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Drug tests which are hair based are among the most difficult to pass since you can’t really carry out tests at home and THC is found inside the cuticle of the hair root in a part called the cortex.
Regular shampoos no matter how clarifying are simply going to have no effect.

Zydot Ultra Clean is a product designed for drug users with high levels of toxins in their body and it has been known to help pass drug tests with as little as two washes prior to the test.

Ultra Clean Purifying ShampooWhere To Buy

When compared with premium hair detoxification shampoos such as Nexxus Aloe Rid which cost well above a $100 this is a very affordable yet effective option. The shampoo can be ordered via discreet shipping for only $35.95.

As an employee you will need to undergo drug tests repeatedly so you won’t be spending a fortune in the long run. One bottle lasts for quite a few washes anyway even when used liberally as the product requires.

Order from Testclear.com or pick up the shampoo from your closest pharmacy. Since this is a cheaper shampoo it needs to be used in conjunction with a conditioner and a deep cleaning purifying treatment which are included in the pack.

It claims to dissolve all THC and related toxins from the cortex. In most hair tests only 1.5 inches of the hair from the root is tested so this product gives you the all-clear.

Function Of Each Component

  • The shampoo performs the most basic function which is revealing the follicle of the hair by removing all dirt and grime and clogging toxins. It exposes the cortex with its harsh formula so that the other products might then do their job.
  • The Purifying treatment which is designed to be used next penetrates into the cortex to leech out the toxins and the THC. It also dissolves many chemicals so that they might be rinsed from the hair afterwards. There is no need to worry about anything other than the roots of the hair as this is the only part which will actually be tested.
  • The conditioner just like any regular one makes your hair healthy and silky and makes sure there is no dryness or tangles when you begin to comb out your hair. This will also later give the illusion of healthy hair and a great diet.

Remember to use all this products on the same day as your test. Many people repeat the process twice if they are paranoid or really heavy users but once is quite enough to pass your test.


First step is to wet your hair and apply half of the shampoo in the pack and massage your scalp with it. Leave the shampoo on for about 10 minutes. After that you rinse the product out.
Secondly you apply the purifier, leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse. After that you use what remains of the shampoo to wash and rinse again. In the end you apply the conditioner again leaving on for 10 minutes and then rinsing well.

For Online Purchases: Here’s where you can buy Ultra Clean Shampoo

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