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Responsible food, organic food, tasty food: sound good to you? The modern shopper and eater knows a thing or two the previous generation did not recognize about the contents of their kitchens. A depressing amount of food is genetically modified, produced in non-sustainable ways, very little of it is organic, and most of it seems to come from factory farms around the world.

Packaging is notoriously wasteful and much of it can’t be recycled. Not at GreenChef; they have better, healthier ideas for your supper table and the environment.

greenchef-websiteGreenChef Food Subscription Service

At GreenChef they want to do things the right way. Their salmon is wild, not farmed. Soy products are GMO-free. Food is sourced from sustainable farms, organic, and certified USDA organic. They will not use ingredients which have been treated by man-made pesticides.

Artificial ingredients are for other people, the kinds who don’t care a whole lot about your health or their reputations. Meanwhile, you can be sure that hormones and antibiotics have not been supplemented into animals’ diets (at least not antibiotics for health animals).

What If I Sign Up and I’m Not Home for a Delivery?

Here’s the deal: customers do not want to wait around all day for their orders. They can’t prepare their week around the GreenChef delivery either. Instead, GreenChef accommodates the customer, and that is how it should be.

Take a look at their flexible options for delivery days. Packaging is refrigerated so that if it has to sit for a while, that’s no problem. Just give the driver instructions for a cool, safe place to leave it.

Packaging Responsibly

It would be a terrible kind of irony if you went to the trouble to be a responsible shopper and eater, only to be faced with non-recyclable packaging. GreenChef thinks so too, so they extend their responsible attitude to packaging as well. Everything is recyclable so there is no guilt attached to your weekly delivery.

Whole Food

Eating today is a complex issue. Couples and families eat out a lot because they have busy lives. Food gets boring. They don’t have time or energy to shop for interesting, healthy dinners that will make them excited about home cooking and help them lead healthier lives.

There are too many unusual ingredients and you can’t buy just enough to make a dish once that will serve two people. Packaging sizes are often too large for that. Fast food is a preferred but unhealthy option which is bad for people and for the environment.

GreenChef wants to change the way you look at food. Eat a home-cooked meal made from freshly prepared ingredients. It’s easy when everything has been laid out for you, including instruction for how to make the meal yourself at home.

Pick out the dishes you like. Follow instructions online which are both visual and written. Select items from a menu which includes gluten-free, vegetarian, meaty, and Paleo items. Serving sizes suit a couple, three people, or four diners at a time.

Nutritional Information

Each dish is labelled so you can see what the nutritional value of each item is. If you are watching your sodium, cholesterol, fiber, or calorie count, it’s all laid out for you. Dinners contain from 450 to 750 calories as calculated by a team of nutritionists and chefs.

Watch your weight or put some pounds on. Increase fiber and potassium. You know before ordering what the value of each meal will be. Although you get all the nutrition you want and need, meals are never boring. They change every week.

Choose three meals each week. Vegetarian options tend to be cheaper than the others at around $10.50 per person. There is no long-term obligation either; no pressure. Still, it’s likely the quality of this service will have you coming back for more.

Caring for their Customers

Meet some of the small businesses GreenChef does business with. They include firms dedicated to treating animals well and raising food in an eco-friendly, natural way. Deardorff Organics hails from Ventura County, California. Some meats are sourced from Colorado’s Frontière Natural Meats. Wisconsin’s Coulee Region is home to Organic Valley produce.

Enjoy chicken from Petaluma Poultry of Sonoma County, California. Other providers come from Alaska; Salinas Valley and Napa Valley, California; Palisade, Colorado; and several other US locations. Learn about each of them by going to the website links thoughtfully provided by GreenChef.

How To Fight Flab With Flat Tummy Tea

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This is a real thing, not just a nickname for an herbal drink. Flat Tummy Tea was designed to help women get rid of that bloated sensation and the real effects of water retention they feel when they do up their jeans. Women with bloating problems, your answer could be as simple as sipping more tea every day. Flat Tummy Tea is shipped free of charge to homes in Australia and the USA.

cup-of-tea-in-clear-cupWhat Is Flat Tummy Tea?

