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Jabra offers solutions to audio technology that doesn’t serve its purpose; that fails to live up to its promise. Athletes require inspiration and a solid beat keeps the feet moving, gets them over the hardships of a final few kilometers on a long run. Headphones are necessary to this activity, but they are also inconvenient. The answer is wireless earbuds.

Jabra Elite Sport Makes Earbuds to Keep You Moving


Jabra wants you to push through pain and over hills. Enjoy the clarity that will make you believe someone is talking right into your ear. If your purpose is to get a job done and maintain focus, this will be the result with Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds, but without the difficulty of cords.

Corded Earphones Get in the Way

While they were great when first released to a hungry audience of music lovers pounding the pavement, the cords of old-fashioned earphones flap around or have to be tucked somewhere. When you re-tie jogging pants, tie and cord get caught up together. They become twisted and the connections loosen so that one side works but the other one goes wrong. Don’t get hung up on cords; go wireless.

Sound Blocking

You want music or a conversation to come across clearly, not the sounds that would distract and interrupt. Jabra’s wireless earbuds block out sounds that have nothing to do with what you really want to be listening to. Hold a conversation on the cell or listen to your favorite album on a 10-km run.

Jabra is Inspired

What keeps Jabra working towards bettering their technology? You, their customers, inspire Jabra. They want their clients to experience the best audio possible, even away from home. They love technology and the challenge of developing and improving it. Jabra’s technologists listen to music; they appreciate sound; they also listen to their customers.

To this end, the company “reinvests more than 10%” of their profits towards “research and development every year.” Jabra belongs to the GN Group, in existence since before the end of the 19th Century, which calls Copenhagen home. Since their earliest days, GN has been busting down the walls that get in the way of progress and forging new paths.

Theirs was the first noise-cancelling microphone in the world, a Bluetooth device for wireless, hands-free communication. GN has made hearing aids which help people communicate better and filter out irrelevant noises. Their technological department is passionate about sound.

Jabra Wireless Elite Earbuds for Athletes and Others

You don’t have to be sporty to appreciate wireless innovation. Jabra’s wireless earbuds bring out the bass in a tune and it’s the bass you need when you need to push forward. Meanwhile, all you hear is music, not background sounds such as cars, conversations, or the pounding of your feet against pavement.

Listen for as many as 9 hours with 3 hours of operation on a charge plus up to 6 more with a portable charger. The Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds work with Apple and Android devices.

Custom Fit

One of the complaints about earbuds is how they fall out of your ears. Those by Jabra Elite Sport stay in all the time because you modify them to fit. Use one or both; whatever is more convenient or safest depending on what you are doing when you wear them. This technology is so advanced, the earbud can even detect your heart rate, monitor, and report it using a fitness app.

Personal Coach

Use this app to take advantage of personal coaching. This workout feature will encourage and guide you without you having to manipulate or view a screen. The headphones are even resistant to water: ideal for a heavy sweater on a hot day. They are, in fact, capable of meeting US Military standards for water-proof durability. Buy these as an investment in your fitness or even to stay connected with an athlete on the go.

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