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At Thrive Market, they want you to have access to all of life’s essentials and the special things in life even in the face of allergies and health concerns. Their catalog shows products for the kitchen and home, for kids and babies, for holidays and relaxation time. Take a look at their categories and their catalog for some inspiration.

Shopping for the Holidays

Now is a good time to explore ornaments from Thrive Market. Put some joy on the tree and make an orphan smile with their Ornaments for Orphans line. Spending money for a good cause always makes people feel good.

Discover gifts here for men and women; teachers and friends. Nail polish adds glitz to a grey winter day. Select a special spa gift for that excellent teacher who makes your child smile every day.

thrivemarket-comHealth and Wellness

Digestive issues are common these days, more than ever. Products to relieve digestive issues and to prevent them have also grown in popularity and variety. Thrive Market offers a selection that’s good for IBS and general digestive discomfort: probiotics, charcoal-related supplements, and mint-based items among them.

Buy a product that cleanses you from the inside or vitamins for brain health. Nootropics are also growing in popularity. Good brands have been shown to reduce symptoms of memory loss due to aging, autism, ADHD, and anxiety.

More Categories

Select items for pets, best sellers, deals, or products exclusive to thrive. Choose items designed for people who work 9 to 5 and products for students. Thrive Market’s website is cleverly designed to make shopping easy with its many filters.


Once a section is chosen, the left-hand sidebar breaks the list down still further. Shop by ingredient, price, or purpose. Buy an item for the bath, for your skin, or for relaxation. Set a price limit so you are only directed to affordable items when you know how vulnerable you are to the power of suggestion, even if a listing is out of your price range.

Dozens of Values

At Thrive Market, “values” look like this: Vegan, Non-GMO, Vegetarian, Paleo, etc. There are company values and objectives like striving to bring customers the best of everything plus awards to prove how well they are doing their job. Generally, though, “values” refer to the 70+ product sub-headings relating to how a shopper views the commercial world.

More and more consumers refuse to buy foods and other products unless they are organic, non-GMO, fair-trade, vegan, or gluten-free. Maybe they can’t tolerate certain foods or they wish to lose weight.

The list goes on. Search for Paleo foods, allergen-free items, and listings free of alcohol and caffeine. Select staples for the kitchen which are cholesterol-sensitive and dairy-free. Choose beauty products free of fragrance. Elect to buy brands which are free from CFCs and chlorine or high in fiber and probiotics. Arrive at the website with a challenge and watch the catalog surprise you.

Brands at Thrive Market

Among dozens of brands seen here, many are familiar and seen on supermarket shelves. Buy them online at your convenience. Examples are Nature’s Way, Simply Organic, and Urban Accents; Pacific and Great Plains. Select Acure, Natracare, and Dr. Bronner’s. Read reviews, save money, and have all of life’s necessities delivered to your door.

Become a Member

Registration is free and there is a discount available right on the web page, applicable to your first order. Begin with a trial run lasting 30 days and cancel after that if you aren’t satisfied.

Members pay $59.95 after that period in order to achieve savings and also to support a family without enough money for necessities. Your subscription is a form of charitable donation. Membership supplies the subscriber with an annual potential rebate of up to 50% on items they buy every week and use every day.

These include snacks, toothpaste, and shampoo. Thrive Market is a practical, convenient place to shop if you live anywhere in the domestic United States. Eventually, Thrive Market hopes to conquer a wider audience.

Veestro Review: The Plant-Based Gourmet

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At the root of Veestro (pun intended) it’s all about plants. They make delicious vegan meals. That might sound like a foreign concept, or a strange, new-age way to eat, but vegetarians are often healthier than omnivores. It’s better for the planet and the body in numerous ways to avoid animals filled with hormones, pumped with steroids, and riddled with antibiotics they didn’t need.

Environmental Consciousness

Plant-based eating is better for the environment too. Think of all the gases domestic meat and dairy animals emit. That’s not including all the plants they eat which takes away from food resources for humans plus room for trees to grow. In a plant-based diet, there are no losers; just delicious, well-balanced, nutritious food.


veestro-comVeestro Plantifesto

Here is what Monica and Mark do with their business. They do their best to make people happy and to provide meals which are “flavorful, healthy, easy, and fast.” They think plants make the best foods you can eat and you should not eat foods “you don’t love.”

They are very fussy about what they choose to feed their clients and themselves; only hand-picked foods are good enough and they don’t want their clients to feel pressured to eat junk food. That’s what happens in a busy life. But there is another way: Veestro.

