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Get Up and Stand with the VersaDesk Power Pro

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Hi! Thanks for checking out this VersaDesk Power Pro review. If you haven’t yet heard of this ergonomic sit-stand workstation yet, you soon will! If you search around for sit-stand desk converters in the market, you will find that most of what’s available out there share similar design and functionality.

Every model coming out of different manufacturers’ production lines keeps turning out to be just like the ones from competing brands. But just recently a breath of fresh air blew over the standing workstation industry and brought with it a huge treat for consumers in the form of the VersaDesk Power Pro – a “Sit-to-Stand” Electric Desk Converter.

Yes, it may look somewhat like the ones that came before it, but the VersaDesk offers something more: convenience made possible by its electronic adjustments feature, and the fact that it’s ready to go upon opening the box.

I don’t care how handy I may be when it comes to assembling stuff (and I’ve done my share of assembling stuff)… when I can take something out of a box, plug it in and start using it, THAT gets a thumbs up from me right away.

Push Button Convenience

VersaDesk Power Pro Stand up desk riserThe VersaDesk Power Pro is the perfect work station for those who spend a great deal of time glued to their computers every day, worried about what bad things prolonged sitting will do to their health. Its best characteristic is that it is motorized and unlimited as far as where you want the adjustment up to 20″ high (versus its closest competitor that has about 11 or so pre-set height “notches” from which to choose).

This allows for convenience in movement and in switching positions from sitting to standing, depending on your needs. All you need to do is press a button until you get the height setting you desire.

This button refers to any of the two buttons located in the front of the top level surface. One is the “up” button and the other one is the “down” button. They’re found on the right-hand corner. It really is just that simple. And it’s this feature that’s really the thing that customers are blown away by. With the VersaDesk, you can opt to sit with the desk sitting flat on your existing desk or choose to stand and the desk conveniently adjusts to your height level.

Convenience for the Tall Ones Too

The VersaDesk has a 20-inch range for height adjustment which users see as another good point about the product. Typically, this is more than enough range width for them too. No more worries for users up to about 6″ 4″ (or approximately 198 centimeters tall). And if that wasn’t impressive enough, this desk’s height adjustment is designed without those annoying stopping points (or, “pre-set” height increments). This makes it easy to get to the exact setting that suits you best without having to concern yourself about having to stop at points 3 and 4, for example, then your desired spot is at 3.5.

Designed for Comfort

As a standard design among the VersaDesk, it also has two different levels. One is the upper level for your computer monitor and where you’ll also find an inclusive cable management system, and the lower level which is for your mouse and keyboard. Even those models made by other brands adhere to this design as it achieves ideal sitting and standing positions.

Naturally, there would be two different settings for the two different setups. When seated, the keyboard and monitor can have the same height setting. This can’t be the case, however, when in a standing position as the user’s hands will end up being in an awkward and uncomfortable state.

Ergonomics dictates that when standing, the wrist must be positioned slightly lower than the elbows. Ensure also that the computer monitor is at eye level or just a bit lower so that the neck retains a neutral position when the user does his or her work standing.

Ready-to-use Straight Out of the Box

Other desk brands usually come as a (hopefully) easy-to-assemble product. In the case of the VersaDesk, the customer is spared from having to puzzle parts and pieces together. This product comes out of the box fully assembled. (To be fair to its closest competitor, the VariDesk, that brand also comes ready-to-use, out of the box). Just put it on top of your work desk, set up your desktop computer with all of its peripherals, and you’re ready to rock.

The VersaDesk Power Pro can accommodate gear up to a whopping 80 lbs (in the 36″ wide version), so you can be sure you can have all that you need for work just within reach the whole time.

The Verdict

The VersaDesk Power Pro is definitely a great tool for versatility in the workplace. According to the website, numerous US government agencies use it (NASA for example). Some of the things that many find so appealing about the product include:

  • its ability to hold up to 80 lbs of equipment (that’s 45 pounds MORE than its primary competitor),
  • being ready-to-use as it comes fully-assembled out of the box, which adds to the convenience,
  • the ability to adjust it to any height, rather than being forced to adhere to pre-set heights,
  • its price-point, which is actually a touch lower than its closest competitor,
  • the fact that it’s created with green technology (recycled metal, no harmful chemicals, and more),
  • variety of colors and sizes (like the one in the cherry finish in the Amazon image below), and
  • free shipping in the lower 48 United States – among other benefits.

Some people, especially those who have not actually tested the VersaDesk Power Pro, might express concern that the product could pose a noise problem. This may be common among other desk converters with motorized height adjustment – the noise that the up and down movements produce.

With this offering, however, this motor noise is kept to a minimum, making it ideal for cramped office spaces where workers are easily distracted.

And to cap it all off, the VersaDesk Power Pro comes with a no-hassle lifetime warranty on both parts and service. That’s confidence backed by reliable American design and craftsmanship for you.

Buy the VersaDesk

Check it out at their company’s Amazon site – you’ll see more than just the VersaDesk, because they have balance boards, and even a desk treadmill: VersaDesk on Amazon

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