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From their base in New York City, US company Master & Dynamic designs high-end headphones and accessories. Their target is your audio pleasure; enhancing it while you work or go about doing whatever you do that has to be accompanied by audio tracks from your portable device.

Whether those are songs or spoken words, Master & Dynamic is pleased to create luscious sound and to provide a luxurious headphone or earphone for that purpose. These aren’t just any headphones; these are more like jewellery you will want to keep safe between uses.

If you see someone lovingly storing his headphones or earbuds in their own case, perhaps after polishing them with a special cloth, they are probably wearing Master & Dynamic products worth several hundred dollars.

The Approach

The people behind Master & Dynamic believe in routine and discipline, doing the same things over and over to understand them but also exploring new possibilities. They always expect to improve and create; to become masters over audio technology, but to relinquish that title at the end of every day and reclaim it as they start a new one. This approach keeps them humble but confident.

They believe you need an audio component to a creative environment. So many people say it — they work better with sound in the background, a voice singing or talking. They can focus when they know the sound hasn’t been taken away.

Otherwise, it’s like trying to live and work in a black hole. Headphones, in Master & Dynamic’s words, are “modern thinking caps.” With these, designers at Master & Dynamic are also better able to concentrate on their work.

Although there is that pledge to innovate and improve, a pair of Master & Dynamic headphones will last for years as long as you treat them nicely. They have been made with top materials we will talk about in a minute, each one chosen for comfort or performance; endurance or amplification.

Master & Dynamic Materials

These products are made from leather, brass, copper, stainless steel, neodymium magnets, and more. The last of these is a part of every ear piece and is probably the best sort of material for driving amplification. This is probably why they call it a Neodymium Driver.

Leather on the ear pads and internal parts of headphones enhances their comfort. Doctors will say you should take headphones off and take a break for the sake of your eardrums, but some people live in them. If so, leather is easy to wipe clean and provides a cushion against ear cartilage which, though bendy, can become sore over time.

Headphones for the Best Sound


Expect to experience sound as it was meant to be experienced; let it flood you with a feeling of satisfaction. Sound is tuned, three-dimensional, not tinny. Hear a balanced presentation of instruments from a symphony orchestra or a live band.

MH30 Headphones

These come in several colors but also a designer version by Carolyn Rowan featuring black beads. Stress points like the hinges are all made from stainless steel but the body of forged aluminum is light. Personalize the pads by replacing them periodically just for fun. Master & Dynamic makes wireless, on-ear, and over-ear headphones in several warm styles. Alcantara on the band, both inside and out, provides a luxurious feel like the kind you find in an expensive car.


In-ear phones like the ME05 are ergonomically shaped to fit in the ear and stay. Silicone tips are soft and easy to clean with the cloth provided. If you are tired of twisted and knotted cables, the copper internal parts of these ones won’t tangle while a brass body optimizes acoustics.

These come with a remote, a mic, and they filter audio so all you are conscious of is glorious sounds, not background noises. There are three styles of earphones and, as always, numerous styles. The MEO5 variety is compatible with Apple devices.

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