A diet based on plants rather than meat reduces a person’s chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes or cancer plus many heart-related ailments. Best of all, plant-eaters are generally slimmer than carnivores. Reduce carbon emissions and your BMI.

Veestro Supports Healthy Eating

Freshly frozen meals will be delivered to the client’s door, ready to cook at the end of the day. Customers choose from a selection which is surprisingly wide, but then again, there are lots of edible plants and many ways to eat them.

Select an a la carte menu, a juice cleanse, weight-loss deliveries, or meal packs. The Veestro chef doesn’t just prepare or cook; this artist “crafts” your meals from organic ingredients. When you receive the food, it’s ready for cooking; no preparation is necessary. There are even gluten-free options available.

Gluten-free Sample Starter Pack

This sample menu contains 24 items including entrees and desserts. They include a “steak” dinner made with Portobello mushrooms, beet and kale salad, enchiladas, breakfast pie containing oatmeal, and raspberry cheezcake. This dessert is not made using dairy products; it is a convincing vegan version.

Protein Pack

The protein-loaded version contains more tofu, spinach, curry, lentils, and spicy items. There’s soup, couscous, and Thai-inspired veggie stew. All items on the menu are free of dairy products, preservatives, and are GMO-free.

Explore the Menu

When you click “shop,” this takes you to a breakdown of dishes you see on the menus above and others I haven’t listed like the weight-loss and starter packs. Three Layer Scramble looks like eggs but is really made from tofu, black beans, quinoa, onion, jalapeno peppers, and a spicy sauce. Chick’n is really a mixture of flours with herbs and flavoring, vegetables, bread crumbs, and potatoes. Cheezcake is made with soft tofu.

Pros and Cons

If you don’t like or can’t eat soy, there could be some problems with this menu. It will only take you so far given that so many items on the list contain soy. I found a few soy-free things like Lentil Meatloaf, Golden Chickpea Stew, and Kale and Quinoa Salad. The cost is a little higher than making your own, but how much is fast food costing you? Is fast food satisfying? Does it make you feel good or guilty and gassy?

Flavors are great at Veestro. Would your vegan experiments have turned out this good? Get used to meat-free eating, but let the pros handle the cooking for now. Save money by not eating out all the time. Be good to your body and pamper the planet.

Save Money

Check out the latest Veestro Coupons and Promos Here

Pick A Snack Plan At NatureBox

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When it comes to eating, everyone has to choose foods that fit the family’s schedule and their needs. A plan has to be personal, logical, tasty: you should be able to pick your own. As far as snacking goes, why fight it? As they say at NatureBox, everyone enjoys snacking, and sometimes snacks are important, especially when a person needs an extra boost of energy.

What’s NatureBox?

A lot of food-based home-delivery programs focus on meals these days, and that’s great. If you’re getting a lot of satisfaction out of them, keep going. Trained chefs provide ready-made meals for heating up or the ingredients for freshly cooking gourmet dishes.

Is something missing though? Could it be the answer to your mid-afternoon rumblings; that hungry feeling around 3 o’clock when lunch was three hours ago and dinner isn’t for another three hours?

Take control of hunger rather than letting it take control of you by ordering from NatureBox. Have snacks ready all the time, but not just any snacks; responsible, healthy snacks.

Pick Your Own Menu

This isn’t like a dinner or lunch menu but a catalogue of light bites for mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Choose how many you want for a given interval. Select the types of snacks you enjoy. They are made with quality ingredients and none of them are artificial. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it probably isn’t in the box.

New Surprises

Every month, the development team feels ready to add another few snacks, maybe up to four. The list of options just keeps growing. If you don’t know what to choose, they are even confident to provide a few ideas to a diet that tries to deliver every good thing a body needs, including growing bodies. These are kid-friendly answers to hunger.

Join the Plan

Basically, you pick out five snacks for monthly delivery. They can be determined by your allergies and preferences so as to avoid dairy, wheat, animal products, or certain flavors you don’t like. Some are good for weight loss; others weren’t developed with calories as much as nutrition in mind.

Pick sweet or savory; spicy or mild. Go for a traditional snack or something with a more ethnic, interesting quality to it. Examples are rated by other customers so you can see which are a hit and which ones don’t quite hit the mark, plus why customers like or don’t like something.

