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At the root of Veestro (pun intended) it’s all about plants. They make delicious vegan meals. That might sound like a foreign concept, or a strange, new-age way to eat, but vegetarians are often healthier than omnivores. It’s better for the planet and the body in numerous ways to avoid animals filled with hormones, pumped with steroids, and riddled with antibiotics they didn’t need.

Environmental Consciousness

Plant-based eating is better for the environment too. Think of all the gases domestic meat and dairy animals emit. That’s not including all the plants they eat which takes away from food resources for humans plus room for trees to grow. In a plant-based diet, there are no losers; just delicious, well-balanced, nutritious food.


veestro-comVeestro Plantifesto

Here is what Monica and Mark do with their business. They do their best to make people happy and to provide meals which are “flavorful, healthy, easy, and fast.” They think plants make the best foods you can eat and you should not eat foods “you don’t love.”

They are very fussy about what they choose to feed their clients and themselves; only hand-picked foods are good enough and they don’t want their clients to feel pressured to eat junk food. That’s what happens in a busy life. But there is another way: Veestro.

A diet based on plants rather than meat reduces a person’s chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes or cancer plus many heart-related ailments. Best of all, plant-eaters are generally slimmer than carnivores. Reduce carbon emissions and your BMI.

Veestro Supports Healthy Eating

Freshly frozen meals will be delivered to the client’s door, ready to cook at the end of the day. Customers choose from a selection which is surprisingly wide, but then again, there are lots of edible plants and many ways to eat them.

Select an a la carte menu, a juice cleanse, weight-loss deliveries, or meal packs. The Veestro chef doesn’t just prepare or cook; this artist “crafts” your meals from organic ingredients. When you receive the food, it’s ready for cooking; no preparation is necessary. There are even gluten-free options available.

Gluten-free Sample Starter Pack

This sample menu contains 24 items including entrees and desserts. They include a “steak” dinner made with Portobello mushrooms, beet and kale salad, enchiladas, breakfast pie containing oatmeal, and raspberry cheezcake. This dessert is not made using dairy products; it is a convincing vegan version.

Protein Pack

The protein-loaded version contains more tofu, spinach, curry, lentils, and spicy items. There’s soup, couscous, and Thai-inspired veggie stew. All items on the menu are free of dairy products, preservatives, and are GMO-free.

Explore the Menu

When you click “shop,” this takes you to a breakdown of dishes you see on the menus above and others I haven’t listed like the weight-loss and starter packs. Three Layer Scramble looks like eggs but is really made from tofu, black beans, quinoa, onion, jalapeno peppers, and a spicy sauce. Chick’n is really a mixture of flours with herbs and flavoring, vegetables, bread crumbs, and potatoes. Cheezcake is made with soft tofu.

Pros and Cons

If you don’t like or can’t eat soy, there could be some problems with this menu. It will only take you so far given that so many items on the list contain soy. I found a few soy-free things like Lentil Meatloaf, Golden Chickpea Stew, and Kale and Quinoa Salad. The cost is a little higher than making your own, but how much is fast food costing you? Is fast food satisfying? Does it make you feel good or guilty and gassy?

Flavors are great at Veestro. Would your vegan experiments have turned out this good? Get used to meat-free eating, but let the pros handle the cooking for now. Save money by not eating out all the time. Be good to your body and pamper the planet.

Save Money

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