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Mother Dirt is a founding member of the Microbiome Coalition, a White House initiative. You didn’t know the White House was into bacteria, but this is not a dirty topic. Ordinary people are learning to understand and appreciate the value of bacteria.

What is the Purpose of this Coalition?

The coalition aims to expand people’s knowledge of microbiomes and the field, generally. They hope to develop technology to create an industry out of what they know and to spread awareness of the idea that we need a bit of dirt to stay healthy.

Our society is a little too clean these days; too sterile, and sterility, ironically, isn’t good for you most of the time. Coalition members include AOBiome, The Mayo Clinic, Dversigen, and Whole Biome.


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What is a Skin Microbiome?

There are millions of cells on a patch of skin and many things living there. They are tiny, invisible really, but science wants to know more about them. AOBiome (named for their research into Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria) needs to understand the relationship between these organisms and human skin in order to advance their company and the product line.

Mother Dirt by AOBiome

The purpose of Mother Dirt is to replenish good bacteria to your skin. You have probably heard the germ controversy in many contexts. Mouthwash gets rid of bad bugs in your mouth but also the good ones eating bad germs that protect teeth and gums.

Probiotics restore good bacteria to your gut which enhances digestion and promotes better health. Water-free hand-wash that you squirt on to sterilize germs when you can’t get to a sink and a bar of soap kill good bacteria.

Wearing gloves all the time, applying bleach to every surface, and even excessive hand-washing are making us sick. Using antibiotics instead of letting our bodies heal naturally is creating super-bugs that resist drugs.


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Our skin needs some good germs living there to stay healthy. It’s instinct to want to wash them away, but leave them where they are so they can do what they were designed to do.

Otherwise, you and your loved ones will be unable to fight off the unwanted effects of bad bacteria which cause skin problems and even get into your bloodstream to wreak havoc.

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There are shampoos and cleansers plus bundles and subscriptions. Don’t imagine this is like the reverse of a cleansing regimen. Once you get started with Mother Dirt, switch over from your usual washing products permanently.

Ingredients in Mother Dirt Skin and Hair Cleansers

The AO+ Mist contains water, live cultured ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB), disodium phosphate, and magnesium chloride.

The list for their shampoo is Sodium Laurylglucosides Hydroxypropylsulfonate which is a plant-based cleanser, Lauramidopropyl Betaine which is also a plant-based cleanser, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, hydrolyzed Adamsonia Digitata or Baobab Seed Protein as a softener, and a conditioner derived from olive oil called Squalane.mother-dirt-biome-friendly-shampoo-on-amazon-with-free-shipping

The cleanser contains water, surfactants known as Cocamidopropyl Betaine and Decyl Glucoside, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Plyrus Malus or Apple Extract, Glycerin to keep the moisture in your skin, Hydrolyzed Quinoa for the same purpose, a thickener called Hydroxypropylcellulose, and Citric Acid to stabilize the pH level.

Not Preserved

In order to ensure these are all-natural products made with live bacteria, there are no preservatives which would kill the bugs. You order as much of the Mother Dirt cleanser, shampoo, or mist as you think you can use in a few months.

Keep items cool and you should read the Best-Before Date. After that date has expired, you will find that the germs are either dead or dying and their biological benefits have passed; that’s the main loss here.


Testimonials suggest that you will notice a difference in how your skin looks and feels after only a couple of weeks, but you won’t use as much over-the-counter stuff to deal with skin issues either. That means your acne, oiliness, itchiness, and blotchiness should be significantly reduced.

One reason is that the bacteria in these products are making your skin healthier. Secondly, ingredients in the products above and others from AOBiome are gentle and don’t hurt your skin. Thirdly, the absence of harsh ingredients prevents you from experiencing symptoms of inflammation and allergies associated with synthetic, harsh chemicals that cause irritation, rashes, blotches, dryness, and are even perfumed.

This makes eyes water and lungs feel wheezy. You won’t experience such side effects from natural Mother Dirt mists, shampoos, and cleansers.

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Check out this video about Mother Dirt and Aobiome from CBS Miami!

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