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Arcbazar Review – Architectural and Home Design Crowdsourcing

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Are you interested in having a unique design for your home renovation projects? Sometimes, getting the right designer can be difficult, but there is a new platform that can help; Arcbazar. The platform is a bidding system where homeowners, property managers or builders can get bids on various design ideas for their projects.

This model of connecting clients and professionals is also known as “crowdsourcing.” So, in this case, you could call it an architectural crowdsourcing website; however, the home owner can use it for getting interior and exterior design ideas and plans as well. Arcbazar’s system will make finding the perfect design of a home improvement project simple and easy, and allow you to choose from bids submitted by top designers from around the globe. Here is a little more about the system and how to get started getting a bid on your next home renovation project:

Arcbazar’s Vision of An Easy-to-Use Platform That Connects Clients with Designers

When you start looking for a design service for home additions, renovations, landscaping or other improvements, it is difficult to find the one you want to work with. Sometimes, the young designers, smaller firms and individuals are overlooked. The vision of the creators of Arcbazar was to create a unique platform that would connect this architectural design talent with homeowners, contractors and property owners.

Arcbazar creators thought of a system that would be fair and give clients a way to find the designer they needed and give an opportunity for designer of all types from around the world. The system is a unique bidding platform that allows different designers to submit bids for projects that clients are looking for. Homeowners like you post projects they need a design for and the architects and designers bid on projects for cash rewards. It is a simple, but innovative system that benefits everybody involved. (Note the short introductory video below this review, which continues below.)

The Projects That Contractors, Homeowners and Designers Create with Arcbazar

The Arcbazar platform is ideal for smaller projects, such as home renovations and remodeling, but there are other types of projects that are posted on the site for bidding. You have get designs done for anything from landscaping and interior design to home additions and new construction. Some of the projects that you may want to have done include:

• Home additions
• Renovations
• Interior
• Landscaping
• New Custom Homes
• Commercial Buildouts

These are just some of the architectural design projects that clients have posted on the platform. Any type of design project you need done will have eager design talent bidding to get the project, whether it be a new kitchen design, small bathroom remodel, home addition or outdoor living space with landscaping.

While many clients on Arcbazar are average homeowners, there are also some businesses that benefit from the platform. Smaller contractors, home builders and landscaping businesses also benefit from being about to access a global talent pool for their design needs.

An Easy-To-Use for The Average Homeowner to Connect with Talented Designers

If you are ready to get help with your architectural design project, the Arcbazar platform is very easy to use. With these simple steps, you will be ready to start your home improvement project with a design that you choose:
Signup for The Arcbazar Platform: First you will need to sign up for the platform, which can be done using your email or with Facebook or Google account. When you sign up, choose the “I need a design.” option to get started posting your project.
Explain the project and set the award amount: The first step once you have signed up for the account will be describing your project. Take photos and use drawings to give designers an idea of what you have envisioned. Give all the details of the project that you think will be useful to designers. Once you have described your project, set the amount of money that will be awarded to the winning bidder.
The Design Bids: Once the project has been posted, it will become open for designers to bid on. Architectural designers from around the world will look at your project and create designs that they use to bid; giving you access to unique talent for your project.
Selecting Your Design: The last step in the process will be to choose the 3 best designs from all the designs that have been submitted on the platform. You will be able to choose from 3 designs to start your project.

This simple and innovative design process helps you get unique, quality designs at an affordable price. It also helps designers build their portfolios and reputations with projects that give them financial rewards and exposure. This is a system that benefits both; the homeowner that needs a small design, as well as talented designers looking to build their portfolios with completed projects.

The system is designed to protect both the client and the designer, so you know you are getting professional service from a global pool of talent. With the Arcbazar platform, you get access to some of the brightest aspiring architects around the world, and get to choose from design services that meet your needs and your tastes.

The Incredible Success Many Projects Have Seen with The Help of The Arcbazar Platform

The Arcbazar system is innovative and groundbreaking new way for design. It has been a successful platform around the world, with many successful projects that have been completed. There have been customers from Germany to South Africa and from the Coast of California to hills of Tennessee. From the launch of the platform, customers have been praising the system that the team at Arcbazar has created.

The testimonials page is full of customers praising the system, but there are also many reviews from critics and bloggers alike that also praise the site for its innovation and creative approach to solving the problem of connecting designers with clients. On Yelp, the consumer review website, customers have praised the site for saving them money and connecting them with the right designers.

The Bottom Line

When you get ready to start a home renovation project, the challenge is finding the right designer for what you have envisioned. The Arcbazar platform is one option that you should try to get access to design talent from around the world and find exactly what you want for your home improvement project design.

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