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If you are thinking of buying your first electronic cigarette or vaporizer or are already vaping but thinking of upgrading your device or finding some new e-liquid flavors, then it is time to hit the internet and start browsing for the best online vape stores. There are almost as many online vape stores as there are vaporizers and all of them have their strengths and weaknesses; some have a great selection of vaporizers but don’t sell e-liquids, while others may only stock top-name products, meaning some of the edgier more obscure brands miss out.

When it comes to finding the best price for your chosen device, it is worth reading the small print too. After all, you may have found the “lowest” price for your device but if you have to pay for shipping that might take the cost above what another site with free shipping is charging for the same device. Look into the possibility of buying a starter kit too, as this can often be another good way to save money. Some of the best online vape stores don’t just include all the technical kit you need to get started in these kits, but also add in a few samples of e-liquids too — especially useful if you are new to vaping and not yet sure what kind of flavors you are going to enjoy.

Either way, it is worth spending some time finding the best deal on your chosen product and browsing the best online vape stores — as well as checking for sales or special deals in your local retail stores — is a good way to get started.


VaporDNA is one of the best online vape stores for those experienced vapers who enjoy building their own atomizers or who like to make adjustments and modifications to brand-name devices. They sell the whole range of rebuildable atomizers, including dripping atomizers, tank atomizers, and sub-ohm tanks too, for those vapers who enjoy their cloud chasing — a vaping term for the creation of really big clouds of vapor. You can also buy all the tools you need for building your own atomizer as well as the usual spare batteries, coils, and drip tips.Vapor DNA Coupon Code

If you are not a builder, VaporDNA does have good selection of brand-name vaporizers which are good to go as soon as they arrive, and need no modifications to work perfectly well. They stock products from dependable favorites like Innokin, Kanger, and Vaporesso, as well as edgier names such as RiP Trippers and Council of Vapor. They also sell some e-liquids.

Shipping is free on orders over $49 — something worth bearing in mind if you are only buying a cheaper, more simple vaporizer or stocking up on a couple of bottles of e-liquid — and VaporDNA has a 45-day return policy if you change your mind, provided the item is unused and unopened.

Direct Vapor

As of this update (2022 already!!), Direct Vapor has become one of the giants and most respected vape companies online. And it truly is one-stop-shopping for consumers of “all things vape” these days. They have a great site for browsing a wide range of products, selling vape pens, mods and tanks and some of the more creative and unusual e-liquid brands and flavors. Among the best online vape stores for the big-name brands like Sigelei, Aspire, Smok, GeekVape, VooPoo, and many more, Direct Vapor also sells vaporizers from smaller manufacturers, devices which have more of a niche market among experienced vapers looking for something very specific from their vaping experience.


E-liquids at Direct Vapor are arranged by flavor so that you can browse all the tobacco flavors in one place or try something a little more unusual in the dessert or beverages section. You can also choose from their top sellers or buy an extra-large bottle of your favorite brand or flavor to save money. It used to be that we could point out special e-liquids, because there simply weren’t as many options and choices as there are now. Sure, I can tell you you can get “Punch Berry” by SadBoy, or “Devils Punchbowl Ice Salts” by Khali Vapors (as of today, anyway), but it’s almost ridiculous for us to attempt to keep up with what Direct Vapor is offering nowadays. Suffice it to say that you are in good hands when it comes to your choices of e-liquids by shopping with this industry giant.

Shipping is still free on orders over $65 within the United States as of this update (January 2022). You can sign up for the Direct Vapor newsletter to hear about special deals and sales first and to get even further reductions off the products on their site.

Because Direct Vapor coupon codes are non-existent (as a rule), they have their own specials, and of course their famous “low price guarantee.” We have a section dedicated to Direct Vapor (and the whole coupon codes explanation) here.

The choice of vape stores can easily be as bewildering as the choice of vaporizers, especially if you are a beginner to the vaping world. Treat shopping for a vaporizer as you would shopping for any other electrical item; do your research, shop around for a good deal but in the end you should only buy from one of the best online vape stores to be sure that you are buying a reliable and safe product which is protected by all the proper warranties and customer service guarantees.


VaporFi has gained popularity as one of the best online electronic cigarette companies in the market over the years, thanks to their constant development of the brand. The company produces competitive and up-to-the-minute models of e-cigarettes for people that want to experience a rich taste of vape products.

Vapers have often made an ultimate stop at VaporFi due to their quality products, array of choices and unbeatable prices. It has a wide range of products ranging from quality e-cigarettes to e-liquids that have predominantly scaled great heights in their niche.

Their most popular product is perhaps the sleek Pro III Starter Kit that boasts of both performance and convenience. It is an ideal product that brings out the excitement and satisfaction from a vape.

Merchandise that they offer such as the VaporFi E-liquid blends can be customized to a users desired taste and flavor. More products that owe their allegiance to VaporFi include:

  • VaporFi VOX 40 and 80TC MOD.
  • VaporFi VEX75 and 150TC MOD that has removable batteries.
  • VaporFi Pro 3 starter kit that is designed specially for beginner vapers.
  • VaporFi Rebel 3 kit which is relatively easy to use, has sub-ohm abilities and a 3000mAh battery.
  • Rocket 3 Starter Kit.
  • Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer which has the ability to go into sleep mode after 30 seconds of inactivity.
  • VaporFi VAIO 75 TC MOD vaporizer and the recently released Orbit.

Advantages of using the VaporFi Products

Among other advantages, VaporFi has the ability to mimic the real cigarette and perform the same effects by using its throat-hit parameters. Products such as the Pro II Starter Kit have a modern look that not only makes it very durable but also easy to refill.

Additionally, the VaporFi Pro II has no cartridges unlike other counterparts,users are able to blend a variety of flavors together as well as the already mentioned throat hit. Anyone with an interest in vaping, be it beginners, chain-smokers or regular vapers, will not be left out as far as diversity is concerned.

If you want to challenge your taste buds or are looking for a simple but effective e-cigarette model that will give you value for your money, you should definitely make a stop at VaporFi.

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