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Responsible food, organic food, tasty food: sound good to you? The modern shopper and eater knows a thing or two the previous generation did not recognize about the contents of their kitchens. A depressing amount of food is genetically modified, produced in non-sustainable ways, very little of it is organic, and most of it seems to come from factory farms around the world.

Packaging is notoriously wasteful and much of it can’t be recycled. Not at GreenChef; they have better, healthier ideas for your supper table and the environment.

greenchef-websiteGreenChef Food Subscription Service

At GreenChef they want to do things the right way. Their salmon is wild, not farmed. Soy products are GMO-free. Food is sourced from sustainable farms, organic, and certified USDA organic. They will not use ingredients which have been treated by man-made pesticides.

Artificial ingredients are for other people, the kinds who don’t care a whole lot about your health or their reputations. Meanwhile, you can be sure that hormones and antibiotics have not been supplemented into animals’ diets (at least not antibiotics for health animals).

What If I Sign Up and I’m Not Home for a Delivery?

Here’s the deal: customers do not want to wait around all day for their orders. They can’t prepare their week around the GreenChef delivery either. Instead, GreenChef accommodates the customer, and that is how it should be.

Take a look at their flexible options for delivery days. Packaging is refrigerated so that if it has to sit for a while, that’s no problem. Just give the driver instructions for a cool, safe place to leave it.

Packaging Responsibly

It would be a terrible kind of irony if you went to the trouble to be a responsible shopper and eater, only to be faced with non-recyclable packaging. GreenChef thinks so too, so they extend their responsible attitude to packaging as well. Everything is recyclable so there is no guilt attached to your weekly delivery.

Whole Food

Eating today is a complex issue. Couples and families eat out a lot because they have busy lives. Food gets boring. They don’t have time or energy to shop for interesting, healthy dinners that will make them excited about home cooking and help them lead healthier lives.

There are too many unusual ingredients and you can’t buy just enough to make a dish once that will serve two people. Packaging sizes are often too large for that. Fast food is a preferred but unhealthy option which is bad for people and for the environment.

GreenChef wants to change the way you look at food. Eat a home-cooked meal made from freshly prepared ingredients. It’s easy when everything has been laid out for you, including instruction for how to make the meal yourself at home.

Pick out the dishes you like. Follow instructions online which are both visual and written. Select items from a menu which includes gluten-free, vegetarian, meaty, and Paleo items. Serving sizes suit a couple, three people, or four diners at a time.

Nutritional Information

Each dish is labelled so you can see what the nutritional value of each item is. If you are watching your sodium, cholesterol, fiber, or calorie count, it’s all laid out for you. Dinners contain from 450 to 750 calories as calculated by a team of nutritionists and chefs.

Watch your weight or put some pounds on. Increase fiber and potassium. You know before ordering what the value of each meal will be. Although you get all the nutrition you want and need, meals are never boring. They change every week.

Choose three meals each week. Vegetarian options tend to be cheaper than the others at around $10.50 per person. There is no long-term obligation either; no pressure. Still, it’s likely the quality of this service will have you coming back for more.

Caring for their Customers

Meet some of the small businesses GreenChef does business with. They include firms dedicated to treating animals well and raising food in an eco-friendly, natural way. Deardorff Organics hails from Ventura County, California. Some meats are sourced from Colorado’s Frontière Natural Meats. Wisconsin’s Coulee Region is home to Organic Valley produce.

Enjoy chicken from Petaluma Poultry of Sonoma County, California. Other providers come from Alaska; Salinas Valley and Napa Valley, California; Palisade, Colorado; and several other US locations. Learn about each of them by going to the website links thoughtfully provided by GreenChef.

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