Snacks at NatureBox

Let’s look at a few of the items on their menu. There are filters to help you break the selection down if you don’t appreciate a really big choice all at once. Under “Chips and Pretzels,” customers will find coated pretzels, Lentil Loops, Garlic Bread Cheese Strips, and Honey Crunch Chips.

Dark Chocolate Almonds and Sea Salt Chickpeas are considered good sources of protein. Various nuts and dried fruits fall under multiple categories including “Vegan.” Opt for a breakfast-style mini meal like granola with extras. Choose low sugar, no sugar, low sodium, or non-GMO.

A La Carte

Order items or join the club. When you join, NatureBox curates your box and you just choose preferences like gluten-free or vegan. NatureBox customizes boxes but takes away the tough job of trying to pick just a few things from their tasty menu. Enjoy a free trial period after which fully-fledged members enjoy discounts. Sign up for a household plan or supply snacks at the office. It’s a convenient and considerate way to snack.

Terra’s Kitchen Delivers The Family Dinner

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Statistics depict a sad picture of family life. Meal time is traditionally where busy family members gather, but fewer families take time to eat dinner together, and those who do often can’t manage the feat every night. It takes too much planning.

Fast food is the order of the day, or a lack of inspiration in the kitchen leads to another night of grilled cheese sandwiches or cereal topped with yogurt. What would it take to bring back the family meal? Maybe a little bit of help in the kitchen is all Americans need, and Terra’s Kitchen has the recipe for domestic success.

Terra’s Kitchen: More than Meals

Unlike some delivery services which drop a pre-made meal at your doorstep, Terra’s Kitchen delivers the ingredients. Prepare a meal for when you need it. This is more than a microwave short-cut. Terra’s Kitchen meals come with ingredients for making fresh salads you can’t just heat up.

It doesn’t take long to get ready. Each meal is accompanied by a recipe card indicating which extras you will need like olive oil and sea salt. There is a list of equipment required too. Terra’s Kitchen tells you how long it should take to make the meal — maybe 20 minutes or half an hour — so you can plan ahead to start at 5:30 and be ready by 6.

Cost Per Serving

Most people think about the money first because they live on a budget and can’t afford to be gourmets. Terra’s Kitchen lays it out by serving, and this is not cheap food. The lowest price on their sample menu is $9.99 per serving with some meals priced $17.99. If you’re feeding a family of four, that first meal costs $40 or more which is about what you pay to go to a restaurant.

But the cost per serving might be unrealistic if you aren’t a big eater. Many times, the serving is too generous for a child or even for an adult. Besides, if there are leftovers, you can heat or re-serve them for the following day’s lunch or even breakfast. Who says you can’t eat arugula salad in the morning with your eggs?

Philosophy at Terra’s Kitchen

Although only some of the ingredients are organic, they are all natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, without additives or chemicals. The company also tries to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Every plastic container in the shipment can be recycled or re-used, but there’s one other element to the delivery that is unique and innovative: Terra’s Kitchen supplies ingredients in a box made up of drawers which separate them in a food-safe manner. You don’t keep this “green” delivery vessel but leave it out the next day for collection the same way it was delivered: by courier. Return it so as not to incur a fee.

All-natural, seasonal food is more expensive than processed stuff full of chemicals. The delivery method has to be costly. I imagine these factors contribute to the high price of food from Terra’s Kitchen. Also, it’s more nutritious than fast food.

How to Subscribe

Create a weekly menu for Terra’s Kitchen and she will regularly ship whatever you place on the menu. Every plan you create informs the suggestions they make for you at Terra’s Kitchen. You might be avoiding peanuts or gluten.

The calorie count could be important. You will also receive an email reminding you to set preferences or ignore it and let the company select recipes. You can read some of them on the website but more are available to customers.

Website Wonders

Terra’s Kitchen is using the blog format effectively to talk about food and also to get people talking about the business. Learn about the value of family dinners. Explore why they matter to physical health and also to the emotional health of children and adults.

Your Meals Made Easy At Sun Basket

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Welcome to food made easy. Sun Basket makes it virtually impossible to give in to fast-food cravings. Why would you want to eat something lacking in nutrition, over-priced, over-cooked, and unsatisfying when food can be delivered right to your door from Sun Basket?

What Is This Novel Idea?

Have you ever wished you could have food delivered straight to your door ready to cook just like your mom makes it? Or maybe you crave something different, but you don’t have time to go out to eat?

Time is usually the issue, or perhaps the complexity of sophisticated meals. When there isn’t that extra half hour in your evening available to wait for a dish to be cooked and served, here is your chance. Sun Basket delivers real food to your door at a price of roughly $11.50 per meal. Select three recipes which will serve up to 4 people each.


