THIS Should Satisfy Your Desire for WholeTones Reviews! Ready to Buy?

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My hands and heart are moved to write just one more in a series of Wholetones reviews that I’ve been working on lately – and then, if you need a Wholetones promo code to save a little money on the purchase of your own Wholetones downloads and CDs, you’re in the right place.

And, once you have read through my thoughts about Wholetones, if you want to try it for yourself, CLICK HERE.

If you want to cut right to the chase, Wholetones is music played in what are becoming known as “healing frequencies.”

The musician’s instruments are tuned to a different frequency than is commonly accepted in mainstream music.

And these frequencies are said to have very beneficial effects on your body and spirit.

I purchased Wholetones music and the book…

As I type this latest review about Michael Tyrrell’s inspired passion, the Wholetones Healing Frequency Music Project, I have my own copy of the music playing in the background.

In fact, what happens to be playing right this moment is “Transformation,” played in the 528 Hz tuning. There is something almost haunting about this piece. I love them more, but this particular one is filling me with a feeling I just cannot describe.

The screenshot to the right is my playlist. This is the second time today I’m listening.

I purchased it with my own funds, and neither Michael Tyrrell, the creator of Wholetones, nor anyone else affiliated with him were aware that I was purchasing it: I did not receive any special considerations when I bought it. (Note: If you decide to purchase from the links I have in here, I may receive a commission, but that’s the only way I can earn money from my review here – and purchasing through my links NEVER costs you more. EVER.)

Anyway, this stuff moves me more than I have ever, ever been moved by pieces of music in my life. Infinitely easy on the ears, Wholetones – at its core – is a series of 7 individual tracks, each played in a very specific key that you will not hear on everyday radio.

But… I wish we did hear it in mainstream music. I firmly believe our world would be a whole lot calmer and happier if we did.

Once you learn more about it, you will be pleased to know that more and more musicians are beginning to produce music in these special, and little known frequencies.

What is Wholetones music?

Wholetones is the trademark name of Michael Tyrrell’s music, created in specific frequencies and tunings that are different from the tunings in which most of today’s music is played.

The purpose of the Wholetones music project is to create a healing atmosphere using these specific tunings that Michael Tyrrell believes were revealed in the Bible during the rein of King David.

The music of Wholetones is based on the Solfeggio frequencies which were believed to have their roots in early sacred, deeply spiritual music.

–> IMPORTANT: Now – one thing I really feel I need to make VERY CLEAR is that I’m not able to explain scientific or technological stuff. I don’t have a brain that can do that. 

I’m trying to simply give a Wholetones review – but in order to do so I do have to cover a couple of primary things that are part and parcel of the product.

To learn about the science of sound and frequencies and stuff, let Google be your guide. 🙂 Ok?

Resolving the Frequencies

Each frequency can be resolved, using what is called Pythagorian math to either “3” “6” or “9”. For example, if you look at my screenshot above, you can see that “Open Door,” played in 396 Hz resolves to 9.

Wholetones Amazon

Wholetones Review – My own copy Click the image to visit the Wholetones Amazon store!

  • That is, 3+9+6 = 18. Then, 1+8 = 9.

“Desert Sojourn” is played in 417, which resolves to 3.

  • That is, 4+1+7 = 12. Then, 1+2 = 3.

“The Key of David” is in 444.

  • 4+4+4 = 12. Then, 1+2 = 3.

“Transformation” is played in 528.

  • 5+2+8 = 15. Then, 1+5 = 6.

“The Bridge” is played in 639.

  • 6+3+9 = 18. Of course, 1+8 = 9.

“Great Awakening” is played in 741.

  • 7+4+1 = 12. Then, 1+2 = 3.

“The Majestic” is played in 852.

  • 8+5+2 = 15. And 1+5 = 6.

Michael goes into why this is all important in his book.

But what does it mean?

Honestly, my mind began spinning when I began reading about all this. But one thing that has stuck in my head that I find uncanny.

Evidently, Nikola Tesla, the great inventor and one of the “fathers of electricity” made some interesting observations and is supposedly quoted as saying, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”  Check out this article for more on this:

But, back to Wholetones.

Why are these frequencies important?

Michael believes that the commonly accepted tunings (A = 440 Hz) are detrimental to physical and spiritual well-being; his mission is to educate those who would listen and hear this message. For example, if you ask the majority of musicians to what frequency the “A” above Middle C on a standard keyboard is tuned, most musicians would respond that the “A” above Middle C is tuned to 440 Hz.

However, in Wholetones, Michael Tyrrell’s tuning is completely different, and instead of tuning his guitar to 440 Hz, his “A” would be tuned to 444 Hz instead.

As Michael explains at his site and in his book, each frequency – which is measured by a unit called a “Hertz” (Hz) – has a different property. A sound measured at 1 Hertz means that the sound is moving at 1 cycle per second. So, if you have a sound frequency that is 444 Hz, that means it is 444 cycles per second.

What are the benefits of each Wholetones song and these Solfeggio frequencies?

Each frequency is said to affect different aspects of well being. Remember that all the Wholetones pieces are played in a different frequency. Here is a very basic rundown of what each song might affect:

  • 396 Hz (“Open Door”) – Listen to this first. This frequency is said to help free us from feeling fear, shame, and guilt.
  • 417 Hz (“Desert Sojourn”) – Said to help us let go of negative habits and to help us change for the better.
  • 444 Hz (“Key of David”)  – This is a biggie. If you even skimmed the part above, about tuning instruments to this frequency, there are 4 Solfeggio frequencies you can access when you are tuned to 444 Hz. This is a frequency of peace and overall wellness.
  • 528 Hz (“Transformation”) This is also a biggie. This is said to facilitate healing, DNA repair, and miracles
  • 639 Hz (“The Bridge”) This one is about forgiveness, and better relationships
  • 741 Hz  (“Great Awakening”) This one also moves me along the same lines as “Transformation.” I dn’t quite know why. But, it is said to help us with being tuned in to our intuition and spirit.
  • 852 Hz (“The Majestic”) Michael says this is “purely spiritual” and this frequency is often spoken of in relationship to spirituality and pure connectivity.

Sound moves in waves.

If you look at the graph showing 5 Hz, you see 5 sound waves. When we are listening to music, each musical note that we hear corresponds to a specific frequency. And that frequency is what the hertz is measuring.

In his book, Michael explains that not all frequencies are created equal. He explains that some are actually harmful and promote a dissonance within our bodies, while others (such as those used in Wholetones) are beneficial and promote healing and overall wellness. Michael provides some compelling resources that explain that in the past, certain people in history wanted to promote the dissonance (think “Nazis”).

So, if we are to believe what Michael Tyrrell and an increasing number of musicians and researchers are saying, when you listen to music played in a common tuning where A = 440 Hz, you are hearing a frequency that isn’t doing you, your body, or your DNA any good.

Can anyone play instruments and music in these frequencies? Michael discusses this in his book.

For Musicians: Guidelines for Tuning to These Frequencies

Michael Tyrrell explains how to tune your instrument around the 444 Hz (the Key of David), where the following notes would necessarily be played in equally helpful frequencies – and note that this little summary of Michael’s explanation is actually meant for musicians who understand tunings, and playing in different keys – but he does have a chapter that covers the 7 primary frequencies that Wholetones is based on.

It begins with tuning first to A = 444 Hz; but it gets a little technical for me. If you are tuned to A = 444 Hz, you can move through G at 396 Hz, G# at 417 Hz, and C at 528 Hz. But then to play in 639 Hz, 741 Hz, and 852 Hz, you need to tune differently.

It’s in the book, but again, even though I love to sing, can plonk around on the piano and strum a bit on the guitar while I sing old folk tunes, I’m not a trained musician. And…

I mentioned before that I’m no scientist…

…and I don’t need to be to receive the benefits of Wholetones music

Please keep in mind that you do NOT need to actually understand any of this to benefit from listening to Wholetones music!

I only understand a very little of the rudimentary stuff.

But it doesn’t matter, because when I’m listening to the music, I’m feeling something that I rarely, if ever, feel from listening to music.

My hope is that by being a “Musicianary” as Michael Tyrrell calls those who are trying to spread the word, my personal experience with Wholetones will be enough to pique your interest in trying it for yourself.

Now, what is Wholetones Chroma?

Based on Chromatherapy (sometimes referred to as “color therapy”) the Wholetones Chroma product has not only the music, but also a kind of light show playing from a TV or computer screen. I personally know a number of people who keep their televisions on all day – partly for background sound, but sometimes also for “company.”

