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On a task of saving money? Want to buy your favorite pair of shoes without burning that hole in your wallet. Just win the world of online coupon codes like we talk about here and you will save tons of money while shopping for your favorite things!

Here is how you can do it.

Firstly, get yourself some good coupons. Go on a scavenger hunt on coupon database websites to end up with coupons which fulfill your needs. You can even buy coupons which offer some great deals. However, make sure the money you put into buying these coupons should be very less as compared to the discount it offers.

There are easier ways to get hold of these coupons such as joining the store’s mailing list or regularly checking their websites for free coupons. Online retailers are always coming up with new ways to provide their customers with coupon codes, therefore, just keep a look out for these.

Secondly, use them wisely.

Make sure you save money instead of wasting money when using coupon codes. Couple of things to look out for:

  • If your coupon codes have an expiry date, make sure you keep a track of that especially if you actually bought them!
  • Always do math when choosing between ‘dollars off’ coupons and ‘percentage off’ coupons. For instance, if it is an item worth $10, a $5 off coupon is better than a 25% off coupon.
  • In cases where multiple coupons can be applied at the same item, it is again better to do a bit of math to conclude in which order the coupons should be used. For instance, for an item worth $100, it is better to use a 25% off coupon first and then a $15 off coupon to save more money!

Lastly, do not shop just to use the coupons. Many deals can only be availed when a certain minimum amount of purchase has been done. Do not mindlessly try to fulfill this criterion just to use the coupon. There is a high possibility that you might end up spending more than saving and that too, on items you actually do not need. It is always smart to have a fair idea of what all you actually need and set a budget accordingly. This way you will not get carried away in shopping, like a woman shopping for shoes (which we discuss here) just for the sake of using your coupon codes.

Now go ahead and conquer online shopping and save a lot of money!

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