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Zero Zero Robotics makes a fascinating camera featuring high-end artificial intelligence (AI) and enabling a lot of fun. This is serious tech, but made for both light-hearted and purposeful use in many types of situations. Zero Zero Robotics makes and designs robots which are not just accessible to the electronically astute individual but also to the general public. One such item is the Hover Camera.

The Vision at Zero Zero Robotics

Let’s face it: cameras got off the ground a long time ago. There are drones in the collections of all sorts of people today; people who once merely drooled over the sorts of technology being used by the military and intelligence agencies to spy on their enemies, collect information, and prevent loss of life.

Years later, this has become affordable and compact gear capable of tremendous feats. The Hover Camera testifies to this fact. User-friendly electronics are now almost as sophisticated as anything a NASA astronaut might use in space.

Explaining the Hover Camera

Like a drone, the Hover Camera takes pictures from above. This is Zero Zero Robotics’ “flagship flying camera brand” or, in other words, the first of many. The brand is sure to develop into something massive that you can find in stores worldwide when they get off the ground.

There is still lots of room for improvement and enhancement. Zero Zero Robotics didn’t get in at the ground level; they arrived when this industry had already gotten some air.

First of Its Kind?

Zero Zero Robotics says this is the first AI-embedded flying camera for a wide public audience which is both safe and easy to use. It’s compact and portable for trips to the local playing field or longer journeys to scenic locales. I’m not sure that one could call this a first: drones are pretty sophisticated, but look more closely and there are features not found on-board a drone.

Face and Body Tracking

Face detection technology is kind of like what a camera uses to focus in on a central image within a wider context. The Hover Camera Passport is able to track a face as it moves, however, not just as it tries not to jiggle while waiting for the flash to go off. It can do the same with a body that is moving as part of a film. Follow someone as he or she dances, runs, or cycles. The Hover Camera Passport can keep up in ways you could not from the ground.

Orbit and 360 Spin

Users are able to film themselves while the Hover Camera Passport circles your body, tracking your movement and face as above. It also features 360 Spin technology to bring you panoramic video.

Not a Drone

Zero Zero Robotics anticipated comparisons with drones and says this: you can grab this product in mid-air because it is encased in carbon fiber. Drones aren’t designed this way. It’s light, though, so don’t squish the Hover Camera Passport in your enthusiasm to hold it in your hands. It doesn’t need to be registered for use in many places because the Hover Camera Passport weighs about half a pound with the battery inside.

Hover Camera Passport Specs

Recharge the battery and achieve speeds of up to 17 mph plus 10 minutes of hovering on a calm day. It can operate at extremes of 41F to 95F in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands. The box contains a charger, case, case strap, bag, a rechargeable battery, USB 3.0 cable, plus screws and a screwdriver. Prepare for Christmas and sign up with Zero Zero Robotics to buy one today.

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