In my mind, if I were going to have a television screen on all day, I might as well make good use of it. To me, watching a beautiful light show set to music would be a better use of my TV then say, watching some famous family’s continual drams being paraded in front of me any day.

Check out Wholetones Chroma Here

Wholetones To Go

Recently, Wholetones released another way to listen to the music without needing to have a laptop or any other device with you: Wholetones To Go (or “Wholetones 2 Go”). It’s a clever idea! It’s a small speaker already pre-loaded with all 7 tracks! You can take it with you anywhere, or move it from room to room if you want to be sure you are able to hear it no matter where you are. He doesn’t seem to have it on Amazon yet… not sure why. Hopefully he’ll add it soon.

My Initial Experience Listening to Wholetones Music

I play these over and over again, and just cannot get tired of listening to them. Hearing them play in the background is soothing and energizing at the same time – even if I’m not writing about music.

The first time I heard these pieces – and “Transformation” in particular (as I mentioned earlier) I began to cry. I cannot explain it. But it was a deep, cleansing tear-fest that made me know at some place deep within my very soul that I was listening to something extraordinary. I had just received my package of 7 CDs and the book, Wholetones™: The Sound of Healing, and hadn’t yet opened the book; I simply decided to listen to “Transformation” for some reason.

After I began crying, I decided that perhaps I should read the book to try and figure out what had just happened there. Now, the book is written purely from Michael Tyrrell’s heart, and he pretty much spills his guts about his passion for this project and for these special tunings which – according to him – resonate in frequencies that are conducive to healing of body, mind and spirit.

In the book, he advises listening to the tracks in the order I showed above, beginning with “Open Door.” He says that each track lays a foundation for the next one. I won’t argue. I just put the stuff in, press play, and go about my business.

Michael Tyrrell is a devout Christian – but you don’t have to be…

Michael Tyrrell is certainly not the first person in the world to talk about these unusual tunings, which he believes were given to the world during the days and rein of King David of Biblical fame. However, he is the first person that I have ever heard speak of these frequencies with a fervor I seldom see in the field of self-development.

Perhaps it is because of his own mother’s miraculous healing (you can read about it here) that provided the ultimate proof for him. It should be noted that Michael is a deeply devout Christian, and counts the profession as pastor in addition to his musical resume.

I should tell you that his book is definitely slanted towards the Christian point of view. Whether or not you consider yourself a Christian, the book is interesting, and written from Michael’s heart. There is absolutely no question.

Because I am not a religious person (I consider myself spiritual, but not religious), I can’t speak much about Christian points of view. Nonetheless, I truly did enjoy the book. I feel like I learned quite a bit, and that I was introduced to a number of ideas that I had never considered before.

I’d very much like to meet Michael Tyrrell. He really seems like a genuinely wonderful person – one who is on a mission to help this world and its inhabitants live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Would I buy Wholetones again? Absolutely. My only wish is that he would write and record even more must in these beautiful, haunting tones.

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose!

Check out the Wholetones Amazon Storefront Here!

ezpz Happy Mat Review – Make Mealtime FUN for Infants and Toddlers

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Fans of Shark Tank may remember a product that was pitched by Lindsey Laurain of Laurain showcased her Happy Mat, a infant and toddler’s placemat that suctions to the surface of the table so the child can’t peel it up and toss it off the table during the meal. Although she didn’t leave with a deal that night, the company has continued to grow and develop new products and is doing well today. And no wonder. This is a really genius idea to keep mealtime happy for everyone. The Happy Mats are colorful, fun and useful!


Their Composition

A mat made by ezpz works through suction to keep its silicon surface attached to tabletops and is made of 100 percent food-grade silicon. All of the company’s mat products are BPA, BPS, PBC, phthalate, and latex free. They are also hypo-allergenic. These products don’t harbor bacteria and they never show signs of wear and tear. They are stackable and easy to carry that way, even with food in them. They are easy to store and clean. The mats are microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe (up to 350°). And those are all benefits for the parents. In addition, the infant benefits as well, such as by learning self-feeding skills and developing fine motor skills. These products also make great baby shower and birthday gifts.

The Happy Mat

The Happy Mat is available in seven colors: blue, blush, sage, pewter, gray, lime, and coral. It retails for $24.99. It’s an all-in-one plate and placemat that makes serving your little one and cleaning up afterward easier, as all the mess is confined to the placemat. Its strong suction makes it very difficult for tiny hands to lift up and tip over. It measures 15 inches by ten inches by one inch and fits most standard high chairs (the list of the few it doesn’t fit may be found on the website). They don’t deteriorate or fade and continue to look brand new. The eyes of the mat each hold four ounces and the smile holds ten ounces of food. With these compartments, a parent can present a balanced meal of fruit and veggies in the eyes and protein with a carbohydrate in the smile. This smiling placemat should put the infant/toddler in a happy frame of mind at mealtime.

The Happy Bowl

The Happy Bowl also suctions directly to the table, making it difficult to spill its contents. It is a ten and a quarter inch by eight and three quarter inch placemat with a bowl that holds eight ounces of food in its center. Offered in the same seven colors as the Happy Mat, it is also stackable and the silicon doesn’t fade or deteriorate. The Happy Bowl fits most of today’s highchairs. Designed for infants/toddlers from six months of age and up, it retails for $19.99. You can actually prepare food directly in the bowl, warming it in the oven or the microwave. The bowl is perfect for serving your little one pasta, cereal, soup, oatmeal, and other soft dishes.

The Mini Mat

The Mini Mat continues the practicality of the all-in-one placemat. It also suctions to a table and is the perfect solution for parents on the go when traveling or dining out. As with the other mats, the Mini Mat fits most highchairs including many “space saver” designs. It serves up two ounces portions in its eyes and a four ounce food portion in its smile, perfect for a little one on the go. It’s helpful for parents as well, as it is lightweight and portable. It even comes packaged with a reusable bag that’s easy to carry and put away in your diaper bag. If your child regularly eats with the Happy Mat at home, this Mini Mat would offer some comforting familiarity in an unfamiliar setting to help make mealtime more successful. It retails for 19.99.

Specialty Products

Ezpz offers five specialty products as well as these three mat for serving and dining. One is the Snack Mat, This mat is a twelve inch round mat with deep center dish perfect for serving chips and dip or other yummies. Priced at $22.50, it is only available in mint at present. Fill the one and one half inch deep dish with your choice of dips, hummus, yogurt, pretzel sticks and other goodies. Place your finger foods on the platter, which has ample room for chips, carrot sticks, fruits, pretzels, and veggies.

A second specialty item is their own cookbook. “Making Mealtime Ezpz: Fun Ways to Fill the Happy Mat” is loaded with suggestions on healthy foods, ways to encourage picky eaters, and many more items. It contains many recipes and fun food art ideas that are ezpz to make for parents. This book would also make a great baby shower gift. A great companion gift to offer with the cookbook is the third specialty item, the Silly Billyz Bib, retailing at $8.99. It’s a bandana bib made for 100 percent premium cotton jersey that features a three position snap closure neck. You’re assured a comfortable fit on a washable bib that’s great for mealtimes as well as all day if you have a drooly little one. It’s chevron design is very stylish.

The fourth item is a fun change of pace. The Flower Play Mat suctions to the table but it’s not necessarily for food. It is for art projects and fun. Offered in mint and lemon colors and selling for $29.99, its large 16.5 by 12.25 inch size can hold a standard sheet of eight by 11 inch paper. The flower compartments (petals) are sized for a child’s pincher grip and the activities done with the mat encourage the development of fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. The Flower Play Mat is perfect for bead working, painting, necklace making, Lego stacking, and a variety of other activities. Use it also for building sundaes, decorating cookies, and making tacos. Use your imagination.

The fifth and final specialty product is the Micro Mat. Only three inches by two inches in size, it is shorter than a coloring crayon. This tiny mat is the perfect size for letting tiny friends sit at the table with your toddler. Lego people, dinosaurs, and little dolls can join their BFFs and watch them eat. Want a more practical use? Place the Mini Mat by the Happy Mat with a small bit of a new food when you want to introduce something new to your tyke. It retails for $3.99 and comes in pink or blue. Website

In addition to their popular and creative products, which earn 4.5 Amazon stars out of over 1400 reviews, the ezpz website has many features to assist parents with mealtimes with their little ones. There are dozens of parent posted recipes complete with photos that are helpful and entertaining. The website also hosts their own blog, Mealtime Made ezpz, with such wonderful posts as “Picky Veggie Eaters”, “How to Introduce Oranges to Your Toddler”, and “Holiday Food Crafts”. You can find a nearby retailer who sells their products as well as order directly from them. Families with infants and toddlers would find these products extremely beneficial.