Natural leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, and pods are combined into teas to activate, cleanse, and maintain digestion. They include liquorice, caraway, rhubarb, peppermint, dandelion, and hibiscus.

Can you buy these teas separately on your own or mix them up yourself? Absolutely. Will you know how to create a stomach-cleansing, metabolism-boosting blend? Maybe not.

Moreover, do you want to take the time when someone else has already done the math for you? That’s the beauty of Flat Tummy Tea. It’s not a miracle drug concocted in beakers over Bunsen burners using chemicals and black magic. Flat Tummy Tea consists of real, natural plants.

What Does Flat Tummy Tea Do?

Take the products in this order: Activate, Cleanse, and Maintain. The first one revs up your energy levels by attacking the metabolism, that system which has grown sluggish in many people with sedentary jobs and sleepy lifestyles.

Customers feel more energetic, but they don’t have to start running marathons or taking boxing classes for the tea to work. Some women feel perkier in days. Give yourself a week before wondering if this product is giving you more energy.

Next, the cleansing tea will gently detoxify your body. As it does so, a lot of water your body has retained unnecessarily along with toxins and fat will start to melt away. The makers of Flat Tummy Tea promise you aren’t going to spend the next week locked in your bathroom or beating such a frequent path to the WC door that you mark a trail in the carpet.

You will probably pee more, so drink lots of water. Otherwise, that sluggish feeling could remain and it might be the result of dehydration.

Why Is Flat Tummy Tea Effective?

During the last several months or years, chemicals have taken up residence in your body. Fat forms a natural home for these toxins. Fat and water build up, making you appear bloated. These chemicals come from many sources: air conditioning and heating systems, medications, airplanes, car exhaust, pollution, food, drink, and carpets. You can’t avoid them.

Meanwhile, poor eating choices, lots of caffeine, alcohol, and low-energy pursuits like playing computer games and reading don’t help your digestive system or fat burning potential. Now you are left with a lot of extra fat and water, both of which make you look and feel heavy.

Flat Tummy Tea will cause you to feel energetic so you want to walk instead of parking right next to the mall’s front entrance; you will be keen to go swimming with friends and, even at rest, are going to burn more calories.

Your digestive system will work better too, eliminating foods it couldn’t cope with before and was simply storing or which gave you gas. It won’t hurt to make some long-term changes to eating and exercise, but you don’t have to do either of those things for Flat Tummy Tea to work in your body, and quickly.

PALETA: Celebrity Choice Home Food Delivery

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One of the advantages PALETA has over other companies running home-delivered food subscription businesses is their longevity. They have been around longer than most by almost a decade. Their other big advantage is celebrity endorsement.

Go to the website where celebs like Candace Cameron Bure, Molly Sims, Tom Arnold, Jessica Biel, and Vanessa Hudgens all provide testimonials in favor of PALETA and the work of founder Kelly Boyer.

kelly-boyerStarting Out

Boyer, both founder and CEO of PALETA, is also a chef. She started in 2006 by making meals in her kitchen and delivering them herself to clients. Her focus was on great food made from ingredients grown locally, meat raised on cruelty-free farms, and fish from responsible sources. What started this passion for responsible food?

Survivor Story

Boyer survived cancer in spite of the fact that she was diagnosed late in the game: stage four. She wasn’t meant to survive, but Boyer had a trick up her sleeve that most people don’t have and that’s in-depth knowledge of the healing power of food and the power to make lifestyle choices that heal.

Boyer later graduated as a chef from the culinary arts program at Le Cordon Bleu, with honors no less. She had gained weight but wanted to lose it naturally by using food as her ally. Food was the key and people in her life wanted her to help unlock the same weight loss potential for them. Word of mouth caused a business to grow.

After obtaining a business-related MA, Boyer’s professional life led her to Human Resources work where she decided she had a flare for business. Food remained her passion and, in spite of holding positions at high-profile companies, it was time to start a business of her own.

Spreading Good Health

It was obvious to Boyer that there were other survivors out there who didn’t know it yet, so she started a business to spread the word and the good health. Since then, her kitchen in Southern California has become too small. PALETA’s was the first kitchen in this region to be certified “green” but they don’t just serve meals to Californians; their ideals have gone nationwide.

