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Your Meals Made Easy At Sun Basket

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Welcome to food made easy. Sun Basket makes it virtually impossible to give in to fast-food cravings. Why would you want to eat something lacking in nutrition, over-priced, over-cooked, and unsatisfying when food can be delivered right to your door from Sun Basket?

What Is This Novel Idea?

Have you ever wished you could have food delivered straight to your door ready to cook just like your mom makes it? Or maybe you crave something different, but you don’t have time to go out to eat?

Time is usually the issue, or perhaps the complexity of sophisticated meals. When there isn’t that extra half hour in your evening available to wait for a dish to be cooked and served, here is your chance. Sun Basket delivers real food to your door at a price of roughly $11.50 per meal. Select three recipes which will serve up to 4 people each.


Ingredients are carefully selected directly from the people who grow, raise, or catch them. Meat is hormone-free and seafood comes from sustainable sources. Labelling is clear too. When your meals arrive, it takes just thirty minutes from cooking to eating a dish that stays within limits set by a nutritionist; 500 to 800 per person. Learn the recipes from the site and cook these for yourself online with the help of tutorials.

The Chef chooses new favorites every week from a huge selection of ingredients that fits all of the company’s values. There is also a special Rise & Shine menu containing two dinner and two five-minute breakfast recipes.

How Do Sun Basket Plans Work?

Every week, ingredients are delivered pre-measured to make three dishes. Choose three different ones every week or the same ones; it’s up to you until the menu changes according to the seasons.

Although meals are priced $11.49 each, plus delivery of $5.99 weekly, the first week is free and you can also skip or cancel whenever you like without charge. Shipping goes to most US states including North Carolina, Alabama, Arizona, and West Virginia with deliveries on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Find a place for deliveries to stay if you can’t get to them right away. These should be in the shade and refrigerated or kept cool. Sun Basket recommends being prepared with certain oils and seasonings plus cooking utensils and tools, but that’s all you will need.

Personalize Your Plate

What about the allergy problem? Hardly a single household is unaffected by gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease, lactose intolerance, soy intolerance, or some other issue. There are many trendy ways to eat too such as the Paleo diet, not to mention a lot of people who eschew meat entirely.

It’s a challenging time to run a household kitchen or a restaurant, but Sun Basket has found the answer. Simply customize your meals so they don’t contain anything you wish to avoid whether to lose weight or avoid gastric discomfort.


Yes, you can eat delicious food and still be nourished at the same time. Meals at Sun Basket were devised and prepared by a San Francisco chef. Enjoy real food, not processed stuff. Even better, Sun Basket makes their food from certified organic, sustainably sourced ingredients. This is not cheap food; these are meals you can feel good about feeding your body.


When you go on a diet, trying to count calories is a hassle. Diabetics are also careful about how much of everything they eat, while it’s simply good sense to feed a single individual only as much as one person can eat. These menu items are measured ahead of time so you don’t have to figure out roughly how many calories are in each part of it.

Don’t Shop, Cook, or Count

So you got rid of the measuring; but there is always shopping to do for a family’s meals. That’s one of the reasons Sun Basket is so handy. Keep the usual staples around for breakfast and lunch or eat at the cafeteria for lunch and you barely have to shop for groceries at all.

Run your refrigerator right down to almost nothing periodically and resist the temptation to snack with pre-selected recipes packages at your disposal. Overcome the rushed, hungry sensation that leads you to a fast food drive-thru and choose a healthier option instead. There’s virtually no excuse to go about it any other way and ingredients are seasonal, so the menu changes regularly. You won’t even get bored.

How It Works

Sun Basket meals are delivered to each subscriber’s home every week. They arrive insulated for freshness. Don’t forget to re-use or recycle packaging materials too. This is a green approach to preparing food, yet still convenient.

Menu Items

I already mentioned categories like Paleo and gluten-free. Now select items from the menu such as Chicken-and-Kale Sweet Potatoes, Coriander Crusted Tuna Nicoise, or Black Pepper Tofu with Coconut and Forbidden Rice. Many menu items are exotic. Find out what other customers’ favorites are if you can’t make a decision.

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