Get Up and Stand with the VersaDesk Power Pro

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Hi! Thanks for checking out this VersaDesk Power Pro review. If you haven’t yet heard of this ergonomic sit-stand workstation yet, you soon will! If you search around for sit-stand desk converters in the market, you will find that most of what’s available out there share similar design and functionality.

Every model coming out of different manufacturers’ production lines keeps turning out to be just like the ones from competing brands. But just recently a breath of fresh air blew over the standing workstation industry and brought with it a huge treat for consumers in the form of the VersaDesk Power Pro – a “Sit-to-Stand” Electric Desk Converter.

Yes, it may look somewhat like the ones that came before it, but the VersaDesk offers something more: convenience made possible by its electronic adjustments feature, and the fact that it’s ready to go upon opening the box.

I don’t care how handy I may be when it comes to assembling stuff (and I’ve done my share of assembling stuff)… when I can take something out of a box, plug it in and start using it, THAT gets a thumbs up from me right away.

Push Button Convenience

VersaDesk Power Pro Stand up desk riserThe VersaDesk Power Pro is the perfect work station for those who spend a great deal of time glued to their computers every day, worried about what bad things prolonged sitting will do to their health. Its best characteristic is that it is motorized and unlimited as far as where you want the adjustment up to 20″ high (versus its closest competitor that has about 11 or so pre-set height “notches” from which to choose).

This allows for convenience in movement and in switching positions from sitting to standing, depending on your needs. All you need to do is press a button until you get the height setting you desire.

This button refers to any of the two buttons located in the front of the top level surface. One is the “up” button and the other one is the “down” button. They’re found on the right-hand corner. It really is just that simple. And it’s this feature that’s really the thing that customers are blown away by. With the VersaDesk, you can opt to sit with the desk sitting flat on your existing desk or choose to stand and the desk conveniently adjusts to your height level.

Convenience for the Tall Ones Too

The VersaDesk has a 20-inch range for height adjustment which users see as another good point about the product. Typically, this is more than enough range width for them too. No more worries for users up to about 6″ 4″ (or approximately 198 centimeters tall). And if that wasn’t impressive enough, this desk’s height adjustment is designed without those annoying stopping points (or, “pre-set” height increments). This makes it easy to get to the exact setting that suits you best without having to concern yourself about having to stop at points 3 and 4, for example, then your desired spot is at 3.5.

Designed for Comfort

As a standard design among the VersaDesk, it also has two different levels. One is the upper level for your computer monitor and where you’ll also find an inclusive cable management system, and the lower level which is for your mouse and keyboard. Even those models made by other brands adhere to this design as it achieves ideal sitting and standing positions.

Naturally, there would be two different settings for the two different setups. When seated, the keyboard and monitor can have the same height setting. This can’t be the case, however, when in a standing position as the user’s hands will end up being in an awkward and uncomfortable state.

Ergonomics dictates that when standing, the wrist must be positioned slightly lower than the elbows. Ensure also that the computer monitor is at eye level or just a bit lower so that the neck retains a neutral position when the user does his or her work standing.

Ready-to-use Straight Out of the Box

Other desk brands usually come as a (hopefully) easy-to-assemble product. In the case of the VersaDesk, the customer is spared from having to puzzle parts and pieces together. This product comes out of the box fully assembled. (To be fair to its closest competitor, the VariDesk, that brand also comes ready-to-use, out of the box). Just put it on top of your work desk, set up your desktop computer with all of its peripherals, and you’re ready to rock.

The VersaDesk Power Pro can accommodate gear up to a whopping 80 lbs (in the 36″ wide version), so you can be sure you can have all that you need for work just within reach the whole time.

The Verdict

The VersaDesk Power Pro is definitely a great tool for versatility in the workplace. According to the website, numerous US government agencies use it (NASA for example). Some of the things that many find so appealing about the product include:

  • its ability to hold up to 80 lbs of equipment (that’s 45 pounds MORE than its primary competitor),
  • being ready-to-use as it comes fully-assembled out of the box, which adds to the convenience,
  • the ability to adjust it to any height, rather than being forced to adhere to pre-set heights,
  • its price-point, which is actually a touch lower than its closest competitor,
  • the fact that it’s created with green technology (recycled metal, no harmful chemicals, and more),
  • variety of colors and sizes (like the one in the cherry finish in the Amazon image below), and
  • free shipping in the lower 48 United States – among other benefits.

Some people, especially those who have not actually tested the VersaDesk Power Pro, might express concern that the product could pose a noise problem. This may be common among other desk converters with motorized height adjustment – the noise that the up and down movements produce.

With this offering, however, this motor noise is kept to a minimum, making it ideal for cramped office spaces where workers are easily distracted.

And to cap it all off, the VersaDesk Power Pro comes with a no-hassle lifetime warranty on both parts and service. That’s confidence backed by reliable American design and craftsmanship for you.

Buy the VersaDesk

Check it out at their company’s Amazon site – you’ll see more than just the VersaDesk, because they have balance boards, and even a desk treadmill: VersaDesk on Amazon

Arcbazar Review – Architectural and Home Design Crowdsourcing

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Are you interested in having a unique design for your home renovation projects? Sometimes, getting the right designer can be difficult, but there is a new platform that can help; Arcbazar. The platform is a bidding system where homeowners, property managers or builders can get bids on various design ideas for their projects.

This model of connecting clients and professionals is also known as “crowdsourcing.” So, in this case, you could call it an architectural crowdsourcing website; however, the home owner can use it for getting interior and exterior design ideas and plans as well. Arcbazar’s system will make finding the perfect design of a home improvement project simple and easy, and allow you to choose from bids submitted by top designers from around the globe. Here is a little more about the system and how to get started getting a bid on your next home renovation project:

Arcbazar’s Vision of An Easy-to-Use Platform That Connects Clients with Designers

When you start looking for a design service for home additions, renovations, landscaping or other improvements, it is difficult to find the one you want to work with. Sometimes, the young designers, smaller firms and individuals are overlooked. The vision of the creators of Arcbazar was to create a unique platform that would connect this architectural design talent with homeowners, contractors and property owners.

Arcbazar creators thought of a system that would be fair and give clients a way to find the designer they needed and give an opportunity for designer of all types from around the world. The system is a unique bidding platform that allows different designers to submit bids for projects that clients are looking for. Homeowners like you post projects they need a design for and the architects and designers bid on projects for cash rewards. It is a simple, but innovative system that benefits everybody involved. (Note the short introductory video below this review, which continues below.)

The Projects That Contractors, Homeowners and Designers Create with Arcbazar

The Arcbazar platform is ideal for smaller projects, such as home renovations and remodeling, but there are other types of projects that are posted on the site for bidding. You have get designs done for anything from landscaping and interior design to home additions and new construction. Some of the projects that you may want to have done include:

• Home additions
• Renovations
• Interior
• Landscaping
• New Custom Homes
• Commercial Buildouts

These are just some of the architectural design projects that clients have posted on the platform. Any type of design project you need done will have eager design talent bidding to get the project, whether it be a new kitchen design, small bathroom remodel, home addition or outdoor living space with landscaping.

While many clients on Arcbazar are average homeowners, there are also some businesses that benefit from the platform. Smaller contractors, home builders and landscaping businesses also benefit from being about to access a global talent pool for their design needs.

An Easy-To-Use for The Average Homeowner to Connect with Talented Designers

If you are ready to get help with your architectural design project, the Arcbazar platform is very easy to use. With these simple steps, you will be ready to start your home improvement project with a design that you choose:
Signup for The Arcbazar Platform: First you will need to sign up for the platform, which can be done using your email or with Facebook or Google account. When you sign up, choose the “I need a design.” option to get started posting your project.
Explain the project and set the award amount: The first step once you have signed up for the account will be describing your project. Take photos and use drawings to give designers an idea of what you have envisioned. Give all the details of the project that you think will be useful to designers. Once you have described your project, set the amount of money that will be awarded to the winning bidder.
The Design Bids: Once the project has been posted, it will become open for designers to bid on. Architectural designers from around the world will look at your project and create designs that they use to bid; giving you access to unique talent for your project.
Selecting Your Design: The last step in the process will be to choose the 3 best designs from all the designs that have been submitted on the platform. You will be able to choose from 3 designs to start your project.