Ingredients are carefully selected directly from the people who grow, raise, or catch them. Meat is hormone-free and seafood comes from sustainable sources. Labelling is clear too. When your meals arrive, it takes just thirty minutes from cooking to eating a dish that stays within limits set by a nutritionist; 500 to 800 per person. Learn the recipes from the site and cook these for yourself online with the help of tutorials.

The Chef chooses new favorites every week from a huge selection of ingredients that fits all of the company’s values. There is also a special Rise & Shine menu containing two dinner and two five-minute breakfast recipes.

How Do Sun Basket Plans Work?

Every week, ingredients are delivered pre-measured to make three dishes. Choose three different ones every week or the same ones; it’s up to you until the menu changes according to the seasons.

Although meals are priced $11.49 each, plus delivery of $5.99 weekly, the first week is free and you can also skip or cancel whenever you like without charge. Shipping goes to most US states including North Carolina, Alabama, Arizona, and West Virginia with deliveries on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Find a place for deliveries to stay if you can’t get to them right away. These should be in the shade and refrigerated or kept cool. Sun Basket recommends being prepared with certain oils and seasonings plus cooking utensils and tools, but that’s all you will need.

Personalize Your Plate

What about the allergy problem? Hardly a single household is unaffected by gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease, lactose intolerance, soy intolerance, or some other issue. There are many trendy ways to eat too such as the Paleo diet, not to mention a lot of people who eschew meat entirely.

It’s a challenging time to run a household kitchen or a restaurant, but Sun Basket has found the answer. Simply customize your meals so they don’t contain anything you wish to avoid whether to lose weight or avoid gastric discomfort.


Yes, you can eat delicious food and still be nourished at the same time. Meals at Sun Basket were devised and prepared by a San Francisco chef. Enjoy real food, not processed stuff. Even better, Sun Basket makes their food from certified organic, sustainably sourced ingredients. This is not cheap food; these are meals you can feel good about feeding your body.


When you go on a diet, trying to count calories is a hassle. Diabetics are also careful about how much of everything they eat, while it’s simply good sense to feed a single individual only as much as one person can eat. These menu items are measured ahead of time so you don’t have to figure out roughly how many calories are in each part of it.

Don’t Shop, Cook, or Count

So you got rid of the measuring; but there is always shopping to do for a family’s meals. That’s one of the reasons Sun Basket is so handy. Keep the usual staples around for breakfast and lunch or eat at the cafeteria for lunch and you barely have to shop for groceries at all.

Run your refrigerator right down to almost nothing periodically and resist the temptation to snack with pre-selected recipes packages at your disposal. Overcome the rushed, hungry sensation that leads you to a fast food drive-thru and choose a healthier option instead. There’s virtually no excuse to go about it any other way and ingredients are seasonal, so the menu changes regularly. You won’t even get bored.

How It Works

Sun Basket meals are delivered to each subscriber’s home every week. They arrive insulated for freshness. Don’t forget to re-use or recycle packaging materials too. This is a green approach to preparing food, yet still convenient.

Menu Items

I already mentioned categories like Paleo and gluten-free. Now select items from the menu such as Chicken-and-Kale Sweet Potatoes, Coriander Crusted Tuna Nicoise, or Black Pepper Tofu with Coconut and Forbidden Rice. Many menu items are exotic. Find out what other customers’ favorites are if you can’t make a decision.

Blue Apron: For The Love Of Food

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The subscription service model is popular throughout America. Whether it comes to crafts, wine, or food, consumers can arrange to have all of their needs delivered to the door weekly or monthly. This includes the ingredients for making meals rather than ordering meals ready to cook. Both models are available in the United States, but Blue Apron is for customers who enjoy cooking more than shopping.

blue-apron-websiteBlue Apron for Foodies

Here is the idea. Start with a menu that changes weekly. No two menus will repeat during the year and they are all based on seasonal ingredients. That means, if a food is available to chefs right now it will be featured in recipes.

When that season is over, the ingredient won’t necessarily be purchased from a grocer who has ordered it in from across the country or a foreign farm.

Consumers assemble their meals using the ingredients in their kit, tools as listed in online instructions, following video tutorials closely — or not. Some customers know what they’re doing but don’t want to shop for ingredients. They would prefer just to have the exact amount of a necessary ingredient at their disposal and no extra. That’s wasteful.

