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Statistics depict a sad picture of family life. Meal time is traditionally where busy family members gather, but fewer families take time to eat dinner together, and those who do often can’t manage the feat every night. It takes too much planning.

Fast food is the order of the day, or a lack of inspiration in the kitchen leads to another night of grilled cheese sandwiches or cereal topped with yogurt. What would it take to bring back the family meal? Maybe a little bit of help in the kitchen is all Americans need, and Terra’s Kitchen has the recipe for domestic success.

Terra’s Kitchen: More than Meals

Unlike some delivery services which drop a pre-made meal at your doorstep, Terra’s Kitchen delivers the ingredients. Prepare a meal for when you need it. This is more than a microwave short-cut. Terra’s Kitchen meals come with ingredients for making fresh salads you can’t just heat up.

It doesn’t take long to get ready. Each meal is accompanied by a recipe card indicating which extras you will need like olive oil and sea salt. There is a list of equipment required too. Terra’s Kitchen tells you how long it should take to make the meal — maybe 20 minutes or half an hour — so you can plan ahead to start at 5:30 and be ready by 6.

Cost Per Serving

Most people think about the money first because they live on a budget and can’t afford to be gourmets. Terra’s Kitchen lays it out by serving, and this is not cheap food. The lowest price on their sample menu is $9.99 per serving with some meals priced $17.99. If you’re feeding a family of four, that first meal costs $40 or more which is about what you pay to go to a restaurant.

But the cost per serving might be unrealistic if you aren’t a big eater. Many times, the serving is too generous for a child or even for an adult. Besides, if there are leftovers, you can heat or re-serve them for the following day’s lunch or even breakfast. Who says you can’t eat arugula salad in the morning with your eggs?

Philosophy at Terra’s Kitchen

Although only some of the ingredients are organic, they are all natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, without additives or chemicals. The company also tries to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Every plastic container in the shipment can be recycled or re-used, but there’s one other element to the delivery that is unique and innovative: Terra’s Kitchen supplies ingredients in a box made up of drawers which separate them in a food-safe manner. You don’t keep this “green” delivery vessel but leave it out the next day for collection the same way it was delivered: by courier. Return it so as not to incur a fee.

All-natural, seasonal food is more expensive than processed stuff full of chemicals. The delivery method has to be costly. I imagine these factors contribute to the high price of food from Terra’s Kitchen. Also, it’s more nutritious than fast food.

How to Subscribe

Create a weekly menu for Terra’s Kitchen and she will regularly ship whatever you place on the menu. Every plan you create informs the suggestions they make for you at Terra’s Kitchen. You might be avoiding peanuts or gluten.

The calorie count could be important. You will also receive an email reminding you to set preferences or ignore it and let the company select recipes. You can read some of them on the website but more are available to customers.

Website Wonders

Terra’s Kitchen is using the blog format effectively to talk about food and also to get people talking about the business. Learn about the value of family dinners. Explore why they matter to physical health and also to the emotional health of children and adults.

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