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Have you ever wished someone would look after dinner for you, but didn’t feel like going out for dinner? That is when you got out your pizza delivery app, right? Forget the high-carb, high-sugar, high-fat, salt-laden fast food option. You can now get healthy food delivered via subscription, thanks to online companies like Freshology. Don’t cave in to temptation and stay on the straight and narrow with your diet too.

Get to Know Freshology

Chefs at Freshology create meals from healthy ingredients to help you maintain or lose weight, lead a healthier life, or just eat regularly when life is hectic. One menu option is for new moms too tired to think about proper nutrition for them and their new babies.

Freshology believes in a “field to fork” approach which means you are not eating food made from factory-farmed ingredients. They get in touch with the earth, talk to real farmers, and bring old-fashioned values back to the modern kitchen.

Delivery Options for Real People’s Lives

They do this, yes, but with a modern twist: home delivery. Communities might gladly organize meal deliveries for new parents for a week or so, but this is more long-term and starts from a longer distance than just your neighborhood too. Order meals to keep coming for many months if you like. Freshology will deliver as long as you remain a subscriber.

Food Art

At Freshology, they see food as a medium for artistry of the best kind; interactive creations of quality. Although this is not fast food (or fast art), you will still experience the convenience of home-delivered meals, but they will be fresh, tasty, and innovative too. Specialized menus cater to the many food allergies, intolerances, and choices out there today.

From the Beginning

In 2005, a firm from Southern California got its start in the food-delivery business. They started by bringing fresh, varied meals to people’s homes to help them lose weight or to complement fitness programs. Today they deliver well beyond the reach of Southern California. When you click on their site, software detects your location and can tell if you are located in a delivery area or not.

Foods They Use

Low glycemic foods are a hot topic because of the rise in Type 2 Diabetes. Even just trying to balance blood sugar for the sake of preventing that “hangry” feeling is helpful to many people who can’t manage regular meals. Many of the ingredients used here are low-sugar and it’s just natural to include them in your meals.

Expect ingredients to be tastier than you are used to if you generally buy whatever you can find in a grocery store without looking at where it came from. A lot of foods we eat in the West start out un-ripened from their starting point and arrive, days or weeks later, finally ripened but lacking the flavor of fruits allowed to mature on the tree, on the vine, or in the ground.

Menus from Freshology

Look up their sample menus. They are suited to people trying to lose weight quickly, new mothers, athletic types, vegetarians, and those who are simply approaching food from a healthy perspective respectively.

One sample menu, selected for weight loss, included Scrambled Eggs, Cheddar, and Chicken Apple Sausage for Breakfast. Lunch consisted of a Middle Eastern Inspired Artichoke Salad plus Cucumber-Mint Dressing. Dinner was Roasted Chicken Breast with Fajita Style Vegetables and a single daily snack was an Open Faced Beef Slider, Cheddar Cheese, and Lettuce. That was Day One of a Three-day Plan.

Vegetarians would enjoy items like Vegetable Egg Scramble, Fresh Fruit, Grilled Focaccia, Asian Edamame Salad, Roasted Garlic Glazed Stuffed Portobello, and Chocolate Mousse. It is all so yummy, you might want to become a vegetarian for three days just to try it out.

Going Green

Freshology tries to be environmentally friendly. Efforts include finding local food sources to reduce carbon emissions from travel and to encourage small farms instead of big factories. These little businesses are careful about ethical farming methods. Packages are made from recycled materials and/or are recyclable when you finish using them.

Staying in Touch

The Freshology website is more like a community. Read their blog posts about healthy eating and healthy living. They post ideas for how to lose weight and stay fit. Get on-board with social media and connect with people who, like you, believe that eating right is a priority.

Their bodies deserve to be treated right and eating well is one way to go about that. Sign up for a newsletter, delivered electronically, and learn about promotions from Freshology.

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