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Don’t you hate to hear about a product you really want, can’t wait to have, only to discover it will not be released for several months? It’s like watching a movie trailer knowing a title won’t hit the big screen until the next big holiday 6 months away or more, even though it has clearly been filmed already.

It is like a product announced to encourage public funding so it can be available to as many people as possible, only makers of the WalkCar are not asking for crowd funding. They just want to know if consumers are interested before this device is released.

Reserve Your Copy

You can sign up, though, to be one of the first to own a WalkCar from Cocoa Motors Inc. of Japan founded in 2013. Settle in for the long wait knowing that one of these little devices is being made especially for you by a little company based in Shibuya, Tokyo, run by Kuniaki Sato (CEO). It does not appear that a deposit will be required at this time although this situation could change, especially as the release date draws near.

What Is the WalkCar?

Cocoa Motors Inc. and technology reviewers anticipating the release of this exciting gadget refer to it as either a car in a bag or a laptop-size car. Tokyo has made the smallest vehicle one will ever find anywhere, and they can’t get any smaller for adult human beings to take advantage of them unless someone invents a car which starts out in the palm of one’s hand and extends at the press of a button. That is very “Jetsons,” but who knows?

Faster, Further, Smaller

Cocoa Motors Inc. refers to this as a super car, but don’t think of a luxury sedan or a sports car; think more of a tray that rolls. In fact, visually, the WalkCar resembles a dolly for moving heavy items without the assistance of handles. The big difference is that a WalkCar is motorized. I do not know what a mover’s dolly would cost, but this device is priced around $1,300 in US Dollars.

Not a Hover Board

And don’t be confused either; the WalkCar isn’t being touted as a hover board. It doesn’t fly or rise above the ground. Let’s be practical and reasonable: the magnetized infrastructure required to make such a thing work currently renders the hover board useful only in select environments of which there are few.

It’s an elite device suited to only a few people with lots of money; skateboarders, essentially. The WalkCar is supposed to get people from A to B with minimum effort, no magnets, and at a faster pace than they would manage just by walking.

While there are some small transportation devices out there like a one-wheeled motorcycle, that has to be locked up; the WalkCar comes with you in a bag no bigger than what your laptop slides into. This is theft-prevention at its best.

How to Steer

Apparently, you’re going to steer this thing like a surfboard. Adjust your balance slightly to make it go right or left. Recharge by USB. Reports suggest the weight limit is substantial and will help people with mobility issues get around more easily.

Watch the WalkCar do its thing by visiting the website for Cocoa Motors Inc. or heading to one of the many online reviews sure to drum up pre-release reservations and sales.

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