This simple and innovative design process helps you get unique, quality designs at an affordable price. It also helps designers build their portfolios and reputations with projects that give them financial rewards and exposure. This is a system that benefits both; the homeowner that needs a small design, as well as talented designers looking to build their portfolios with completed projects.

The system is designed to protect both the client and the designer, so you know you are getting professional service from a global pool of talent. With the Arcbazar platform, you get access to some of the brightest aspiring architects around the world, and get to choose from design services that meet your needs and your tastes.

The Incredible Success Many Projects Have Seen with The Help of The Arcbazar Platform

The Arcbazar system is innovative and groundbreaking new way for design. It has been a successful platform around the world, with many successful projects that have been completed. There have been customers from Germany to South Africa and from the Coast of California to hills of Tennessee. From the launch of the platform, customers have been praising the system that the team at Arcbazar has created.

The testimonials page is full of customers praising the system, but there are also many reviews from critics and bloggers alike that also praise the site for its innovation and creative approach to solving the problem of connecting designers with clients. On Yelp, the consumer review website, customers have praised the site for saving them money and connecting them with the right designers.

The Bottom Line

When you get ready to start a home renovation project, the challenge is finding the right designer for what you have envisioned. The Arcbazar platform is one option that you should try to get access to design talent from around the world and find exactly what you want for your home improvement project design.

Check Out Arcbazar Coupons and Specials

Sometimes the site offers special deals for users. When they do so, we add these deals or discounts here:

An Insightful Review Of Nootromins

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After receiving several requests to have a look at Nootromins we decided to carry out a thorough examination of the supplement. It is the brainchild of a group of people in San Francisco who were inspired by the constant improvements that take place in the world of computer technology.

Just like a computer, the human brain is capable of carrying out several functions seamlessly. However, this group of individuals believe that human beings have not yet reached their full potential which is why developing a supplement that could enhance physical and mental abilities was necessary.

What is in a pack of Nootromins?

Rhodiola Rosea – this is a powerful herb that has been proven to significantly improve mood and reduce the effects of fatigue. It stimulates parts of the brain that process information.

Bacopa Monnieri – this is a neuroprotective perennial herb that has been included in several clinical studies. Most researchers concur that the herb has a positive impact on long term memory. Studies have also shown that it boosts cognitive function and mental processing speed.

Caffeine – this is a substance that is mostly derived from the coffee bean. It has been proven to improve alertness and cognitive function. Individuals that have taken coffee or any other product containing caffeine can attest to the fact that it increases energy levels.

Vitamin B6 and B12 – these are basically synergistic essential vitamins that have the capability to increase energy levels, boost mood and concentration. They work better when combined with the other ingredients mentioned here.

L-Theanine – this is an amino acid that has been tested by various researchers with a number of them claiming to observe anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects on users. It promotes relaxation of the brain and body muscles.

Inositol – this is a vitamin like compound that lowers anxiety, improves cellular signalling while enhancing attentiveness.

Alpha-GPC – it is a potent natural choline compound with properties that help in enhancing memory, cognition and focus.

These are just some of the most important nutrients contained in a packet of Nootromins. A close examination of each of the nutrients and what they do can quickly reveal why the supplement is believed to be one of the best options for individuals that want to reach their full potential when it comes to mental and physical abilities.

The benefits of taking these supplements

A combination of the ingredients above is likely to improve signalling of neurotransmitters. This ultimately ensures that you are better focused when receiving information through study or verbal communication.

Each tablet contains properties that boost oxygen uptake and glucose metabolism. As a result you are likely to feel energized throughout the day. Most people reach the peak of creativity when they are energized and focused enough to process sophisticated information.

The supplements provide key micro-nutrients while also enhancing blood flow. This inevitably boosts neuronal signalling and muscle responsiveness which is why the tablets can be ideal for athletes.

Stress and anxiety can greatly affect the way you perform physically and mentally. The developers of Nootromins must have had these facts at hand which is why they included ingredients that stimulate key brain receptors and as a result improve mood while managing stress and anxiety.

To truly unlock your mental capabilities you must ensure that the brain is in good health. Nootromins provide brain tissue nourishment, enhance regeneration while guaranteeing plasticity which are all important in prevention of mental decline.

What impressed us about the supplements

After going through various reviews and independent testimonials posted by people online we could not find any significant complaint regarding health complications. No one has had to deal with issues such as headaches, nausea, skin irritation or the common side effects that develop after use of nootropics.

All the ingredients contained in this supplement are natural and have been approved by the FDA. If you are keen on trying out the supplement you can do so with a certain level of confidence because the products have met all government requirements.

The supplements are available in three different packages with the first able to sustain you for ten days while the second is meant to last for 20 days. The third package contains sufficient tablets to last for 30 days. At a rate of $39, $79, $119 respectively, you can be sure to find a package that is suitable for your needs.

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*Note that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The Gourmesso Nespresso Connection, USA

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You have just discovered coffee heaven and it is located in New York City. Gourmesso is Nespresso’s store and your North American location for great coffee.

Gourmesso was already Nespresso’s top site for coffee capsule sales in Europe, so you know what to expect from shops across the country.

Order online and pay no shipping for packages costing more than $50 in the USA or $75 in Canada.

More Choice

Grocery stores sell a variety of Nespresso capsules, but are you searching for more and at better prices? Gourmesso supplies huge variety and at affordable prices for those consumers who love their little Nespresso coffee machines. It is not out of date or low-quality coffee; this is real java, just like the stuff you enjoy every day and more of it for less.

Visit Gourmesso HERE

Spot the Coffee Pods

From headquarters in Miami, Florida, Nespresso coffee pods are sent to San Francisco, CA, Boston, MA, Chicago, Il, New York City, and more locations. They are major cities where consumers drink and buy a considerable amount of coffee, including Nespresso-compatible pods for the home or office.

Purpose of Gourmesso

The objective of Gourmesso, according to their website, is “to enrich your life” by providing choices for your daily cup of caffeine as well as decaffeinated alternatives. Coffee in their pods is sourced from multiple locations so their beans could be Robusta or Arabica, for instance.

Beans are light, medium, dark-roast, single-origin, mixed origin, and there are other choices to consider as well; many ways to customize coffee to the consumer’s taste buds. Try a blend such as decaf, a lungo espresso, or flavored coffee such as vanilla, chocolate, or almond.

There are sure to be more flavors in the future. Treat everyone in the staff room to a selection so they aren’t tempted to wander over to the long line-up at a popular coffee shop, causing them to be late back for work.

Nespresso Economy in the USA

Another objective is to bring you the lowest-price capsules without sacrificing quality. Gourmesso costs as little as 45₵ per capsule. Compare that with prices of closer to a dollar more per pod in retail stores. They say Gourmesso’s price tags are about 30% lower with a box of basic coffee pods costing $4.49 for 10. The way to secure lowest prices is to subscribe.

Nespresso Tea Too

Don’t forget that other drink which Americans — especially transplanted British-Americans — love with a biscuit at around 2:30 in the afternoon. Tea comes in pods now too. Try an infusion containing plum, mint, or an alternative to black tea like Rooibos or Green. Order for yourself or as a gift.

Try it today!

Compatibility of Gourmesso and Nespresso

There are instances where pods and machines don’t work together. The company is aware of this problem and it damages a machine to try and force items that are incompatible to work together. That is often the case with other pods from alternative firms, but not with Gourmesso pods which were made specifically to work with Nespresso machines.

As long as you use them as directed, there should be no issue with compatibility. Gourmesso continues testing their pods, however, as Nespresso occasionally releases a new machine. There are three exceptions right away, however, including built-in machines and commercial items which utilize pads rather than pods that are not for use with Gourmesso.

Also, VertuoLine machines will not support these pods which are constructed from a soft plastic containing no BPAs for the healthiest finish and freshest flavor.

Use a Citiz, Maestria, or Gran Mestria. Operate the Essenza, Lattissima Plus or Pro with Gourmesso. The U, Inissia, Pixie, KitchenAid, or Le Cube will work too. Do not try to use Gourmesso with a Siemens or Saeco Machine. Avoid Dolce Gusto, Miele, and Jura.