Blue Apron for Nutrition

Maybe you are on a diet, trying to lose weight or even gain weight as recommended by your doctor. Each serving is designed to contain between 500 and 800 calories, an estimated value, but an expert team arrives at their figure based on substantial experience and education. Talented chefs devise meals that are nutritionally well-rounded and will also provide vegetarian options with every week’s menu.

Other ingredients are sourced from sustainable farms where meat is raised without unnecessary antibiotics and no hormones. Many of their ingredients are also organic. Although Blue Apron has not yet devised menus for gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free individuals specifically, many items fall into these categories.

They can’t yet guarantee ingredients will be prepared in a gluten or dairy-free environment, but the time could be coming. It might just take substituting one item to turn a food you can’t tolerate into one you can cook and serve to sensitive eaters.

Delivery Format

This is the trickiest part of home food delivery services. How are these perishable foods going to remain fresh when they are delivered to your door and meant to be eaten throughout the week? Select a day when you are likely to be in most of the time.

Packaging is insulated to remain cool, but give delivery drivers a place to drop items if you can’t be there; somewhere shaded and cool so that food stays cold until you get home. Delivery is free — a novel idea you might think — and available across the domestic United States.

The website for Blue Apron is very easy to use. Instructions are laid out a little at a time in pictures, articles, and videos. One panel shows all of the tools you will need to have available including what times of pans, pots, bowls, and utensils will make cooking easy and lead to the result you were hoping for.

Wines from Blue Apron

A good meal is made better by the right wine paired with it. Alongside each menu item are wine pairing suggestions based on the expertise of Blue Apron staff members who source varietals from Californian vineyards, Washington vineyards, and other US states producing exceptional bottles.

They cut out all of the supply chain steps which make wine so expensive and have also created a bottle size that’s perfect for two people: 500 ml as opposed to 750 ml. Ordering wines is an option, so add this in if you like reds and whites like chardonnay, pinot noir, and cabernet sauvignon.

Rest assured that these are not economy wines but great products sold at a discount. The cost per bottle is just $10 or $65.99 monthly for 6 wines with shipping and tax included. This could be your chance to learn more and become a connoisseur.

Summary and Review

How should you feel about this company and the idea of home-delivered food? It’s becoming more commonplace based on the number of similar firms opening their virtual doors. Innovative entrepreneurs have found an obvious need in US society which is riddled with weight and nutrition problems.

Two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, including children. Ironically, many of these people also suffer from malnutrition and/or eating-related illnesses like heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

Even if having ingredients delivered is expensive, this is a great incentive to cook at home instead of going out; to eat healthy, home-style meals instead of fast food. Blue Apron will improve their site when dietary needs are addressed, but they are off to a good start.

GreenChef: Healthy Food Online

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Responsible food, organic food, tasty food: sound good to you? The modern shopper and eater knows a thing or two the previous generation did not recognize about the contents of their kitchens. A depressing amount of food is genetically modified, produced in non-sustainable ways, very little of it is organic, and most of it seems to come from factory farms around the world.

Packaging is notoriously wasteful and much of it can’t be recycled. Not at GreenChef; they have better, healthier ideas for your supper table and the environment.

greenchef-websiteGreenChef Food Subscription Service

At GreenChef they want to do things the right way. Their salmon is wild, not farmed. Soy products are GMO-free. Food is sourced from sustainable farms, organic, and certified USDA organic. They will not use ingredients which have been treated by man-made pesticides.

Artificial ingredients are for other people, the kinds who don’t care a whole lot about your health or their reputations. Meanwhile, you can be sure that hormones and antibiotics have not been supplemented into animals’ diets (at least not antibiotics for health animals).

What If I Sign Up and I’m Not Home for a Delivery?

Here’s the deal: customers do not want to wait around all day for their orders. They can’t prepare their week around the GreenChef delivery either. Instead, GreenChef accommodates the customer, and that is how it should be.

Take a look at their flexible options for delivery days. Packaging is refrigerated so that if it has to sit for a while, that’s no problem. Just give the driver instructions for a cool, safe place to leave it.

Packaging Responsibly

It would be a terrible kind of irony if you went to the trouble to be a responsible shopper and eater, only to be faced with non-recyclable packaging. GreenChef thinks so too, so they extend their responsible attitude to packaging as well. Everything is recyclable so there is no guilt attached to your weekly delivery.

Whole Food

Eating today is a complex issue. Couples and families eat out a lot because they have busy lives. Food gets boring. They don’t have time or energy to shop for interesting, healthy dinners that will make them excited about home cooking and help them lead healthier lives.

