saying a lot about your website, the way it operates and how many subscribers it is able to obtain. The main purpose of a web host is to keep your information, data and media floating online with the help of servers fully backed up. This is a service which you will have to pay for naturally and each company offers various priced packages.

Click this link to view a full list of web hosting companies in our coupon database.  Among the most used coupons is

Choosing the best web host is not always a simple task and there are a few tricks behind it which can help you get it right even if you have minimal past experience or if you are a relatively new website owner.

Tips on How to Find the top Website Host

  • The first thing you will be looking at is the price point. Depending on how new you are to the business you are going to want to consider your budget and work accordingly. What your website is attempting to accomplish and how much media it has floating (the nature of its content) also determines how much you will need to spend in the way of a hosting package.
  • Cheap is not always good since your website can suffer from a bad host with issues like breakdowns and inaccessibility and lots of spam and minimal protection from viruses. If you are dedicated to your website or if you expect to be earning from it (if it is an eshop or ecommerce venture) then you will definitely need to invest in the right comprehensive hosting package.
  • Getting the right amount of technical support cannot be undermined as it greatly determines your ability to function well and keep your website afloat for your customers or subscribers. Make sure you choose a company that has brilliant customer service and is very responsive to complaints and calls for help. Companies like GoDaddy and webhostingbuzz are particularly good in this area which helps newbies especially.
  • You need to carefully determine the purpose and scale of operations with regard to your site. Are you going to be hosting a lot of media such as pictures and videos? This requires a substantial hosting package which only a really good company can bring you since they operate with the help of many servers simultaneously. The pages will load fast and you won’t suffer from the website breaking down which causes you to lose readers if you have chosen the right company.

Don’t Drink My Juice E Juice Brand


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Most juice is for drinking, but not this brand of juice. It is known as “Don’t Drink My Juice” because that sounds funny and a little bit rude, but that’s also a statement. Don’t Drink My Juice does not create and sell fruit juice but e liquid and one certainly wouldn’t want to drink that.

Safety of E Juice

At the bottom of their bio page, Don’t Drink My Juice says clearly that nicotine is an addictive and harmful substance. An adult vaping this stuff might not suffer any harm, but someone ingesting e liquid in the mistaken belief it will taste good could potentially suffer illness or death.

That goes for children especially who, unable to read and not the least put-off by special childproof caps, get into colorful bottles with pretty labels easily unless they are kept well out of reach of even the most adept young climber.

Ohio Company

Don’t Drink My Juice operates out of Ohio. It’s comforting to know this is a US company as regulations in this country are quite strict. Do you know how e juice is regulated in other countries? Probably not; most people are dedicated to buying US products even if they are made with ingredients sourced from elsewhere.

Their specialty is quality vapor juice sold at an affordable price. Products contain USP-grade vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) plus flavors made for e cigs particularly. Every flavor has been developed, created, and tested by someone who vapes, so you know the taste isn’t altered in a bad way by the vaporizing process.

They provide an email address: Never say the company is not prepared to hear from you with questions or flavor suggestions. Another place to get in touch is Facebook where you can become part of the conversation about e liquid, vaping, and this company with other vapers and current fans of Don’t Drink My Juice.

About Their Juice

Don’t Drink My Juice says they are only able to ship to domestic customers at this time. When you place your online order, they expect the shipment to arrive quickly. Order online as there is no physical location.

I didn’t see any security provisions on their site although they allow people to pay by credit card. Don’t Drink My Juice is set up for PayPal transactions, however, which are safe. Products are not steeped when they arrive since Don’t Drink My Juice makes them to order.

There are no “diketones” in their e liquids. Diketones are found in flavorings like butter and cream used to make products such as e juices but also processed foods.

One must test for them in foods according to US legislation because of certain health risks associated with diketones, but in e juice this is a choice made by companies. Don’t Drink My Juice says there are no diketones (acetyl propionyl, diacetyl, or acetoin) in their e liquids.

Juices come in several nicotine levels from 0 to 18 mg and bottle sizes of 15, 30, 50, and 120 ml. There are varying VG/PG ratios available so one can use flavors with multiple types of coil systems from single coils to Clapton and other sophisticated styles.

Flavors at Don’t Drink My Juice

Try a Cannoli Moly or an AR-15 (Apple Raspberry Macaroon). Select Peach Yo (Yogurt) or Angry Pear (just pear). Select from their bestsellers’ list: Strawnana Yo, Malk (Strawberry Milk), and Graham Cracker are among them. The entire list contains 42 flavors plus unflavored e liquid.