Not Just Ingredients; the Full Meal Deal

A lot of subscription services of a similar nature choose to deliver ingredients to your door rather than the meal already prepared, ready to drop into the microwave or a conventional oven. That’s fine if you have time to cook and love to be involved in the process. With kids in particular, it’s good for them to participate in cooking so they are more apt to eat things that are unfamiliar to them.

Some people simply have too little time. They aren’t necessarily inept in the kitchen and they might love to shop and cook, but so many days are crammed with appointments. They want a week’s worth of dishes delivered to their doors.

Healthy Food Finds

What is the number one thing frustrating you in the ready-to-eat market right now? Is it price, quality, or the prevalence of ingredients you want or even need to avoid? Boyer has developed meals that are naturally almost completely free of allergens such as gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar. These are the top health culprits today accounting for many of the conditions modern Americans suffer from including gastric problems, certain cancers, and Type 2 Diabetes.


Your life is chaotic, but meal time can be easy with scheduling that bends to your needs. Find out about different delivery options for meals and snacks from PALETA. Customize delivery time and contents to suit your dietary needs and preferences including exotic, vegetarian, and vegan options.

Just to get you started, PALETA offers a Trust Me Trial Meal Plan for three days, free of charge. The company is confident you will be hooked. They also offer weight-loss plans, pregnancy plans, Paleo, and gluten-free products.

Food and More

Mainly, this is a menu delivery system, but there’s more to it than that. Boyer wants customers to be healthy and happy, so she has introduced supplements like cleanses, drinks, snacks for healthy nibbling, even boxed water. Cleanse your body, lose weight, feel great, and don’t think about it, not even for a minute.


What sorts of snacks are healthier than other snacks you can already buy at the supermarket? What about energy bars? These are hand-crafted, not mass-produced; something a little different. They really are better than most. Bars contain very little sugar, are 100% natural, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. Try nutty mixtures, protein-packed snacks, fruits without high-fructose corn syrup, and more.

Menu items cover your whole day. A sample from the Paleo/Gluten-Free menu includes Grilled Oro Grapefruit, Curried Turkey, and Coconut Flan.

Fresh N’ Lean: Food To Your Door

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The people at Fresh n’ Lean promote a two-fold ideal: to make eating easy and to help you stay trim. Maybe that should read “become” trim because a lot of subscribers are starting from an unhealthy, unhappy place. Ordering junk food is too easy, so the only way to combat the temptation to eat poorly is to make it just as easy to order good food.

fresh-n-lean-boxThe Fresh n’ Lean Approach

Here is how they do it. Firstly, they start with quality ingredients. You know the ones I mean; they tend to be lacking from a fast-food meal pack or are included only as a token acknowledgement that you need them at all.

Secondly, they develop menus that address the need for better nutrition, realizing that it is what we eat that often lands us in trouble. Thirdly, they help by providing foods that encourage weight loss, but not by religiously counting calories or carbohydrates.

That sort of thing can start problems too. Maybe weight loss is not the goal as much as health-gains, but either way, Fresh n’ Lean is here to help.

This is a vegan company; their foods are free of animal products, so you can’t help but become leaner and healthier. The vegan diet is well-known for helping people to get lean. Meals are also free of artificial and GMO ingredients.

Who Should I Choose Fresh N’ Lean?

If you want to establish a healthy diet and lose weight long term, this is a good place to start. Meals are excellent for people with Type 2 Diabetes or heart problems. Athletes, pre- and post-op patients, and anyone who appreciates the benefits of eating a vegan diet but don’t have enough time to do it right should contact Fresh n’ Lean for more information.

Special Delivery

What is stopping you from buying vegan ingredients and doing this yourself? Time is the culprit so often, but you do not have an excuse anymore. Fresh n’ Lean brings food to your door, prepared for you but still fresh. They consider theirs an affordable system. Let’s find out what is on the menu and how much it costs.

