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A waiting world of gamers was introduced to a new gaming system by Nintendo; the Nintendo Switch. This massive gaming company will bring home-based family game play to a whole new level, but not yet.

They are just preparing consumers and drumming up anticipation for a launch this March, too late for Christmas, but in good time to attract Americans preparing for a long spring break where they will now know what their children can do when not in school. That is, they know what to hope for, but will they be able to afford it?

How Much Will the Nintendo Switch Cost?

Although this system is incredibly flexible, it’s not going to set off a $2,000 bomb that breaks the bank. Tweens and teens with any motivation can easily save up the $300 or so if they start babysitting and raking lawns or shoveling snow now. That’s the projected approximate price according to some gaming experts. They could be out by $50 to $100, but you can expect this to be about right.

About the New Nintendo Switch

Like the Wii and other systems, the Switch will offer opportunities to play alone or with and against others in the home. A mobile format makes it device easy to take the Nintendo Switch to parties or grandma’s house, but you will want to use it on a TV that justifies the expense and the quality of this latest technology in interactive software. Although visually more reminiscent of handheld technology, the Switch is versatile.

Think “Wii” or “DS” only Better

Take the Nintendo Switch home, place it in the dock provided (resembling a dark gray toaster), and connect to the television. Line up your players or settle in to play against the program. Take the Switch out of its dock and it becomes a mobile gaming device, like the DS. It’s a 2-in-1 revelation. Consumers will no longer have to ask themselves, “do I buy a portable system or a home-based one for television?” You get both of them in one package.

Switch Controllers

Joy sticks or Joy-Con controllers are removable from each side of the Switch. One player uses both of them or two players take one each. Engage more than two using adaptation features. Click the Joy-Cons back into their place at the end of a session so they do not become lost. When using the Switch away from the television, there is an on-board version; the Pro Controller.

Let’s break this down; images are depicting a very sensible, high-tech, but simple design. On its own, the Nintendo Switch resembles an iPod turned on its side; slim, rectangular, and very small. There are slots, one on either side, which hold the controllers. Place these on the Nintendo Switch when you are the passenger on a long journey using this device as a portable gaming tool.

Slide them back out when you are playing at home so the Switch can rest in its toaster/dock and you or a pair of friends can sit back on the floor or sofa to play. These controllers are ergonomic. There are several buttons, mirrored side-to-side, but when they are replaced to the sides of a Switch that mirror is reversed on one side.

If one is playing alone, images suggest that those two small Joy-Cons can be connected onto a console with ergonomic handles. This makes it larger and more intuitive to utilize as a steering wheel, for example. Colors are black and light gray.

Friendly Competition

Home gaming systems encourage friendly (and sometimes fierce) competition. Friends and family would sit side-by-side on the sofa and play “heats” to determine the final pair of players and, eventually, the ultimate winner. In mobile mode, the Nintendo Switch can also be played against an opponent with his or her own Switch. Play the computer, play against friends at home on the TV, or pit one Switch against another head-to-head.


The Nintendo Switch features over 500 games created by numerous gaming developers like Epic, Telltale, and Saga. It’s too early to tell if this latest and greatest portable/home-based system will also provide internet options the way a Wii does. It wouldn’t take much to build in some kind of multi-media programming, the reverse of a Smartphone which is only sometimes used as a gaming device. The tools are all in place, although this addition might spike the price.

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