Down Side

There is just one downside I can see in this catalog where e juice costs $5.49 for 15 ml: lack of traditional offerings, though this is subjective. There is no tobacco and only one mentholated flavor which is Blueberry Haze. Most of the selections are at least mildly sweet, there’s nothing with an old-fashioned throat hit.

Otherwise, since that’s the way e juice is going anyway, I’d say Ohio’s Don’t Drink My Juice is worth a try.

Simple Tips to Get the Best Discounts


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No matter what your economic background is, everyone welcomes a good deal. Retailers know this fact and periodically offer good discounts to their customers to increase customer satisfaction. Hence shopping online coupons are offered by retailers to help their customers save a lot of money.

Here are 4 simple ways to win the world of coupons for the maximum savings (we offer more tips on this page):

  1. Get a hold of good coupons

Visit your favorite online retailer’s websites often or join their email or newsletter list to get the latest coupon codes.

Keep an eye on their social network pages like Facebook or Twitter for random coupon codes that the stores might surprise their followers with.

If the above direct ways are not helping you out enough then just browse through websites holding large databases of coupons.

Finally, if you cannot get hold of free coupons, sometimes it is still a good idea to buy coupons keeping in check that their prices are almost close to nothing as compared to the discount they are offering.

  1. Use them wisely to maximize savings

Many stores allow their customers to stack up on their coupons. Therefore, use multiple coupons on the same item to save more money.

The order in which you use your coupons also makes a difference. Sometimes a ‘percentage off’ coupon followed by a ‘fixed amount coupon’ gets you the better deal than the other way around. Therefore, do a little math before checking out your shopping cart.

  1. Use them at the best time

Make sure that you do not use your coupons when you suspect that there has been a random hike up in prices of items. Keep a track of the price tags and buy when the prices seem to be just right.

It is also a good idea to use your coupons, like these ones on this site, when there is already a sale or clearance going on provided your online retailer allows you to use your coupons on already discounted items.

  1. Use them for the right things

Do not shop just for the sake of using coupons codes. This will lead to wasting of money and collection of items you end up throwing away.

Make a list of things you really need or will use in the future and concentrate on the coupons for such items.

Keeping the above pointers in mind, no shopper should be wasting money when using coupons. Using a bit of intellect and organization can help you use your coupon codes in the best possible manner.

Coupon Codes Explained


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If you are one of those shoppers who has not yet used coupon codes when shopping online, then no need to worry. Here are some of the main queries regarding this phenomenon answered in the simplest manner.

WHO should use coupon codes?

Anyone looking for discounted prices can avail benefits from the usage of coupon codes. If you are on a tight budget or simply want to spend smartly, coupons can come in very handy in these cases.

Furthermore, customers who are on the lookout to buy items in bulk may benefit immensely with the use of coupon codes. Coupons for bulk buying offer unbelievable discounts where most of the time you will end up paying for multiple items for the price of one.

Additionally, if you always back off from online shopping because of the hefty shipping prices, free shipping coupon codes can help you finally check-out your shopping cart.

WHAT can coupon codes do?

Coupon codes come in a variety of shades and offer a vast range of discounts (click here for more on that). Coupon codes can help you get:

  • a ‘dollar off’ discount which translates to a fixed dollar amount of from the price of an item you are interested to buy.
  • a‘percentage off’ discount which translates to a certain percentage off from the price of an item you are interested to buy.
  • free or discounted shipping.
  • a certain percentage discount on a second item you buy from the same retailer. The discount on the second is 100% in buy one get one free coupon codes.
  • free gifts.

HOW should the coupon codes be used?

Coupon codes should be used very wisely. Do not let yourself get trapped in the spending mindset just to use the coupons. Use coupon codes for items you really need, like we instruct on this page.

Furthermore, coupons should be used in such a way that they give the maximum amount od discounts.

For instance, if the retailer lets you, you can use coupons during sale time to help you get additional discounts. If an online store allows stacking up of coupon codes, use them in the right order to save the most money.

These three main questions and their answers encompass the most basic definition of coupon codes for first-time users. Furthermore, as in most cases, practice makes perfect. Hence, the more you use these coupon codes, the more of a pro you would become in saving money.

What to Save Your Discount Codes For


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Nowadays, every other person we meet seems to be in a saving mode. With the growing instabilities in economies around the world, many people have an increasingly tighter budget and are constantly on the lookout for ways to save more money.