Save with Subscriptions to Gourmesso

You can pay even less for coffee if you subscribe for regular delivery on a monthly basis for as few as 50 pods. The more coffee your subscription contains, the less each pod costs. This could save you 25% or more. Select a monthly plan for up to 400 pods. Pay from $22.50 to $180. Here is what each subscription looks like.

Recommended: Gourmesso Coupon Codes and Promotions

The first supplies 5 packs of your preferred varieties. Receive 2250 points for your loyalty plus a placeholder. You can cancel any time you like or receive coffee every month like clockwork. The 400-capsule subscription provides quarterly delivery which you can cancel any time.

Earn 18,000 points every three months and select 40 packs with free shipping. This is the best value out of all subscriptions. It is unlikely you will find another company offering prices this low for excellent tasting, fair trade coffee.

The only cheaper way is to fill them yourself, but that would be a messy and inconvenient job and you might not have access to as many types of coffee. Would generic pods work in your machine anyway? There’s lots to think about.

You Earn Points for Coffee

Points amount to money, as they do when you accumulate them at the grocery store and elsewhere. Collect points with every purchase, referral, on your birthday, and add them up in return for more discounts. Think about this when you wonder what to buy for a friend’s birthday. A subscription would reward you both at the same time. Discover other discounts when you look up “Gourmesso coupon codes” here at the site which could save you even more money at the internet till.

BIG Points in Our Book for Their Fair Trade Practices!

As per fair trade arrangements, coffee provided to Gourmesso is grown and harvested by responsible companies. They treat employees fairly and provide them with safe working conditions. More and more consumers demand this be the case whenever they purchase coffee, tea, and chocolate.

It is ironic that, as responsible consumers pledge their willingness to pay more in order to secure safety and decent wages for workers in the coffee-growing countries of Mexico, Honduras, Ethiopia, and India, Gourmesso joins them in making the same demands but still manages to charge less than other firms.

They do this most effectively by running internet sales and lowering their overheads. Physical locations are convenient, but nothing is as easy as shopping online and no store could ever beat the price either.

Try it yourself! Visit:

New Kissenger Kissing Messenger

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What if you can’t be with someone but you want to send the most clear-cut, universal message of love? Blowing a kiss on video will never be the same; not now that Kissenger has been released. This is a blend of two words: Kiss and Messenger.

Kissenger: Kissing Messenger

You can send your love, regards, messages, and almost everything else online. You can send a wink and a nod, but not a kiss. At least, you could not do that before now. Kissenger allows consumers to finally send their love and the closest thing to a real kiss along the wire. There has never been anything like this in the world before now and, so far, no one else has introduced one.

Original Concept

The Kissenger started with an idea propounded in 2011. What if people could send kisses over the internet? Mothers could say good night to their babies. Spouses could connect remotely when far from each other due to business.

The idea developed into a prototype in 2012, a cute device, but one which would go through a number of adjustments before developing into the item we recognize as the Kissenger.

Image: Mixed Reality Lab

Original Location

If you can imagine a blend of sentiment and academia, then try to picture students at the National University of Singapore developing this creation five years ago. Eventually, this would become a company called Kissengers Pte Ltd., formally designated just one year later.

Crowd-funding and investors would contribute financially to the development of this exciting and interesting product which takes interactive technology to the next level. There is no word as yet on what this will cost to purchase commercially.

Worldwide Contribution

Although it started in Singapore, six countries have been involved in its development so far. They are China, USA, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Spain, and of course Singapore. For two years, they have been developing the newest version which was completed in 2015. The firm only offers one product now but in the future, they hope to expand and develop more ideas which are commercially viable.

People Behind Kissenger

Dinos Andreou, BSc is a co-founder and the current CEO of Kissenger. This management accountant has experience with entrepreneurial endeavors, so this is not his first time launching a business. He is also head of finance and business development.

Hooman Samani, PhD is the other co-founder with the title of Head of Development. He is also the founder of Lovotics Research, invented the Kissenger, and heads up technical development. He used to be a research fellow with NUS IDMI, Keio-JUS CUTE Centre. Samani is a robotics experts.

A Word on Lovotics

According to the Lovotics site, this is a new term referring to studies into the way humans and robots interact. It refers to relational possibilities as though robots could “love” the way humans love. Lovotics brought out robots which could love humans and be loved by them, although by “love” one must assume they refer to physical signs such as hugging or kissing.

The Kissenger is a natural extension of this research and something which will no doubt usher in a new flood of research into the capacity of artificial intelligence to show independent human traits.

New Powell-Peralta® FLIGHT™ Decks

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Powell-Peralta is a skateboard company from the United States. The company, named for its two founders, began almost 40 years ago, at the beginning of the skate-boarding revolution in the USA and Canada. Their products have made a big impact on this sport, introducing the idea that skateboards could be functional but artistic, and constantly furthering the technology of an activity that has proven popular with every generation.

The two men behind this company (now expanded to a larger, multi-generational team) must have known that one day cities all over the world would hear the roll of wheels on cement and the smack of those wheels hitting ground after a mid-air stunt.

Powell-Peralta FLIGHT Decks

Image: Powell-Peralta

In the early part of the decade, Powell-Peralta started exploring the limits of skateboard strength, size, and potential. Their goal was to create a product both ground-breaking and affordable. Powell-Peralta believes they have achieved this feat with their FLIGHT Decks.

New Standards

Wherever you shop, consumers want everything to be lighter but stronger. Can a combination of this kind be realistic? Original skateboards were made from 7 layers of material, but what would happen if traditions were overturned?

Engineers and technologists frequently discover that, yes, there is tremendous strength in new materials and alloys. FLIGHT Decks are as thin as a smartphone yet stronger than original Powell-Peralta skateboards. This strength comes as a result of using fiber infused with epoxy that does not succumb as quickly to the usual rigors of constant use in all weathers.

Advantages to the Rider

In tests, Powell-Peralta discovered that the lighter board enabled boarders to achieve new feats impossible with heavier, thicker equipment. Their tricks are sharper, higher, and they can do more of them without snapping the board. Longevity adds to the value of FLIGHT Decks by Powell-Peralta.

Made in the USA

Powell-Peralta makes their skateboards or “decks” in a Santa Barbara facility, so you always have the guarantee of US-made quality and standards. Their products are made using items such as fiberglass, maple, and non-solvent based colors with which they create startling graphics. A skateboard from Powell-Peralta is one-part sports equipment, one-part piece of art.

Buy FLIGHT Decks from Powell-Peralta

Shoppers can view products by Powell-Peralta online and purchase them over the internet as well. Know your measurements, however; items are sold in several sizes. The base price for a FLIGHT Deck is $80 featuring only the Powell-Peralta logo in three shades of blue: a rocket launching from blue flames or waves perhaps. This clean image of flight appeals to a wide audience. Items featuring distinct graphics are priced much higher as they are created by an actual person.

Designs from Powell-Peralta

Most of the designs featured on their FLIGHT Decks appear to feature skulls, sometimes grinning skulls; sometimes active skulls. Certain decks feature dragons and people; frogs and tanks. They always boast a formidable array of bright colors so that a boarder and his deck are both works of art at the skate park.

Other Powell-Peralta Products

A deck is just that: the base without wheels. Order complete sets or switch boards on an existing set of wheels. A Custom Complete for about $85 online comes with a Hill Deck, trucks, wheels of various colors and styles, bearings in multiple colors, mini logo hardware, a grip, and risers.

Before releasing their FLIGHT Decks, Powell-Peralta boards consisted of seven layers of veneer which were cold-fused with special water-resistant glue inside an AirLam™ press at the board-making facility in Santa Barbara where all Powell-Peralta skateboards are manufactured.

The AirLam press, according to Skate One, is a low-pressure air bladder which is used to laminate hard rock Maple from the United States; seven plies at once, creating exceptional strength. A special glue prevents plies from coming apart on a rainy day.

Hover Camera By Zero Zero Robotics

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Zero Zero Robotics makes a fascinating camera featuring high-end artificial intelligence (AI) and enabling a lot of fun. This is serious tech, but made for both light-hearted and purposeful use in many types of situations. Zero Zero Robotics makes and designs robots which are not just accessible to the electronically astute individual but also to the general public. One such item is the Hover Camera.

The Vision at Zero Zero Robotics

Let’s face it: cameras got off the ground a long time ago. There are drones in the collections of all sorts of people today; people who once merely drooled over the sorts of technology being used by the military and intelligence agencies to spy on their enemies, collect information, and prevent loss of life.

Years later, this has become affordable and compact gear capable of tremendous feats. The Hover Camera testifies to this fact. User-friendly electronics are now almost as sophisticated as anything a NASA astronaut might use in space.

