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I’ve read about the Beachbody 3-Day Refresh and read reviews by survivors. Not everyone agrees it’s good value for the money. When I say money, I mean the program can cost up to $70 plus shipping if you don’t belong to the Beachbody club already. What does that give you? Take a look below.

Beachbody 3-Day Refresh Components


Firstly, it doesn’t include everything. You will need to make a shopping list and get everything into the refrigerator before starting. Don’t grocery shop while you do the cleanse; that could be enough to kill every ounce of motivation you have and, believe me, you will need all of it.

By the end of Day 2 you could be asking yourself “what does it matter if I just spent $70? How can I go on?” The cleanse comes with a lot of shake mixes as you will be consuming them at every meal.

Not a Liquid Detox

This is not a liquid-only cleanse but a way to get rid of bloating and cravings in a very short space of time. You will consume around 1,000 calories, give up coffee, and forget about meat and dairy. At least, you will try to forget about them, and you certainly won’t crave more than coffee during a withdrawal headache that turns into a migraine if you’re a real addict. Apparently, coffee without cream or sugar is allowed if you’re going into shock.

The Plan

Every day starts with a big glass of water and lemon, filtered water mind you, not straight tap water. That stuff will kill you (if you believe filtered-water fanatics). The day does not begin with a 12-oz Americano. That might rule out a hefty percentage of readers saying “I can’t do that, not even for three days.”

Breakfast is a shake and fruit and this is important; you’re not eating a banana or an apple but a slice of watery cantaloupe. Maybe you can swap honeydew or watermelon; read the book. There is logic to the madness. Around mid-morning you drink a fiber shake, so expect to spend some time in the toilet. I would recommend either a day when you’re so busy you don’t care or one where you can sleep all day.

Lunch should take place 1 hour or more after the snack, so stretch this out if you can. Drink the shake, eat 12 strawberries, and finish with 5 roasted spears of asparagus plus a touch of olive oil. Maybe you can reverse the order, but eating the strawberries first helps to make you feel full.

Snack time will be 2 celery sticks and hummus. Later that day, dinner will involve another shake plus a stir-fry of vegetables only and broth if you want it, plus herbs for flavor. On Day 2, you alter this routine a little bit by switching strawberries for raspberries and asparagus for cauliflower plus cumin. The snack becomes carrots and hummus. Instead of a stir-fry, enjoy a spinach salad.

What to Expect

Reports suggest you will lose the cravings you had plus bloating caused by water retention. This will last if you cut back on coffee, salt, and refined sugar for the long haul.

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