Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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What is the premise behind Swannies blue light blocking glasses? The company that makes these products says you will no longer suffer from insomnia, but it gets better. Consumers will “look cool” while burning fat, enhancing mental focus, and increasing their energy levels. These seem like big claims for a pair of glasses, so let’s dig deeply to find out where these claims come from.

Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses


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Celebrities are saying great things about these new glasses they wear at night, which is fine if you sleep on your back. Some of those celebrities are known for their nootropics products; items made to increase mental acuity. There seems to be some kind of connection here between nootropics, non-medical treatment for various ailments, and Swannies.

Excess Light in the Night

With light pollution a big problem in the natural world, it was only a matter of time before people started to complain about the effects on their own health as well as that of native animals. Too much light at night could be causing you to miss out on much-needed zeds. Medical researchers are saying this too; it’s not just an idea on the fringes or even a popular myth.

How Do You Burn Fat with Glasses?

A lot of health problems are associated with poor sleep. On the other hand, consumers in great shape mentally and physically will often say that one reason is because they sleep well. They attribute good sleep to their success in many aspects of life, one of which is their ability to burn fat.

That’s right; if you are rested, systems have a chance to de-frag and re-set themselves for the coming day. Metabolism, the immune system: everything is tied to sleep. If you are trying to get trim but can’t seem to do it, sleep could be the key. Experts support these ideas, saying that overall health, including the national problem with obesity, are related in part to sleep.

Better Mental Health

Why aren’t you able to concentrate at work or school? How come your kids want your attention but you seem to be in another world, struggling to keep up with their needs? You could be sleeping better and, consequently, many things in your life would improve. Grades, work performance, and relationships would benefit.

How Do Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses Help?


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These glasses, registered by the FDA, block blue light emitted by electronic devices. Many people unwind by using a Smartphone to catch up on communication; browsing the internet and writing emails; watching TV or using other devices.

This is great for letting go of stress, but the eyes suffer and so does your sleep. Rather than letting go of this habit which is so great to help you unwind, just get rid of the light with Swannies. Your eyes will not be as tired and sore.

You will notice that headaches are reduced or disappear. Blurry vision might also cease to be a problem if there isn’t some underlying reason for near sightedness or seeing double. If that problem does not clear up soon after using Swannies, get your eyes checked.

About Swannies

These really do look cool and are favored by celebrities in the sports, TV, and radio industries among others. They really do protect those orbs against glare and reflections which can cause both insomnia and eye diseases according to the website.

The company is US-based, offers outstanding customer service, and you can order these glasses over the internet. The makers, Swanwick Sleep, are registered with the FDA as makers of medical devices.

Their light-blocking glasses are good for kids and adults so take advantage of their 100% money-back guarantee and buy a pair of Swannies. You have nothing to lose but sleepless nights and everything to gain.

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