Explaining the Hover Camera

Like a drone, the Hover Camera takes pictures from above. This is Zero Zero Robotics’ “flagship flying camera brand” or, in other words, the first of many. The brand is sure to develop into something massive that you can find in stores worldwide when they get off the ground.

There is still lots of room for improvement and enhancement. Zero Zero Robotics didn’t get in at the ground level; they arrived when this industry had already gotten some air.

First of Its Kind?

Zero Zero Robotics says this is the first AI-embedded flying camera for a wide public audience which is both safe and easy to use. It’s compact and portable for trips to the local playing field or longer journeys to scenic locales. I’m not sure that one could call this a first: drones are pretty sophisticated, but look more closely and there are features not found on-board a drone.

Face and Body Tracking

Face detection technology is kind of like what a camera uses to focus in on a central image within a wider context. The Hover Camera Passport is able to track a face as it moves, however, not just as it tries not to jiggle while waiting for the flash to go off. It can do the same with a body that is moving as part of a film. Follow someone as he or she dances, runs, or cycles. The Hover Camera Passport can keep up in ways you could not from the ground.

Orbit and 360 Spin

Users are able to film themselves while the Hover Camera Passport circles your body, tracking your movement and face as above. It also features 360 Spin technology to bring you panoramic video.

Not a Drone

Zero Zero Robotics anticipated comparisons with drones and says this: you can grab this product in mid-air because it is encased in carbon fiber. Drones aren’t designed this way. It’s light, though, so don’t squish the Hover Camera Passport in your enthusiasm to hold it in your hands. It doesn’t need to be registered for use in many places because the Hover Camera Passport weighs about half a pound with the battery inside.

Hover Camera Passport Specs

Recharge the battery and achieve speeds of up to 17 mph plus 10 minutes of hovering on a calm day. It can operate at extremes of 41F to 95F in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands. The box contains a charger, case, case strap, bag, a rechargeable battery, USB 3.0 cable, plus screws and a screwdriver. Prepare for Christmas and sign up with Zero Zero Robotics to buy one today.

Run, Don’t Walk, To Get Your WalkCar

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Don’t you hate to hear about a product you really want, can’t wait to have, only to discover it will not be released for several months? It’s like watching a movie trailer knowing a title won’t hit the big screen until the next big holiday 6 months away or more, even though it has clearly been filmed already.

It is like a product announced to encourage public funding so it can be available to as many people as possible, only makers of the WalkCar are not asking for crowd funding. They just want to know if consumers are interested before this device is released.

Reserve Your Copy

You can sign up, though, to be one of the first to own a WalkCar from Cocoa Motors Inc. of Japan founded in 2013. Settle in for the long wait knowing that one of these little devices is being made especially for you by a little company based in Shibuya, Tokyo, run by Kuniaki Sato (CEO). It does not appear that a deposit will be required at this time although this situation could change, especially as the release date draws near.

What Is the WalkCar?

Cocoa Motors Inc. and technology reviewers anticipating the release of this exciting gadget refer to it as either a car in a bag or a laptop-size car. Tokyo has made the smallest vehicle one will ever find anywhere, and they can’t get any smaller for adult human beings to take advantage of them unless someone invents a car which starts out in the palm of one’s hand and extends at the press of a button. That is very “Jetsons,” but who knows?

Faster, Further, Smaller

Cocoa Motors Inc. refers to this as a super car, but don’t think of a luxury sedan or a sports car; think more of a tray that rolls. In fact, visually, the WalkCar resembles a dolly for moving heavy items without the assistance of handles. The big difference is that a WalkCar is motorized. I do not know what a mover’s dolly would cost, but this device is priced around $1,300 in US Dollars.

Not a Hover Board

And don’t be confused either; the WalkCar isn’t being touted as a hover board. It doesn’t fly or rise above the ground. Let’s be practical and reasonable: the magnetized infrastructure required to make such a thing work currently renders the hover board useful only in select environments of which there are few.

It’s an elite device suited to only a few people with lots of money; skateboarders, essentially. The WalkCar is supposed to get people from A to B with minimum effort, no magnets, and at a faster pace than they would manage just by walking.

While there are some small transportation devices out there like a one-wheeled motorcycle, that has to be locked up; the WalkCar comes with you in a bag no bigger than what your laptop slides into. This is theft-prevention at its best.

How to Steer

Apparently, you’re going to steer this thing like a surfboard. Adjust your balance slightly to make it go right or left. Recharge by USB. Reports suggest the weight limit is substantial and will help people with mobility issues get around more easily.

Watch the WalkCar do its thing by visiting the website for Cocoa Motors Inc. or heading to one of the many online reviews sure to drum up pre-release reservations and sales.

Master & Dynamic

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From their base in New York City, US company Master & Dynamic designs high-end headphones and accessories. Their target is your audio pleasure; enhancing it while you work or go about doing whatever you do that has to be accompanied by audio tracks from your portable device.

Whether those are songs or spoken words, Master & Dynamic is pleased to create luscious sound and to provide a luxurious headphone or earphone for that purpose. These aren’t just any headphones; these are more like jewellery you will want to keep safe between uses.

If you see someone lovingly storing his headphones or earbuds in their own case, perhaps after polishing them with a special cloth, they are probably wearing Master & Dynamic products worth several hundred dollars.

The Approach

The people behind Master & Dynamic believe in routine and discipline, doing the same things over and over to understand them but also exploring new possibilities. They always expect to improve and create; to become masters over audio technology, but to relinquish that title at the end of every day and reclaim it as they start a new one. This approach keeps them humble but confident.

They believe you need an audio component to a creative environment. So many people say it — they work better with sound in the background, a voice singing or talking. They can focus when they know the sound hasn’t been taken away.

Otherwise, it’s like trying to live and work in a black hole. Headphones, in Master & Dynamic’s words, are “modern thinking caps.” With these, designers at Master & Dynamic are also better able to concentrate on their work.

Although there is that pledge to innovate and improve, a pair of Master & Dynamic headphones will last for years as long as you treat them nicely. They have been made with top materials we will talk about in a minute, each one chosen for comfort or performance; endurance or amplification.

Master & Dynamic Materials

These products are made from leather, brass, copper, stainless steel, neodymium magnets, and more. The last of these is a part of every ear piece and is probably the best sort of material for driving amplification. This is probably why they call it a Neodymium Driver.

Leather on the ear pads and internal parts of headphones enhances their comfort. Doctors will say you should take headphones off and take a break for the sake of your eardrums, but some people live in them. If so, leather is easy to wipe clean and provides a cushion against ear cartilage which, though bendy, can become sore over time.

Headphones for the Best Sound


Expect to experience sound as it was meant to be experienced; let it flood you with a feeling of satisfaction. Sound is tuned, three-dimensional, not tinny. Hear a balanced presentation of instruments from a symphony orchestra or a live band.

MH30 Headphones

These come in several colors but also a designer version by Carolyn Rowan featuring black beads. Stress points like the hinges are all made from stainless steel but the body of forged aluminum is light. Personalize the pads by replacing them periodically just for fun. Master & Dynamic makes wireless, on-ear, and over-ear headphones in several warm styles. Alcantara on the band, both inside and out, provides a luxurious feel like the kind you find in an expensive car.


In-ear phones like the ME05 are ergonomically shaped to fit in the ear and stay. Silicone tips are soft and easy to clean with the cloth provided. If you are tired of twisted and knotted cables, the copper internal parts of these ones won’t tangle while a brass body optimizes acoustics.

These come with a remote, a mic, and they filter audio so all you are conscious of is glorious sounds, not background noises. There are three styles of earphones and, as always, numerous styles. The MEO5 variety is compatible with Apple devices.

Escort IX Radar Detector

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Yes, this is a machine that detects when police are on the road looking for speeders. No, it does not detect radiation; that’s something else. The Escort iX Radar Detector has a very particular function which it performs to a technically advanced level for the price of $499.95 with FREE SHIPPING HERE.

It’s expensive, but not if you are one of those people who could easily have his license revoked by now owing to the number of points on his license, not to mention the fines to be paid for speeding, this is a great Christmas present. That cost includes free shipping and the company promises to pay any speeding tickets incurred if the machine doesn’t do its job.

Details of the Escort iX Radar Detector


Buy the Escort iX Radar Detector for $499.95 plus Free Shipping by clicking this image! Direct from the Manufacturer!