When shopping online, as much as choosing the right types of coupon codes (like these ones) can help in saving money, the time when these coupon codes are used and what they are used for also plays a vital role.

Here are a few ways to answer the question of ‘when to save your coupon codes for?’:

When the prices are not hiked up!

Some online retailers might increase the prices of their items and then offer deals on them. For instance, an online retailer might offer a 30% discount coupon code after actually hiking up the prices by 30%. In this scenario, the customer is really buying the items on the original prices.

The fake incentive of a discount entices the customer to buy more just to avail the benefit of the coupon code. While in fact he or she is really buying everything on the original price.

Therefore, be aware of this kind of trap. Keep a casual lookout at the prices of your favorite products and avoid using your coupon codes when you see unusual price hike ups.

When the deal is not trapping you into buying more uselessly.

Many times the coupon codes with the offer of buy one and get the second 50% off might be actually forcing you to buy things that you actually do not need.

If you are sure you want the second item, then only go ahead and use such a coupon code.

When you know multiple offers can be applied to the same item.

Many retailers allow you to use multiple coupons or discounts on the same item.  If that is the case it is best to save your coupons for a time when you have two or more coupon codes that can be used on an item for maximum saving.

Equally, you can also wait for a sale to come up, to use your coupons on already-discounted items to further your savings.

Keeping the above points in mind (as well as these) will help you utilize your coupons in the best optimum way.  However, keep track of your coupon’s expiry date if it has one and uses it well within the time limit.

Secrets to Maximize Online Discounts


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The online virtual world is a large span of endless possibilities in all aspects of our daily lives. Shopping is one such aspect of our lives which has always been a necessity, a social behavior or just an activity to pass time. With the advent of this facility in the online realm, a world of opportunities and ideas has been opened up for both the retailers and the customers.

One of the main attractions to a shopper is the ability to save as much money as possible. Apart from the traditional clearance sales or season sales, online shopping also offers the use of coupons.

Now there are two ultimate secrets to using these coupon codes effectively for the maximum discount. (Go here for more!)

First, search for the perfect coupon for yourself.

Keep an eye open for free coupon codes on the website of your store of interest.

This seems quite convenient. However, if this is not available then research a bit on coupon database websites.

You can simply search through their database by entering the name of the store or brand. There are many automatic coupon finder websites which enter the codes you filtered in the promo code box and test them automatically to display if the code actually works or not. This prevents you from wasting time on bogus or expired coupon codes.

Another way to get hold of worthy coupons is by signing up for emails from your desired retailers, like on this website you’re visiting. This you can do in store or online and as a result you will always be updated with latest promotions and coupon codes.

Last but not the least, try the social avenues like Facebook and Twitter. If you like or follow your desired brands or retailers on these social networks, they will often send you updates on their ongoing and latest promotions and coupons.

Secondly, make sure the usage of coupons will benefit you.

Always keep in mind to check the total of your purchase once with the coupon codes and then without the coupons, with items on original price.

The reason behind this is that many promotions using these coupon codes add restrictions on the minimum which needs to be spent to avail the coupon. In such a case you might end up spending more than needed.

To sum it all up, find the right coupons, know all the benefits and limitations and use it to save more and more!

Traps to Avoid With Online Voucher Usage


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Online retailers are becoming aware of the increasing number of customers who are on the lookout for deals and discounts while shopping. Some of them can very well misuse this fact and trick the customers to actually spend more than they need to by just giving them the incentive of getting discounts by using coupon codes.

Here are a couple of such ‘tricks’ or rather spending ‘traps’ to watch out for when using coupon codes (also click here for more tips on coupon usage):

  • Retailers might offer you with crazy deals on items making them almost free or actually free. However, when you actually pay a little more attention, you will realize that the accessories which might be needed to make these items fully functional come with a hefty price. Therefore, in the long run, you end up paying more for that particular ‘free’ product.
  • Control your nerves when you feel like using your coupons for the same item which might be going on sale repeatedly. This will lead to a massive surplus of items if the demand for it is just not present. For instance, 50 bottles of ketchup stuffed into your kitchen cabinets will not really save you much if you end up throwing them away after a while.
  • Watch out for coupons codes offered by online retailers (click here for a list of all our retailers’s coupons) after an increase in the actual prices of the products. If for example, there is a 25% coupon available and you feel like the prices of the items have been roughly increased by 30%, then steer away immediately. This is just a temptation into spending more for items which could have been bought for a cheaper price.
  • Deals which put a certain limit on your total purchase might force you to buy extra things. Therefore, make sure you actually need these items before spending the extra money on them.
  • Some coupons have a very tiny print somewhere in the corners to let you know that there is actually an expiry date. Therefore, you might miss it completely or it will not stick in your mind till it is too late. Especially if you bought the coupon it can lead to waste of money. Hence be vigilant about these dates.