Gluten-free Example

Look at this meal plan for a start. Vegan food is not necessarily gluten-free, but this selection is and it is also free of wheat and other ingredients which cannot be consumed by individuals with Celiac Disease or wheat sensitivity. This is great for people with multiple sensitivities.

The menu is 100% organic, plant-based, non-GMO, and tasty as always. Choose a one-, two-, or three-day plan which could include French Riviera Lentils with Kale, St. Barths White Beans & Vegetables, or Tex Mex Quinoa.

Such an assortment covers lunch, dinner, breakfast, possibly snacks too depending on how you decide to eat the meals and what is included. Also, you can either select a meal plan that is pre-arranged or order individual meals as per your preferences. If your palate is adventurous, this could be a wild ride.

Seniors’ Eating

When you are a little older, it is easy to just skip meals, but that’s no good for brain, muscles, blood volume, heart health, blood sugar, or bones. Soon, a lot of health problems can start up if you are not eating right. Food delivery is a great way to maintain at least one side of a healthy lifestyle; exercise being part two. Senior meals are portioned for the realistic amount of food someone over the age of 65 is likely to eat so as to keep the value high and waste low.

The list of possible menus is quite long, so check out what they have in store. Customizable options are available if you can’t find exactly what you want.


Food is shipped using a courier service and can be tracked. The company emails you to indicate they have shipped your order. Since they can’t guarantee a time, make sure you have a place for UPS or FedEX to pop your food until you can get home. Wrapping is insulated, but keep it all cool in a shady place, maybe inside a large cooler, until you can put it all in the refrigerator or freezer. Fresh n’ Lean ships all over the United States.

How Long Does Food Last?

Ingredients do not contain artificial preservatives, so bear that in mind. That’s why you can’t receive a week’s or a month’s worth of food; it’s made to be eaten. Food made the natural way will go off faster than the stuff you find in conventional grocery store freezers; food that might have been there for months.

Fresh Ideas At Freshology

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Have you ever wished someone would look after dinner for you, but didn’t feel like going out for dinner? That is when you got out your pizza delivery app, right? Forget the high-carb, high-sugar, high-fat, salt-laden fast food option. You can now get healthy food delivered via subscription, thanks to online companies like Freshology. Don’t cave in to temptation and stay on the straight and narrow with your diet too.

Get to Know Freshology

Chefs at Freshology create meals from healthy ingredients to help you maintain or lose weight, lead a healthier life, or just eat regularly when life is hectic. One menu option is for new moms too tired to think about proper nutrition for them and their new babies.

Freshology believes in a “field to fork” approach which means you are not eating food made from factory-farmed ingredients. They get in touch with the earth, talk to real farmers, and bring old-fashioned values back to the modern kitchen.

Delivery Options for Real People’s Lives

They do this, yes, but with a modern twist: home delivery. Communities might gladly organize meal deliveries for new parents for a week or so, but this is more long-term and starts from a longer distance than just your neighborhood too. Order meals to keep coming for many months if you like. Freshology will deliver as long as you remain a subscriber.

Food Art

At Freshology, they see food as a medium for artistry of the best kind; interactive creations of quality. Although this is not fast food (or fast art), you will still experience the convenience of home-delivered meals, but they will be fresh, tasty, and innovative too. Specialized menus cater to the many food allergies, intolerances, and choices out there today.

From the Beginning

In 2005, a firm from Southern California got its start in the food-delivery business. They started by bringing fresh, varied meals to people’s homes to help them lose weight or to complement fitness programs. Today they deliver well beyond the reach of Southern California. When you click on their site, software detects your location and can tell if you are located in a delivery area or not.

Foods They Use

Low glycemic foods are a hot topic because of the rise in Type 2 Diabetes. Even just trying to balance blood sugar for the sake of preventing that “hangry” feeling is helpful to many people who can’t manage regular meals. Many of the ingredients used here are low-sugar and it’s just natural to include them in your meals.

Expect ingredients to be tastier than you are used to if you generally buy whatever you can find in a grocery store without looking at where it came from. A lot of foods we eat in the West start out un-ripened from their starting point and arrive, days or weeks later, finally ripened but lacking the flavor of fruits allowed to mature on the tree, on the vine, or in the ground.