There are too many unusual ingredients and you can’t buy just enough to make a dish once that will serve two people. Packaging sizes are often too large for that. Fast food is a preferred but unhealthy option which is bad for people and for the environment.

GreenChef wants to change the way you look at food. Eat a home-cooked meal made from freshly prepared ingredients. It’s easy when everything has been laid out for you, including instruction for how to make the meal yourself at home.

Pick out the dishes you like. Follow instructions online which are both visual and written. Select items from a menu which includes gluten-free, vegetarian, meaty, and Paleo items. Serving sizes suit a couple, three people, or four diners at a time.

Nutritional Information

Each dish is labelled so you can see what the nutritional value of each item is. If you are watching your sodium, cholesterol, fiber, or calorie count, it’s all laid out for you. Dinners contain from 450 to 750 calories as calculated by a team of nutritionists and chefs.

Watch your weight or put some pounds on. Increase fiber and potassium. You know before ordering what the value of each meal will be. Although you get all the nutrition you want and need, meals are never boring. They change every week.

Choose three meals each week. Vegetarian options tend to be cheaper than the others at around $10.50 per person. There is no long-term obligation either; no pressure. Still, it’s likely the quality of this service will have you coming back for more.

Caring for their Customers

Meet some of the small businesses GreenChef does business with. They include firms dedicated to treating animals well and raising food in an eco-friendly, natural way. Deardorff Organics hails from Ventura County, California. Some meats are sourced from Colorado’s Frontière Natural Meats. Wisconsin’s Coulee Region is home to Organic Valley produce.

Enjoy chicken from Petaluma Poultry of Sonoma County, California. Other providers come from Alaska; Salinas Valley and Napa Valley, California; Palisade, Colorado; and several other US locations. Learn about each of them by going to the website links thoughtfully provided by GreenChef.

PALETA: Celebrity Choice Home Food Delivery

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One of the advantages PALETA has over other companies running home-delivered food subscription businesses is their longevity. They have been around longer than most by almost a decade. Their other big advantage is celebrity endorsement.

Go to the website where celebs like Candace Cameron Bure, Molly Sims, Tom Arnold, Jessica Biel, and Vanessa Hudgens all provide testimonials in favor of PALETA and the work of founder Kelly Boyer.

kelly-boyerStarting Out

Boyer, both founder and CEO of PALETA, is also a chef. She started in 2006 by making meals in her kitchen and delivering them herself to clients. Her focus was on great food made from ingredients grown locally, meat raised on cruelty-free farms, and fish from responsible sources. What started this passion for responsible food?

Survivor Story

Boyer survived cancer in spite of the fact that she was diagnosed late in the game: stage four. She wasn’t meant to survive, but Boyer had a trick up her sleeve that most people don’t have and that’s in-depth knowledge of the healing power of food and the power to make lifestyle choices that heal.

Boyer later graduated as a chef from the culinary arts program at Le Cordon Bleu, with honors no less. She had gained weight but wanted to lose it naturally by using food as her ally. Food was the key and people in her life wanted her to help unlock the same weight loss potential for them. Word of mouth caused a business to grow.

After obtaining a business-related MA, Boyer’s professional life led her to Human Resources work where she decided she had a flare for business. Food remained her passion and, in spite of holding positions at high-profile companies, it was time to start a business of her own.

Spreading Good Health

It was obvious to Boyer that there were other survivors out there who didn’t know it yet, so she started a business to spread the word and the good health. Since then, her kitchen in Southern California has become too small. PALETA’s was the first kitchen in this region to be certified “green” but they don’t just serve meals to Californians; their ideals have gone nationwide.

Not Just Ingredients; the Full Meal Deal

A lot of subscription services of a similar nature choose to deliver ingredients to your door rather than the meal already prepared, ready to drop into the microwave or a conventional oven. That’s fine if you have time to cook and love to be involved in the process. With kids in particular, it’s good for them to participate in cooking so they are more apt to eat things that are unfamiliar to them.

Some people simply have too little time. They aren’t necessarily inept in the kitchen and they might love to shop and cook, but so many days are crammed with appointments. They want a week’s worth of dishes delivered to their doors.

Healthy Food Finds

What is the number one thing frustrating you in the ready-to-eat market right now? Is it price, quality, or the prevalence of ingredients you want or even need to avoid? Boyer has developed meals that are naturally almost completely free of allergens such as gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar. These are the top health culprits today accounting for many of the conditions modern Americans suffer from including gastric problems, certain cancers, and Type 2 Diabetes.