In brief, avoid splurging into useless spending. Always look at the bigger picture while shopping. Once you have understood these traps then start shopping away with proper coupon deals and actually saving tons of money!

Getting the Most Out of Coupon Use


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I am sure most of us cannot deny the joy of buying a product for a less than the original price! It is a satisfying moment where you feel that you are on the winning side of the deal. Nowadays, with the drastic increase in online shopping, online retailers are increasingly using coupons to enrich the shopping experience for their customers.

Hence, for example, you are shopping online from the comfort of your home and finally arrived at the checkout page.  After a long time of carefully choosing and comparing your buys, you are baffled by the “Insert Promo Code Here” boxes. You know it is something you want to but you are completely clueless about how to use this option efficiently.

Well let’s tackle this world of coupons in a few easy steps:

  • If you do not have online coupons, find out an online coupon database like those found on this website which offers coupons from your desired stores and brands.
  • Before you go on a hunting and comparing mission of your favorite products, for instance, the right shoe for you with the right price tag, visit these online coupon databases. They will give you a fair idea of which brands are offering the right deals and will also go a further step to display comparisons of different deals.
  • Do not procrastinate in shopping! If you like a deal and if it seems really attractive, don’t wait too long. There might be scores of other users interested in the very deal which could end up in the deal ending due to sold out items. Deals also come with an expiry date which needs to be noted.
  • Make a list of all the things you want before embarking on this journey of saving money. Many retailers offer their customers more discount when they purchase more. So basically the more you spend the more percentage discount you get on it. Hence shop smartly and try to buy your required products from the same retailer all at once to save more.
  • Keep a lookout for online retailers which allow you to use multiple coupons on the same item (a strategy we also discuss on this page). For instance, using a promotional code with a sale item. This can result in amazing buys and a truly pleasurable shopping experience.

Now your online shopping experience along with these no-brainer usage of promotional codes will get your shopping right to your doorstep effortlessly and with a discount!

Using Promo Codes To Save Money


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Generally speaking, when thinking about saving money, the normal perception is that it takes a lot of work. However, when shopping online and especially when using online coupon codes to save money, the whole procedure is relatively effortless.

The whole idea of saving money by using coupon codes online starts of with acquiring the right coupon codes which will give you the maximum benefit.

Some of the types of discounts catered to by using these coupon codes are as following:

  • A fixed amount off of your purchase. This is very convenient when purchasing items of low costs. For instance, $3 off an item worth $10 is a good discount compared to $3 off an item worth $100.
  • A percentage amount off your purchase. This is very convenient when purchasing items of a high price tag. Since if it is an item worth less, let’s say maybe $10, a 35% discount will save you only $3.5 while an item worth $100 will result in a $30 discount.
  • Sometimes coupon codes, like we cover on this site, do not offer any amount off of the item you are purchasing but rather offers you with discounts on shipping fees. It might be a fixed amount off, a percentage discount or even free of cost!

Once you have found your perfect pick from the pool of coupon codes, you can start using some of the following tricks to maximize discounts.

  • Combine and compound your discounts. This is only possible if the retailer you are dealing with allows for multiple coupon codes to be used on the same item. If this allowance is available, you can go ahead and save more by trying your luck on stacking different coupon codes to increase the discount. The most common example of stacking of coupon codes is the combination of a code for discounts on items with a code for discounted or free shipping.
  • Save more by buying more. Many retailers offer a greater discount if you purchase more from them. If you have a shopping list where all the items can be bought from the same store online, go ahead and buy them at once for a large price cut at the checkout page. Just beware of extreme couponing, which we discuss in this article.

Once you have an idea of where to find the right coupons and how to use them for maximum discounts, the whole saving money procedure is quite effortless. So start clicking away and saving money!


How to Not Go Overboard with Discount Codes


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Everyone wants to save money and get the best deal on the things they buy. Using online coupons whilst shopping online is a great way to save money. However, is there anything such as extreme couponing?

