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Pair Alexa with yet another piece of electronic wonderment; the Fire TV Stick. This is Amazon’s best-selling media stick for streaming and now it comes with voice activation. Alexa is always being updated. Your Sundays just got more relaxed.

Advantage of a Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote


It’s quite simple; talk to the Alexa and she will tell your remote to do whatever you want: find a channel on TV, times when a fast-food place is open, concert listings, and more. What channels do you normally go to with the Fire TV Stick? They’re all still there and still available, only you don’t have to find the stick or press a single button anymore.

How to Use the Fire TV Stick with Voice Control

Plug Alexa into the same TV that works with the Fire TV Stick. Now you’re ready to stream thousands of weather, TV, movie, and sports channels. Get access to Disney Channel, HBO, Fox and more plus tens of thousands of TV episodes.

More Storage

This is a high-powered device, enabled with 1 GB of memory and tons of storage. Use these advantages to find favorite shows on any HDTV anywhere you go: a friend’s house, for example, or a hotel. When they see what it can do, family with televisions that are behind the times will be encouraged to catch up.

Take the stick into any room where HDTV is connected. You don’t even need cable TV because the Fire Stick accesses online channels, and that’s not all. With this access to the internet, find your own personal documents such as images and home movies by connecting to your PC.

Built-in Mic

A lot of this was standard with the Fire Stick Remote, but voice control is an added benefit. Get things started by speaking into a mic without moving a finger. If you’re tired of typing, back spacing, errors, and how slow all of this has been while searching your internet-connected TV for content, the days of tedious typing are over.

Alexa is a marvel. This little box gives consumers voice-controlled access to everything that is programmed through the internet including a thermostat, home security, and lighting. Order food, play music, and now watch TV. Rent movies for the night at a cost of just 99₵.

For some services, you might need a subscription, but that’s based on the individual channel and once it’s paid for, the system will work just fine. Ask Alexa to find movies by title, style, or even a favorite actor.

More than TV

Sign up for songs from numerous online radio stations. They’re just waiting to impress listeners. Create play lists and ask for the song of the moment; the one that meets your mood right now. Take part in gaming too; have some colleagues over after work or a post-exam party (as long as your parents approve) complete with online games, snacks, and a lot of laughter. Gather mom and dad to see their grandchildren on the big screen during parents’ brag night. They’ll enjoy watching the videos and photos you took of the kids during a Christmas concert or graduation ceremony.

Sharing Software

Share content from the screen of a Smartphone such as shows or pictures by “flinging” content or “display mirroring” which requires no extra programs to air content on the TV. This is available with certain devices such as LG and Motorola phones.

Enjoy the beauty of high definition and far better sound; let others enjoy those features too. It won’t take several seconds to load content either. Once you give Alexa a command, the Fire TV Remote gets it done in a second.

Consumers with Alexa and the Remote Stick only have to register online. Otherwise, order from Amazon. Customers receive the stick with GPU VideoCore4, 8 GB internal Storage, a cable and power adapter, batteries, and instructions.

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