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Good luck finding the Amazon Echo Dot for sale. If this is something you want to buy a special someone for Christmas, keep a regular check on the product. It sells out quickly. What’s with the hype? Why are people so revved up about this Amazon technology? Read on for a closer look.

Starting with AVS

The Echo Dot begins with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service. This is a cloud service for developers to create voice-enabled programs where there is a speaker and mic. Just talk to AVS and start music playing or get directions while you travel. Order take-away for delivery or pick-up by opening your internet account. This is not new technology anymore but Amazon offers their version of this popular, now-standard feature. They make it such a cunning shape too.

Echo Dot Puck


It’s a dot, but I think of it more as a puck with technical features. There’s the light ring, a volume feature, and also the USB plug port for recharging this cable-free unit. It will sit unobtrusively in any part of the room and can even be hidden from view if you want to play a trick on someone.

The Amazon Echo Dot Connects to AVS

The Echo Dot connects with speakers using Bluetooth or a cable. Play Prime Music, Pandora, TuneIn, and other radio stations found online. A built-in speaker enables the Dot to operate in any room as a wireless assistant as you access directions for how to make a soufflé, fix a kitchen tap, or just need an alarm clock next to your ear so you don’t forget to pick-up Jimmy from swimming classes.

Of course, with Bluetooth connection this also lets you monitor your play list or check something out online that you want the Dot — or Alexa — to do for you. Maybe the Dot doesn’t follow you around, but when was the last time you took your Smartphone out of your pocket? It’s always with you, and so is the Echo Dot by Amazon.

Amazing Amazon Dot with Great Ears

Maybe Jimmy can’t seem to hear you from the other room when you tell him to put his toys away, but the Amazon Echo Dot hears your voice quite clearly across a room. It does not simply hear you; the Dot recognizes your voice specifically.

Music can be playing softly in the background, but the Echo Dot detects the specific pitch and timbre of your voice out of that audio blend. It doesn’t matter if you speak a different language because one’s voice is like a fingerprint; no two are alike. Since AVS is compatible with many languages, so is the Dot.

Multiple Uses for a Hands-free, Efficient Household

What else can you do with the Echo Dot? It sounds like a frivolous toy if all you can do is play music and frighten your elderly aunt by speaking to a disembodied voice, but there is a lot more to it than that.

Use this device to: call up articles from the Huffington Post, order from Domino’s Pizza, or sync to WINK. Control anything that is connected to wireless internet simply at the sound of your voice. This includes thermostat, the WeMo, lights, and whatever else your house is connected to.

Are your blinds wirelessly controlled? What about the TV? Say the magic words and you do not have to move from your spot on the sofa where you might be nursing a swollen ankle, feeding a baby, up to your elbows in soapy water or dough, or just too lazy to walk across a room.

This could be a safety feature, enabling you to turn lights or heating on and off remotely or before getting out of bed so you don’t trip and fall. Teach elderly individuals how to use it so their way is always well-lit and warm, even when you can’t be there to look after them.

Upgrades by Technical People

Amazon is constantly upgrading their device. It is constantly being tweaked to do more and to be more efficient than ever. New apps are set for release all the time so you can gain easy, voice-controlled access to even more websites and take-away food services. Follow the Echo Dot and its progress as you wait for new stock to arrive at Amazon. The Amazon Echo Dot is compatible with Apple, Google Play, and Amazon apps.

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