Yes, definitely. If a shopper ends up buying things they do not need or even worse, things they should not buy, in large amounts, just because they want to use a couple of coupons, it is definitely extreme couponing. In such cases, coupons would lead to wastage of money rather than saving.

The result of extreme couponing is hoarding and stockpiling of unnecessary products and a waste of time. Just because you have a coupon does not mean that you can buy anything and everything to save money.

Here are a couple of ways you can avoid extreme couponing in order to save money (also click here for more coupon strategies):

  • Make a list of things you really need or will be able to use in the future effectively. If you do not keep such a list in your mind, you can end up buying things you already have in store or do not need just because you have the incentive of getting discounts.
  • However, if you use coupons to avail deals to stock up on items which you will use and need in the near future you can save a lot of money. For instance, if you stock up on non-perishable items such as diapers for a duration for which you know your baby will not outgrow them, you will surely save a lot of money and regular trips to the store.
  • Only keep the coupons you know will benefit you and trash the ones which will lead to mindless shopping. This will prevent you from buying large quantities of items just because you have the urge to use a couple of such coupons. This habit usually leads to a massive surplus of items which eventually go to waste or end up using a large storage space. It can be tempting when finding so many discounts like we provide here, but resist the temptation.
  • Understand your coupons. Online retailers often have different coupon policies. For instance, some will allow you to stack up coupons or others will allow you to use coupons on already discounted items. Therefore, it is better to retain coupons of such stores while discarding coupons for stores which have rather strict policies.

Therefore, the best way to save money by using coupons is to use them in moderation and for the things you will use.

Use These Methods for Getting Discounts


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Gone are the days of only reaping the benefits of traditional sales in stores and the traditional clippings of tangible paper coupons in the mail, newspapers, magazines or flyers at the grocery stores. There is now a whole new world of online shopping.

It is all a lot simpler now. Everything from the comfort of your home. Even saving money! There are online sales and clearances which result in an obvious saving of money. However, use of online promotional codes makes you go an extra mile into saving even more money.

The optimal use of coupons lies all in your knowledge of the best deals on that particular product.

This means that if you have the right information regarding the ongoing promotions, you get the deal, otherwise, you end up paying the full price while your more ‘knowledgeable’ friend paid almost half the price for the very thing! They must be using tactics like these linked here!

It does seem like a lot of work and research. However, once you get the hang of it, using your online coupon codes becomes an effortless endeavor.

The main idea is to find the right promotional code for the required purchase which will help you save money while shopping online. You could do this by searching online on search engines through general search terms or go a bit further with an ultra-specific search.

This will help you find sites which keep track of these codes. These coupon and deal websites, like this site,  also show you stores or brands offering similar promotions so you can choose the best coupon code by comparing and contrasting easily.

Whatever the method is the main idea is to research and find the right free coupons from online databases or invest a little and buy them. In the latter case keep in mind:

  • In the end of it all, you must be paying less as compared to buying the items on original prices.
  • That the site is trustworthy and is not costing you a fortune to buy the coupons. These priced coupons should be very cheap, for instance, an item worth $1500 might have a coupon worth $10 which would give a discount of maybe of $200-250.

Therefore, a little bit of browsing or researching can help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars while shopping online. This is undeniably a relatively effortless way of saving money.

Special Deals to Look For When Shopping Online


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Deals everywhere! Whether it is a festive season, an end of season time or even a store clearance, customers are sure to be baffled by the numerous deals around them. What to choose and what not to becomes a tough decision when everything seems quite interesting.

When shopping online the same puzzling scenario confronts shoppers. When all retailers are trying to lure you into buying from them, it is best to know what each deal is offering and which will help you in choosing the best one when shopping online. The main aim is to save as much money (we discuss many ways all over this site) as possible and this is the main factor in making the decision of which deal to choose.

Online retailers usually offer their deals in the form of online coupon codes. Here are some types of deals which might be offered:

  1. First Time Shopper Deal

Many online retailers recognize their first-time shoppers and offer them coupon codes for discount deals.

  1. Total Purchase Deal

The deal here is that the more you spend the more reward you get. Coupon codes with percentage discount on your total purchase or with free shipping with more dollars spent are offered by many retailers online.

  1. Exclusive Social Offer Deal

Specially designed for social networks. These coupon codes offer deals to shoppers who like, follow or share their brand on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Customer Loyalty Deal

This kind of deal usually depends on a point system. It begins with the shopper registering with the retailer online and then collecting points on each transaction. Coupon codes are provided to customers when they gather a certain number of points. The more points the shopper collects the more discount he/she gets.

