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What if you can’t be with someone but you want to send the most clear-cut, universal message of love? Blowing a kiss on video will never be the same; not now that Kissenger has been released. This is a blend of two words: Kiss and Messenger.

Kissenger: Kissing Messenger

You can send your love, regards, messages, and almost everything else online. You can send a wink and a nod, but not a kiss. At least, you could not do that before now. Kissenger allows consumers to finally send their love and the closest thing to a real kiss along the wire. There has never been anything like this in the world before now and, so far, no one else has introduced one.

Original Concept

The Kissenger started with an idea propounded in 2011. What if people could send kisses over the internet? Mothers could say good night to their babies. Spouses could connect remotely when far from each other due to business.

The idea developed into a prototype in 2012, a cute device, but one which would go through a number of adjustments before developing into the item we recognize as the Kissenger.

Image: Mixed Reality Lab

Original Location

If you can imagine a blend of sentiment and academia, then try to picture students at the National University of Singapore developing this creation five years ago. Eventually, this would become a company called Kissengers Pte Ltd., formally designated just one year later.

Crowd-funding and investors would contribute financially to the development of this exciting and interesting product which takes interactive technology to the next level. There is no word as yet on what this will cost to purchase commercially.

Worldwide Contribution

Although it started in Singapore, six countries have been involved in its development so far. They are China, USA, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Spain, and of course Singapore. For two years, they have been developing the newest version which was completed in 2015. The firm only offers one product now but in the future, they hope to expand and develop more ideas which are commercially viable.

People Behind Kissenger

Dinos Andreou, BSc is a co-founder and the current CEO of Kissenger. This management accountant has experience with entrepreneurial endeavors, so this is not his first time launching a business. He is also head of finance and business development.

Hooman Samani, PhD is the other co-founder with the title of Head of Development. He is also the founder of Lovotics Research, invented the Kissenger, and heads up technical development. He used to be a research fellow with NUS IDMI, Keio-JUS CUTE Centre. Samani is a robotics experts.

A Word on Lovotics

According to the Lovotics site, this is a new term referring to studies into the way humans and robots interact. It refers to relational possibilities as though robots could “love” the way humans love. Lovotics brought out robots which could love humans and be loved by them, although by “love” one must assume they refer to physical signs such as hugging or kissing.

The Kissenger is a natural extension of this research and something which will no doubt usher in a new flood of research into the capacity of artificial intelligence to show independent human traits.

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