Your life is chaotic, but meal time can be easy with scheduling that bends to your needs. Find out about different delivery options for meals and snacks from PALETA. Customize delivery time and contents to suit your dietary needs and preferences including exotic, vegetarian, and vegan options.

Just to get you started, PALETA offers a Trust Me Trial Meal Plan for three days, free of charge. The company is confident you will be hooked. They also offer weight-loss plans, pregnancy plans, Paleo, and gluten-free products.

Food and More

Mainly, this is a menu delivery system, but there’s more to it than that. Boyer wants customers to be healthy and happy, so she has introduced supplements like cleanses, drinks, snacks for healthy nibbling, even boxed water. Cleanse your body, lose weight, feel great, and don’t think about it, not even for a minute.


What sorts of snacks are healthier than other snacks you can already buy at the supermarket? What about energy bars? These are hand-crafted, not mass-produced; something a little different. They really are better than most. Bars contain very little sugar, are 100% natural, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. Try nutty mixtures, protein-packed snacks, fruits without high-fructose corn syrup, and more.

Menu items cover your whole day. A sample from the Paleo/Gluten-Free menu includes Grilled Oro Grapefruit, Curried Turkey, and Coconut Flan.

Fresh N’ Lean: Food To Your Door

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The people at Fresh n’ Lean promote a two-fold ideal: to make eating easy and to help you stay trim. Maybe that should read “become” trim because a lot of subscribers are starting from an unhealthy, unhappy place. Ordering junk food is too easy, so the only way to combat the temptation to eat poorly is to make it just as easy to order good food.

fresh-n-lean-boxThe Fresh n’ Lean Approach

Here is how they do it. Firstly, they start with quality ingredients. You know the ones I mean; they tend to be lacking from a fast-food meal pack or are included only as a token acknowledgement that you need them at all.

Secondly, they develop menus that address the need for better nutrition, realizing that it is what we eat that often lands us in trouble. Thirdly, they help by providing foods that encourage weight loss, but not by religiously counting calories or carbohydrates.

That sort of thing can start problems too. Maybe weight loss is not the goal as much as health-gains, but either way, Fresh n’ Lean is here to help.

This is a vegan company; their foods are free of animal products, so you can’t help but become leaner and healthier. The vegan diet is well-known for helping people to get lean. Meals are also free of artificial and GMO ingredients.

Who Should I Choose Fresh N’ Lean?

If you want to establish a healthy diet and lose weight long term, this is a good place to start. Meals are excellent for people with Type 2 Diabetes or heart problems. Athletes, pre- and post-op patients, and anyone who appreciates the benefits of eating a vegan diet but don’t have enough time to do it right should contact Fresh n’ Lean for more information.

Special Delivery

What is stopping you from buying vegan ingredients and doing this yourself? Time is the culprit so often, but you do not have an excuse anymore. Fresh n’ Lean brings food to your door, prepared for you but still fresh. They consider theirs an affordable system. Let’s find out what is on the menu and how much it costs.

Gluten-free Example

Look at this meal plan for a start. Vegan food is not necessarily gluten-free, but this selection is and it is also free of wheat and other ingredients which cannot be consumed by individuals with Celiac Disease or wheat sensitivity. This is great for people with multiple sensitivities.

The menu is 100% organic, plant-based, non-GMO, and tasty as always. Choose a one-, two-, or three-day plan which could include French Riviera Lentils with Kale, St. Barths White Beans & Vegetables, or Tex Mex Quinoa.

Such an assortment covers lunch, dinner, breakfast, possibly snacks too depending on how you decide to eat the meals and what is included. Also, you can either select a meal plan that is pre-arranged or order individual meals as per your preferences. If your palate is adventurous, this could be a wild ride.

Seniors’ Eating

When you are a little older, it is easy to just skip meals, but that’s no good for brain, muscles, blood volume, heart health, blood sugar, or bones. Soon, a lot of health problems can start up if you are not eating right. Food delivery is a great way to maintain at least one side of a healthy lifestyle; exercise being part two. Senior meals are portioned for the realistic amount of food someone over the age of 65 is likely to eat so as to keep the value high and waste low.

The list of possible menus is quite long, so check out what they have in store. Customizable options are available if you can’t find exactly what you want.