  1. Email/Newsletter Deal

If you subscribe to your favorite retailer’s email or newsletter list, you are sure to get rewarding deals via regular coupon codes like these ones over here.

  1. Weekly/Monthly Deal

One of the most common kinds of deal is a weekly or monthly coupon code provided to the customer which may be in the form of a percentage discount, a fixed discount, a free gift or even free shipping.

Now since you have a rough idea of which type of deals are available through the online coupon codes and which ones maybe the most lucrative for you, go ahead and enter the world of these interesting deals and start saving money!

Spend Less by Using Coupon Websites


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On a task of saving money? Want to buy your favorite pair of shoes without burning that hole in your wallet. Just win the world of online coupon codes like we talk about here and you will save tons of money while shopping for your favorite things!

Here is how you can do it.

Firstly, get yourself some good coupons. Go on a scavenger hunt on coupon database websites to end up with coupons which fulfill your needs. You can even buy coupons which offer some great deals. However, make sure the money you put into buying these coupons should be very less as compared to the discount it offers.

There are easier ways to get hold of these coupons such as joining the store’s mailing list or regularly checking their websites for free coupons. Online retailers are always coming up with new ways to provide their customers with coupon codes, therefore, just keep a look out for these.

Secondly, use them wisely.

Make sure you save money instead of wasting money when using coupon codes. Couple of things to look out for:

  • If your coupon codes have an expiry date, make sure you keep a track of that especially if you actually bought them!
  • Always do math when choosing between ‘dollars off’ coupons and ‘percentage off’ coupons. For instance, if it is an item worth $10, a $5 off coupon is better than a 25% off coupon.
  • In cases where multiple coupons can be applied at the same item, it is again better to do a bit of math to conclude in which order the coupons should be used. For instance, for an item worth $100, it is better to use a 25% off coupon first and then a $15 off coupon to save more money!

Lastly, do not shop just to use the coupons. Many deals can only be availed when a certain minimum amount of purchase has been done. Do not mindlessly try to fulfill this criterion just to use the coupon. There is a high possibility that you might end up spending more than saving and that too, on items you actually do not need. It is always smart to have a fair idea of what all you actually need and set a budget accordingly. This way you will not get carried away in shopping, like a woman shopping for shoes (which we discuss here) just for the sake of using your coupon codes.

Now go ahead and conquer online shopping and save a lot of money!

Best Price on Shoes Online


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When it comes to shoes the list is endless. From boots to heels to slippers to pumps, the list goes on and on. To add to this confusion is the ever increasing list of shoe stores. Each repeatedly coming up with better designs and better quality. In such a maze, shoppers tend to look out for good deals on the price of shoes to cut down their shopping options.

There are many amazing deals out here in the malls and shopping areas. The same is provided in the online world of shopping via online coupon codes.

Here are some ways to get hold of good coupon codes to get the best bargains on your favorite pair of shoes:

  1. Weekly/Monthly Coupons

Retailers often post free weekly or monthly coupons on their websites to reward their customers. Ideal timings are the beginning of the month or the ending. Therefore, it is a good idea to periodically visit these websites.

  1. Pre-launch Coupons

Often when new stores pop up online, they invite people to buy from them using pre-launch coupons. Therefore, keep a lookout for such stores.

  1. First Time Shopper Coupons

Many retailers surprise their new shoppers to coupon codes with various types of discounts. If you are a newcomer to such an online store, then it is your lucky day!

  1. Total Purchase Coupons

Retailers often want customers to buy more from them therefore, they give them coupons with a greater discount if their total purchase is higher. So buy more to save more!

  1. Abandon cart Coupons

This is the most fun of all the ways. All you have to do is fill your online shopping cart with all your desired items and then just abandon it. Many retailers will get back to you and invite you to complete your transaction with a complimentary discount coupon!

  1. Referral Coupons

Referral coupons are gifted to you by online retailers when you recommend their online store to another person. So let more people know to earn more of these coupons.

  1. Social Networks Coupons

Follow, like or share the pages of some online retailers on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and get rewarded by exclusive coupon codes!

  1. Email/Newsletter Coupons

Register and join the email or newsletter list of online retailers to be pleasantly surprised with regular coupons codes.

The above, and also this page here, summarizes some of the many ways to find the right coupons to save tons of money on your next shoe shopping expedition!

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