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One of the advantages PALETA has over other companies running home-delivered food subscription businesses is their longevity. They have been around longer than most by almost a decade. Their other big advantage is celebrity endorsement.

Go to the website where celebs like Candace Cameron Bure, Molly Sims, Tom Arnold, Jessica Biel, and Vanessa Hudgens all provide testimonials in favor of PALETA and the work of founder Kelly Boyer.

kelly-boyerStarting Out

Boyer, both founder and CEO of PALETA, is also a chef. She started in 2006 by making meals in her kitchen and delivering them herself to clients. Her focus was on great food made from ingredients grown locally, meat raised on cruelty-free farms, and fish from responsible sources. What started this passion for responsible food?

Survivor Story

Boyer survived cancer in spite of the fact that she was diagnosed late in the game: stage four. She wasn’t meant to survive, but Boyer had a trick up her sleeve that most people don’t have and that’s in-depth knowledge of the healing power of food and the power to make lifestyle choices that heal.

Boyer later graduated as a chef from the culinary arts program at Le Cordon Bleu, with honors no less. She had gained weight but wanted to lose it naturally by using food as her ally. Food was the key and people in her life wanted her to help unlock the same weight loss potential for them. Word of mouth caused a business to grow.

After obtaining a business-related MA, Boyer’s professional life led her to Human Resources work where she decided she had a flare for business. Food remained her passion and, in spite of holding positions at high-profile companies, it was time to start a business of her own.

Spreading Good Health

It was obvious to Boyer that there were other survivors out there who didn’t know it yet, so she started a business to spread the word and the good health. Since then, her kitchen in Southern California has become too small. PALETA’s was the first kitchen in this region to be certified “green” but they don’t just serve meals to Californians; their ideals have gone nationwide.

Not Just Ingredients; the Full Meal Deal

A lot of subscription services of a similar nature choose to deliver ingredients to your door rather than the meal already prepared, ready to drop into the microwave or a conventional oven. That’s fine if you have time to cook and love to be involved in the process. With kids in particular, it’s good for them to participate in cooking so they are more apt to eat things that are unfamiliar to them.

Some people simply have too little time. They aren’t necessarily inept in the kitchen and they might love to shop and cook, but so many days are crammed with appointments. They want a week’s worth of dishes delivered to their doors.

Healthy Food Finds

What is the number one thing frustrating you in the ready-to-eat market right now? Is it price, quality, or the prevalence of ingredients you want or even need to avoid? Boyer has developed meals that are naturally almost completely free of allergens such as gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar. These are the top health culprits today accounting for many of the conditions modern Americans suffer from including gastric problems, certain cancers, and Type 2 Diabetes.


Your life is chaotic, but meal time can be easy with scheduling that bends to your needs. Find out about different delivery options for meals and snacks from PALETA. Customize delivery time and contents to suit your dietary needs and preferences including exotic, vegetarian, and vegan options.

Just to get you started, PALETA offers a Trust Me Trial Meal Plan for three days, free of charge. The company is confident you will be hooked. They also offer weight-loss plans, pregnancy plans, Paleo, and gluten-free products.

Food and More

Mainly, this is a menu delivery system, but there’s more to it than that. Boyer wants customers to be healthy and happy, so she has introduced supplements like cleanses, drinks, snacks for healthy nibbling, even boxed water. Cleanse your body, lose weight, feel great, and don’t think about it, not even for a minute.


What sorts of snacks are healthier than other snacks you can already buy at the supermarket? What about energy bars? These are hand-crafted, not mass-produced; something a little different. They really are better than most. Bars contain very little sugar, are 100% natural, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. Try nutty mixtures, protein-packed snacks, fruits without high-fructose corn syrup, and more.

Menu items cover your whole day. A sample from the Paleo/Gluten-Free menu includes Grilled Oro Grapefruit, Curried Turkey, and Coconut Flan.

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