Can A Pill Provide Effortless Weight Loss?


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What if all you had to do in order to lose weight was to swallow a pill? Can a supplement ever be designed to produce this result, and if it exists, should regulators make it available on health food store shelves?

The pharmaceutical industry has known for a long time that if they could produce and sell such a thing, they could make lots of money or save the healthcare system in their country billions of dollars associated with illness related to obesity and laziness. Something that powerful would surely require a subscription. Do scientists believe the pill we have been waiting for, the answer to obesity, is finally here?

The Australian Cure

This miracle product comes from Australia, but soon the whole world will know about and covet it. The drug is said to affect metabolism in such a way as to burn fat without burning muscle. While excited consumers around the world frustrated in their efforts to fight flab might be ecstatic, the report clarifies that this pill activates some beneficial properties of exercise, without actually exercising.

More Than a Pill

Besides, as experts remind us, there is more benefit in exercise than mere weight loss. Consumers who are active enjoy better health than sedentary counterparts. They are less at risk of developing heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, suffering a stroke, and can more easily overcome depression and anxiety. Exercise and eating sensibly are crucial to good health, so what’s stopping people from moving more and putting down those donuts?

Who Is This for?

Doctors will have particular patients in mind when they consider this new drug: those with pre-existing conditions for whom too much exercise is as dangerous as not getting enough. These patients have a hard time climbing stairs or getting out of a chair.

Encouraging them to walk two kilometers daily will be a feat and a potentially dangerous one. They need a solution and they need it quickly. Discouraged patients who don’t see results will lapse back into old eating habits, give up their exercise, or might not see benefits in time to go in for surgery which would have prevented a life-threatening event and a stay in hospital.

Is This Something New?

Scientists have spent many years trying to understand the mechanics of weight loss and obesity. They have discovered a component in the body which inhibits weight loss and aim to control that with their new drug. But again, it only works when you activate cells by exercising. They don’t expect this pill to be available to the general public any time soon.

A Downside of Exercise

The big problem with exercise and weight loss is that when you increase your output, energy requirements and hunger increase too. That’s why so many people actually gain weight which they cannot attribute to increased muscle mass. Experts claim, however, that eating a different sort of diet can affect this outcome; that is, reducing simple carbs and increasing protein will yield far better results.

Food, Supplements, and Weight Loss

So what can ordinary people hope for in the meantime? Is there a miracle pill? No, there are no miracles where weight loss is concerned. Yes, some people are gifted with a speedy metabolism even when they don’t work out and they eat whatever they want, but they will still be susceptible to Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease.

Set Goals

What is your starting point and what are your goals? Establish those first. If your goals are unrealistic and unhealthy, you are destined to fail or to hurt yourself in the process. Diets do not work; neither does Green Tea Extract, Raspberry Keytones, or Garcinia Cambogia.

Building muscle will definitely help in the long run, so any exercise routine should include weight bearing along with stretching and cardio. Consumers need to think about what they eat and why they eat it; consider their age and activity level to decide how many calories they need; and people who are unfit should start moving.

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