The Escort iX is not specifically made for use in a Ford Escort. Customers can use it with all sorts of cars and it even adds elegance to the internal décor of your vehicle. Upgrades are available, but let’s start with the package you pay $500 for outright.

Firstly, you get GPS Intelligence which discards alerts identified as “false.” Strangely enough, radar is in use more than you think and not always associated with police speed traps. The Escort is able to learn, like a human brain. It automatically adjusts to frequencies to determine when alarms are false so you are not distracted unnecessarily. Although more caution is better than being incautious, there’s such a thing as “too much.” Some of those sources come from your own car after all.

The Escort Live App lets you know when alerts are available from crowd source, but you have to be connected to Bluetooth. When I say this works in any car, perhaps I should clarify: the car needs to be modern enough to supply this connection.

Real time protection ensures that if anyone in the network spots and reports a speed trap or police in an area, everyone will hear about it. This network will also indicate when new speed designations have been made during road works or at an accident site.

Defender Data Base

The program knows where all cameras are located throughout the United States and Canada. Of course, new ones might be added or taken away, but that’s where the Live App comes in. The Defender Database uses GPS to locate cameras for subscribers. Download updates online periodically, but only if you’re using anything but Apple; the Escort isn’t compatible with Mac computers yet. You can use the USB port from your computer to download new information.

Voice Control

Alerts are provided audibly to drivers so they don’t have to view a screen. When a trap or camera is coming up and the computer knows about or detects it, a voice will tell the driver that it’s time to slow down. You can have it speaking in English or Spanish.

Clear these if you are pulled over for a broken light, etc. The Escort doesn’t detect problems with the car or warn you about negligent driving; just speeds. You’ll still be pulled over if your driving is erratic or your vehicle is not properly maintained.


The OLED screen features multiple colors, making it easy to read and decipher at a glance. The color settings are amber, blue, green, and red. Add warnings at a distance for X and K-bands, SuperWide Ka-Band, POP mode, and upgrades as required and this is a top-notch machine for savvy road users.

Buy it from the source –>

PS: Are you someone who prefers shopping on Amazon? If you prefer, you can buy it or check out the Escort iX reviews on Amazon HERE!

Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds

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Jabra offers solutions to audio technology that doesn’t serve its purpose; that fails to live up to its promise. Athletes require inspiration and a solid beat keeps the feet moving, gets them over the hardships of a final few kilometers on a long run. Headphones are necessary to this activity, but they are also inconvenient. The answer is wireless earbuds.

Jabra Elite Sport Makes Earbuds to Keep You Moving


Jabra wants you to push through pain and over hills. Enjoy the clarity that will make you believe someone is talking right into your ear. If your purpose is to get a job done and maintain focus, this will be the result with Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds, but without the difficulty of cords.

Corded Earphones Get in the Way

While they were great when first released to a hungry audience of music lovers pounding the pavement, the cords of old-fashioned earphones flap around or have to be tucked somewhere. When you re-tie jogging pants, tie and cord get caught up together. They become twisted and the connections loosen so that one side works but the other one goes wrong. Don’t get hung up on cords; go wireless.

Sound Blocking

You want music or a conversation to come across clearly, not the sounds that would distract and interrupt. Jabra’s wireless earbuds block out sounds that have nothing to do with what you really want to be listening to. Hold a conversation on the cell or listen to your favorite album on a 10-km run.

Jabra is Inspired

What keeps Jabra working towards bettering their technology? You, their customers, inspire Jabra. They want their clients to experience the best audio possible, even away from home. They love technology and the challenge of developing and improving it. Jabra’s technologists listen to music; they appreciate sound; they also listen to their customers.

To this end, the company “reinvests more than 10%” of their profits towards “research and development every year.” Jabra belongs to the GN Group, in existence since before the end of the 19th Century, which calls Copenhagen home. Since their earliest days, GN has been busting down the walls that get in the way of progress and forging new paths.

Theirs was the first noise-cancelling microphone in the world, a Bluetooth device for wireless, hands-free communication. GN has made hearing aids which help people communicate better and filter out irrelevant noises. Their technological department is passionate about sound.

Jabra Wireless Elite Earbuds for Athletes and Others

You don’t have to be sporty to appreciate wireless innovation. Jabra’s wireless earbuds bring out the bass in a tune and it’s the bass you need when you need to push forward. Meanwhile, all you hear is music, not background sounds such as cars, conversations, or the pounding of your feet against pavement.

Listen for as many as 9 hours with 3 hours of operation on a charge plus up to 6 more with a portable charger. The Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds work with Apple and Android devices.

Custom Fit

One of the complaints about earbuds is how they fall out of your ears. Those by Jabra Elite Sport stay in all the time because you modify them to fit. Use one or both; whatever is more convenient or safest depending on what you are doing when you wear them. This technology is so advanced, the earbud can even detect your heart rate, monitor, and report it using a fitness app.

Personal Coach

Use this app to take advantage of personal coaching. This workout feature will encourage and guide you without you having to manipulate or view a screen. The headphones are even resistant to water: ideal for a heavy sweater on a hot day. They are, in fact, capable of meeting US Military standards for water-proof durability. Buy these as an investment in your fitness or even to stay connected with an athlete on the go.

The Amazing Amazon Echo Dot

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Good luck finding the Amazon Echo Dot for sale. If this is something you want to buy a special someone for Christmas, keep a regular check on the product. It sells out quickly. What’s with the hype? Why are people so revved up about this Amazon technology? Read on for a closer look.

Starting with AVS

The Echo Dot begins with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service. This is a cloud service for developers to create voice-enabled programs where there is a speaker and mic. Just talk to AVS and start music playing or get directions while you travel. Order take-away for delivery or pick-up by opening your internet account. This is not new technology anymore but Amazon offers their version of this popular, now-standard feature. They make it such a cunning shape too.

Echo Dot Puck


It’s a dot, but I think of it more as a puck with technical features. There’s the light ring, a volume feature, and also the USB plug port for recharging this cable-free unit. It will sit unobtrusively in any part of the room and can even be hidden from view if you want to play a trick on someone.

The Amazon Echo Dot Connects to AVS

The Echo Dot connects with speakers using Bluetooth or a cable. Play Prime Music, Pandora, TuneIn, and other radio stations found online. A built-in speaker enables the Dot to operate in any room as a wireless assistant as you access directions for how to make a soufflé, fix a kitchen tap, or just need an alarm clock next to your ear so you don’t forget to pick-up Jimmy from swimming classes.

Of course, with Bluetooth connection this also lets you monitor your play list or check something out online that you want the Dot — or Alexa — to do for you. Maybe the Dot doesn’t follow you around, but when was the last time you took your Smartphone out of your pocket? It’s always with you, and so is the Echo Dot by Amazon.

Amazing Amazon Dot with Great Ears

Maybe Jimmy can’t seem to hear you from the other room when you tell him to put his toys away, but the Amazon Echo Dot hears your voice quite clearly across a room. It does not simply hear you; the Dot recognizes your voice specifically.

Music can be playing softly in the background, but the Echo Dot detects the specific pitch and timbre of your voice out of that audio blend. It doesn’t matter if you speak a different language because one’s voice is like a fingerprint; no two are alike. Since AVS is compatible with many languages, so is the Dot.

Multiple Uses for a Hands-free, Efficient Household

What else can you do with the Echo Dot? It sounds like a frivolous toy if all you can do is play music and frighten your elderly aunt by speaking to a disembodied voice, but there is a lot more to it than that.

Use this device to: call up articles from the Huffington Post, order from Domino’s Pizza, or sync to WINK. Control anything that is connected to wireless internet simply at the sound of your voice. This includes thermostat, the WeMo, lights, and whatever else your house is connected to.

Are your blinds wirelessly controlled? What about the TV? Say the magic words and you do not have to move from your spot on the sofa where you might be nursing a swollen ankle, feeding a baby, up to your elbows in soapy water or dough, or just too lazy to walk across a room.

This could be a safety feature, enabling you to turn lights or heating on and off remotely or before getting out of bed so you don’t trip and fall. Teach elderly individuals how to use it so their way is always well-lit and warm, even when you can’t be there to look after them.

Upgrades by Technical People

Amazon is constantly upgrading their device. It is constantly being tweaked to do more and to be more efficient than ever. New apps are set for release all the time so you can gain easy, voice-controlled access to even more websites and take-away food services. Follow the Echo Dot and its progress as you wait for new stock to arrive at Amazon. The Amazon Echo Dot is compatible with Apple, Google Play, and Amazon apps.

