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When it comes to eating, everyone has to choose foods that fit the family’s schedule and their needs. A plan has to be personal, logical, tasty: you should be able to pick your own. As far as snacking goes, why fight it? As they say at NatureBox, everyone enjoys snacking, and sometimes snacks are important, especially when a person needs an extra boost of energy.

What’s NatureBox?

A lot of food-based home-delivery programs focus on meals these days, and that’s great. If you’re getting a lot of satisfaction out of them, keep going. Trained chefs provide ready-made meals for heating up or the ingredients for freshly cooking gourmet dishes.

Is something missing though? Could it be the answer to your mid-afternoon rumblings; that hungry feeling around 3 o’clock when lunch was three hours ago and dinner isn’t for another three hours?

Take control of hunger rather than letting it take control of you by ordering from NatureBox. Have snacks ready all the time, but not just any snacks; responsible, healthy snacks.

Pick Your Own Menu

This isn’t like a dinner or lunch menu but a catalogue of light bites for mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Choose how many you want for a given interval. Select the types of snacks you enjoy. They are made with quality ingredients and none of them are artificial. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it probably isn’t in the box.

New Surprises

Every month, the development team feels ready to add another few snacks, maybe up to four. The list of options just keeps growing. If you don’t know what to choose, they are even confident to provide a few ideas to a diet that tries to deliver every good thing a body needs, including growing bodies. These are kid-friendly answers to hunger.

Join the Plan

Basically, you pick out five snacks for monthly delivery. They can be determined by your allergies and preferences so as to avoid dairy, wheat, animal products, or certain flavors you don’t like. Some are good for weight loss; others weren’t developed with calories as much as nutrition in mind.

Pick sweet or savory; spicy or mild. Go for a traditional snack or something with a more ethnic, interesting quality to it. Examples are rated by other customers so you can see which are a hit and which ones don’t quite hit the mark, plus why customers like or don’t like something.

Snacks at NatureBox

Let’s look at a few of the items on their menu. There are filters to help you break the selection down if you don’t appreciate a really big choice all at once. Under “Chips and Pretzels,” customers will find coated pretzels, Lentil Loops, Garlic Bread Cheese Strips, and Honey Crunch Chips.

Dark Chocolate Almonds and Sea Salt Chickpeas are considered good sources of protein. Various nuts and dried fruits fall under multiple categories including “Vegan.” Opt for a breakfast-style mini meal like granola with extras. Choose low sugar, no sugar, low sodium, or non-GMO.

A La Carte

Order items or join the club. When you join, NatureBox curates your box and you just choose preferences like gluten-free or vegan. NatureBox customizes boxes but takes away the tough job of trying to pick just a few things from their tasty menu. Enjoy a free trial period after which fully-fledged members enjoy discounts. Sign up for a household plan or supply snacks at the office. It’s a convenient and considerate way to snack.

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