Food is shipped using a courier service and can be tracked. The company emails you to indicate they have shipped your order. Since they can’t guarantee a time, make sure you have a place for UPS or FedEX to pop your food until you can get home. Wrapping is insulated, but keep it all cool in a shady place, maybe inside a large cooler, until you can put it all in the refrigerator or freezer. Fresh n’ Lean ships all over the United States.

How Long Does Food Last?

Ingredients do not contain artificial preservatives, so bear that in mind. That’s why you can’t receive a week’s or a month’s worth of food; it’s made to be eaten. Food made the natural way will go off faster than the stuff you find in conventional grocery store freezers; food that might have been there for months.

Fresh Ideas At Freshology

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Have you ever wished someone would look after dinner for you, but didn’t feel like going out for dinner? That is when you got out your pizza delivery app, right? Forget the high-carb, high-sugar, high-fat, salt-laden fast food option. You can now get healthy food delivered via subscription, thanks to online companies like Freshology. Don’t cave in to temptation and stay on the straight and narrow with your diet too.

Get to Know Freshology

Chefs at Freshology create meals from healthy ingredients to help you maintain or lose weight, lead a healthier life, or just eat regularly when life is hectic. One menu option is for new moms too tired to think about proper nutrition for them and their new babies.

Freshology believes in a “field to fork” approach which means you are not eating food made from factory-farmed ingredients. They get in touch with the earth, talk to real farmers, and bring old-fashioned values back to the modern kitchen.

Delivery Options for Real People’s Lives

They do this, yes, but with a modern twist: home delivery. Communities might gladly organize meal deliveries for new parents for a week or so, but this is more long-term and starts from a longer distance than just your neighborhood too. Order meals to keep coming for many months if you like. Freshology will deliver as long as you remain a subscriber.

Food Art

At Freshology, they see food as a medium for artistry of the best kind; interactive creations of quality. Although this is not fast food (or fast art), you will still experience the convenience of home-delivered meals, but they will be fresh, tasty, and innovative too. Specialized menus cater to the many food allergies, intolerances, and choices out there today.

From the Beginning

In 2005, a firm from Southern California got its start in the food-delivery business. They started by bringing fresh, varied meals to people’s homes to help them lose weight or to complement fitness programs. Today they deliver well beyond the reach of Southern California. When you click on their site, software detects your location and can tell if you are located in a delivery area or not.

Foods They Use

Low glycemic foods are a hot topic because of the rise in Type 2 Diabetes. Even just trying to balance blood sugar for the sake of preventing that “hangry” feeling is helpful to many people who can’t manage regular meals. Many of the ingredients used here are low-sugar and it’s just natural to include them in your meals.

Expect ingredients to be tastier than you are used to if you generally buy whatever you can find in a grocery store without looking at where it came from. A lot of foods we eat in the West start out un-ripened from their starting point and arrive, days or weeks later, finally ripened but lacking the flavor of fruits allowed to mature on the tree, on the vine, or in the ground.

Menus from Freshology

Look up their sample menus. They are suited to people trying to lose weight quickly, new mothers, athletic types, vegetarians, and those who are simply approaching food from a healthy perspective respectively.

One sample menu, selected for weight loss, included Scrambled Eggs, Cheddar, and Chicken Apple Sausage for Breakfast. Lunch consisted of a Middle Eastern Inspired Artichoke Salad plus Cucumber-Mint Dressing. Dinner was Roasted Chicken Breast with Fajita Style Vegetables and a single daily snack was an Open Faced Beef Slider, Cheddar Cheese, and Lettuce. That was Day One of a Three-day Plan.

Vegetarians would enjoy items like Vegetable Egg Scramble, Fresh Fruit, Grilled Focaccia, Asian Edamame Salad, Roasted Garlic Glazed Stuffed Portobello, and Chocolate Mousse. It is all so yummy, you might want to become a vegetarian for three days just to try it out.

Going Green

Freshology tries to be environmentally friendly. Efforts include finding local food sources to reduce carbon emissions from travel and to encourage small farms instead of big factories. These little businesses are careful about ethical farming methods. Packages are made from recycled materials and/or are recyclable when you finish using them.

Staying in Touch

The Freshology website is more like a community. Read their blog posts about healthy eating and healthy living. They post ideas for how to lose weight and stay fit. Get on-board with social media and connect with people who, like you, believe that eating right is a priority.

Their bodies deserve to be treated right and eating well is one way to go about that. Sign up for a newsletter, delivered electronically, and learn about promotions from Freshology.