Online Designs by The Hungry JPEG

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Late in 2014, a three-person team started The Hungry JPEG. It sounds like the title of a children’s book, but is a website. The people behind it feed their hunger for helping other website makers and users to build their sites beautifully by running this company for experienced and new website designers. Their goal is to give customers affordable quality and, occasionally, free stuff too. Here is a review of The Hungry JPEG.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

In their Cirencester cocoon, The Hungry JPEG started developing design products in the dark. Soon people heard about what they had to offer and the team had to open their own store, emerging like a butterfly into the sunlight. Now, everyone can find out about products from The Hungry JPEG by visiting them online. Their products include new graphic fonts and a number of bundles which we’ll get into in a minute. A strong reputation among clients and word-of-mouth advertising has set the company on a path of rapid growth. It’s likely their team of designer Stuart, techy James, and cheerleader Hannah will need to expand operations to keep up with demand.

Buying Fonts

Fonts are created by artists and there are more of them out there than even your computer knows about. Are you looking for something fancy? Pantel Rough type, a hand-painted style, replicates lettering done by hand. It’s not quite cursive but definitely better than regular printing. Use it to create elegant titles or to personalize the script of a character in your story. Consumers also choose this font to create original advertising. Type in some text below the product listing to see how your ad or a character’s love letter would appear in print.

Toscana is more like European calligraphy; the style you would see on a wine bottle from Italy. You might see Nightly Poem scrawled along a tea mug or coffee cup, a chunky style of cursive great for graphic gifts. New brush styles available to graphic artists enable font specialists to come up with these designs which can be yours for less than $20. The variety is amazing and beautiful.


What if you want to enhance the font you selected or one that is already available from your computer? Crafters give you the option to beautify what you have already written. Add a border or a shape. Be specific: select something for kids, a holiday, or a theme. Autumn Life is a silhouette available for immediate download, so when you order it, be sure your computer can deal with the format. You can’t get a refund if it doesn’t work because then people would order, use, and ask for a refund all the time. The Hungry JPEG would go hungry indeed.

There are numerous cute cutting files for children: I Love Daddy, Grandpa Can Fix It, It’s My First Birthday, and so on. Food and Drink crafters represent fruit, wine, ice cream, S’mores, tea, coffee, and more. Bring a holiday alive in your graphics, choose specific breeds of dog, dragonflies, cows, or paw prints. What they offer is vivid and I can easily see how it would be applied to posters or giftware.

Graphics Section

The Hungry JPEG lists complete images and parts of images for you to enhance. There are mockups, infographics, and patterns; objects and illustrations. Most of these are floral or seasonal with a few animals and some bundles available too. Some of them help designers get started with a project, providing nothing but the bare bones of an idea. The Autumn Pumpkins Watercolor Bundle hand-painted offering comes with more than 40 elements including a number of pumpkins, seeds, leaves, and banners plus Halloween graphics. Customers receive 7 watercolor pumpkins, 19 plants, and 11 pieces of Halloween art. Costs vary. You could find a great deal in the extensive selection of Graphic enhancements listed on the site.

Try Templates

These are for anyone with designs and no idea where to put them. You already created the pictures. Where should they go next: a t-shirt, mug, or billboard? Buy a template from and get to work turning your graphic into a marketable product available to advertising companies and website designers.

Monthly Bundles

These are collections of products which fall into a certain category, usually a seasonal one, and are available for a limited time. Features when I visited included “Citrus and Cinnamon,” “September,” and “Laura Worthington” which is a floral offering. Items in each bundle are cheaper than their usual prices when items are sold individually. “Citrus and Cinnamon” is available in 25 colors, their accents altered for each color. There are up to 12 mockups available with each one and the format suggests this one is great for making cards.

Building Your Website

Have you ever wondered how blog writers and web designers make such beautiful sites? They use tools found on sites like Their skills help clients create eye-catching educational and commercial website and upgrade amateur status to a professional one.

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White House-Approved Mother Dirt By AOBiome

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Mother Dirt is a founding member of the Microbiome Coalition, a White House initiative. You didn’t know the White House was into bacteria, but this is not a dirty topic. Ordinary people are learning to understand and appreciate the value of bacteria.

What is the Purpose of this Coalition?

The coalition aims to expand people’s knowledge of microbiomes and the field, generally. They hope to develop technology to create an industry out of what they know and to spread awareness of the idea that we need a bit of dirt to stay healthy.

Our society is a little too clean these days; too sterile, and sterility, ironically, isn’t good for you most of the time. Coalition members include AOBiome, The Mayo Clinic, Dversigen, and Whole Biome.


Click the Image to Check out Mother Dirt at Amazon!

What is a Skin Microbiome?

There are millions of cells on a patch of skin and many things living there. They are tiny, invisible really, but science wants to know more about them. AOBiome (named for their research into Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria) needs to understand the relationship between these organisms and human skin in order to advance their company and the product line.

Mother Dirt by AOBiome

The purpose of Mother Dirt is to replenish good bacteria to your skin. You have probably heard the germ controversy in many contexts. Mouthwash gets rid of bad bugs in your mouth but also the good ones eating bad germs that protect teeth and gums.

Probiotics restore good bacteria to your gut which enhances digestion and promotes better health. Water-free hand-wash that you squirt on to sterilize germs when you can’t get to a sink and a bar of soap kill good bacteria.

Wearing gloves all the time, applying bleach to every surface, and even excessive hand-washing are making us sick. Using antibiotics instead of letting our bodies heal naturally is creating super-bugs that resist drugs.


Click this Image to Buy Mother Dirt AO+ mist Live Probiotic Skin Spray at Amazon!

Our skin needs some good germs living there to stay healthy. It’s instinct to want to wash them away, but leave them where they are so they can do what they were designed to do.

Otherwise, you and your loved ones will be unable to fight off the unwanted effects of bad bacteria which cause skin problems and even get into your bloodstream to wreak havoc.

Order Products from the official AOBiome store at Amazon

There are shampoos and cleansers plus bundles and subscriptions. Don’t imagine this is like the reverse of a cleansing regimen. Once you get started with Mother Dirt, switch over from your usual washing products permanently.

Ingredients in Mother Dirt Skin and Hair Cleansers

The AO+ Mist contains water, live cultured ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB), disodium phosphate, and magnesium chloride.

The list for their shampoo is Sodium Laurylglucosides Hydroxypropylsulfonate which is a plant-based cleanser, Lauramidopropyl Betaine which is also a plant-based cleanser, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, hydrolyzed Adamsonia Digitata or Baobab Seed Protein as a softener, and a conditioner derived from olive oil called Squalane.mother-dirt-biome-friendly-shampoo-on-amazon-with-free-shipping

The cleanser contains water, surfactants known as Cocamidopropyl Betaine and Decyl Glucoside, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Plyrus Malus or Apple Extract, Glycerin to keep the moisture in your skin, Hydrolyzed Quinoa for the same purpose, a thickener called Hydroxypropylcellulose, and Citric Acid to stabilize the pH level.

Not Preserved

In order to ensure these are all-natural products made with live bacteria, there are no preservatives which would kill the bugs. You order as much of the Mother Dirt cleanser, shampoo, or mist as you think you can use in a few months.

Keep items cool and you should read the Best-Before Date. After that date has expired, you will find that the germs are either dead or dying and their biological benefits have passed; that’s the main loss here.


Testimonials suggest that you will notice a difference in how your skin looks and feels after only a couple of weeks, but you won’t use as much over-the-counter stuff to deal with skin issues either. That means your acne, oiliness, itchiness, and blotchiness should be significantly reduced.

One reason is that the bacteria in these products are making your skin healthier. Secondly, ingredients in the products above and others from AOBiome are gentle and don’t hurt your skin. Thirdly, the absence of harsh ingredients prevents you from experiencing symptoms of inflammation and allergies associated with synthetic, harsh chemicals that cause irritation, rashes, blotches, dryness, and are even perfumed.

This makes eyes water and lungs feel wheezy. You won’t experience such side effects from natural Mother Dirt mists, shampoos, and cleansers.

Buy the Cleanser: Dirt Biome Friendly Face and Body Cleanser

Buy the Mist: Dirt AO+ Mist Live Probiotic Skin Spray

Buy the Shampoo: Dirt Biome Friendly Shampoo, Preservative Free

Check out this video about Mother Dirt and Aobiome from CBS Miami!

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