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The people at Fresh n’ Lean promote a two-fold ideal: to make eating easy and to help you stay trim. Maybe that should read “become” trim because a lot of subscribers are starting from an unhealthy, unhappy place. Ordering junk food is too easy, so the only way to combat the temptation to eat poorly is to make it just as easy to order good food.

fresh-n-lean-boxThe Fresh n’ Lean Approach

Here is how they do it. Firstly, they start with quality ingredients. You know the ones I mean; they tend to be lacking from a fast-food meal pack or are included only as a token acknowledgement that you need them at all.

Secondly, they develop menus that address the need for better nutrition, realizing that it is what we eat that often lands us in trouble. Thirdly, they help by providing foods that encourage weight loss, but not by religiously counting calories or carbohydrates.

That sort of thing can start problems too. Maybe weight loss is not the goal as much as health-gains, but either way, Fresh n’ Lean is here to help.

This is a vegan company; their foods are free of animal products, so you can’t help but become leaner and healthier. The vegan diet is well-known for helping people to get lean. Meals are also free of artificial and GMO ingredients.

Who Should I Choose Fresh N’ Lean?

If you want to establish a healthy diet and lose weight long term, this is a good place to start. Meals are excellent for people with Type 2 Diabetes or heart problems. Athletes, pre- and post-op patients, and anyone who appreciates the benefits of eating a vegan diet but don’t have enough time to do it right should contact Fresh n’ Lean for more information.

Special Delivery

What is stopping you from buying vegan ingredients and doing this yourself? Time is the culprit so often, but you do not have an excuse anymore. Fresh n’ Lean brings food to your door, prepared for you but still fresh. They consider theirs an affordable system. Let’s find out what is on the menu and how much it costs.

Gluten-free Example

Look at this meal plan for a start. Vegan food is not necessarily gluten-free, but this selection is and it is also free of wheat and other ingredients which cannot be consumed by individuals with Celiac Disease or wheat sensitivity. This is great for people with multiple sensitivities.

The menu is 100% organic, plant-based, non-GMO, and tasty as always. Choose a one-, two-, or three-day plan which could include French Riviera Lentils with Kale, St. Barths White Beans & Vegetables, or Tex Mex Quinoa.

Such an assortment covers lunch, dinner, breakfast, possibly snacks too depending on how you decide to eat the meals and what is included. Also, you can either select a meal plan that is pre-arranged or order individual meals as per your preferences. If your palate is adventurous, this could be a wild ride.

Seniors’ Eating

When you are a little older, it is easy to just skip meals, but that’s no good for brain, muscles, blood volume, heart health, blood sugar, or bones. Soon, a lot of health problems can start up if you are not eating right. Food delivery is a great way to maintain at least one side of a healthy lifestyle; exercise being part two. Senior meals are portioned for the realistic amount of food someone over the age of 65 is likely to eat so as to keep the value high and waste low.

The list of possible menus is quite long, so check out what they have in store. Customizable options are available if you can’t find exactly what you want.


Food is shipped using a courier service and can be tracked. The company emails you to indicate they have shipped your order. Since they can’t guarantee a time, make sure you have a place for UPS or FedEX to pop your food until you can get home. Wrapping is insulated, but keep it all cool in a shady place, maybe inside a large cooler, until you can put it all in the refrigerator or freezer. Fresh n’ Lean ships all over the United States.

How Long Does Food Last?

Ingredients do not contain artificial preservatives, so bear that in mind. That’s why you can’t receive a week’s or a month’s worth of food; it’s made to be eaten. Food made the natural way will go off faster than the stuff you find in conventional grocery store freezers; food that might have been there for months.

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