Menus from Freshology

Look up their sample menus. They are suited to people trying to lose weight quickly, new mothers, athletic types, vegetarians, and those who are simply approaching food from a healthy perspective respectively.

One sample menu, selected for weight loss, included Scrambled Eggs, Cheddar, and Chicken Apple Sausage for Breakfast. Lunch consisted of a Middle Eastern Inspired Artichoke Salad plus Cucumber-Mint Dressing. Dinner was Roasted Chicken Breast with Fajita Style Vegetables and a single daily snack was an Open Faced Beef Slider, Cheddar Cheese, and Lettuce. That was Day One of a Three-day Plan.

Vegetarians would enjoy items like Vegetable Egg Scramble, Fresh Fruit, Grilled Focaccia, Asian Edamame Salad, Roasted Garlic Glazed Stuffed Portobello, and Chocolate Mousse. It is all so yummy, you might want to become a vegetarian for three days just to try it out.

Going Green

Freshology tries to be environmentally friendly. Efforts include finding local food sources to reduce carbon emissions from travel and to encourage small farms instead of big factories. These little businesses are careful about ethical farming methods. Packages are made from recycled materials and/or are recyclable when you finish using them.

Staying in Touch

The Freshology website is more like a community. Read their blog posts about healthy eating and healthy living. They post ideas for how to lose weight and stay fit. Get on-board with social media and connect with people who, like you, believe that eating right is a priority.

Their bodies deserve to be treated right and eating well is one way to go about that. Sign up for a newsletter, delivered electronically, and learn about promotions from Freshology.

The New GoPro Karma

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In October, just in time for Christmas orders, the GoPro Karma hits shelves both real and virtual. You know the GoPro, right? Everyone has heard of this photography and video drone by now, but as they say at GoPro, the Karma is more than a drone. It’s a technical wonder to behold. The shutterbug in your life, keen to go as far as possible with this creative hobby, will be excited to receive one under the Christmas tree.


Salient Selling Points

Read about the highlights of owning and operating this latest piece of technology and you might not care that it costs about $800. Really, for the fun it brings, this price might well be worth your while, especially if it keeps teenagers and young adults involved in something intelligent, fun, and safe.

The GoPro Karma is very light. It comes with a wearable case because, even with propellers, it’s not too long or bulky to wear on your back like a knapsack. The Karma itself measures only 303 x 411 x 117 mm but manages to withstand wind speeds of up to 22 mph.

The R&D department has also created a machine that is easy enough for small people to use with supervision. If you already own a Hero 4 or 5, the GoPro Karma is compatible, so you don’t have to buy new accessories either.

New for Your Phone

In October, about the time this fantastic device is launched, GoPro will also release an app to go with the Karma. Install this onto your phone and have friends do the same with their phones so you can stay in touch. This way they can watch videos and scan shots you took using the Karma which comes with a stabilization grip to help you take steady images on the move.

On the Go with GoPro

There is a good chance, however, that you are not planning to attach the Karma to your own bicycle or car. This thing was made to fly; hence, propellers sit at the top waiting to get going. Lots of accessories provide diverse opportunity for exploration and stabilization; however, propellers will take a GoPro furthest.

The Karma flies a maximum of 1000m away from the controller and up to 4500m into the sky. That’s a long way up; suitable for taking the most stunning pictures imaginable. Capture a bird’s eye view of the city below your favorite view point, a natural wonderland spreading out from the foot of a mountain trail; or simply explore your region and wow onlookers.

Everyone will want to know what that whirring sound is and they will be surprised to see your GoPro Karma hovering a little way above them, capturing images. Just be sure you don’t invade anyone’s privacy. For inspiration, visit YouTube and find out what other GoPro enthusiasts have been doing with their devices. They are certainly great for tourism.

More Technical Details

Although those are the heights and distances you can achieve, owners of the GoPro Karma are actually slaves to their battery. The Karma can keep going for up to 4 hours when fully charged, though, so this is pretty good when you are miles from home and from any sort of charging port. Batteries for the various parts including the controller take from one to 2 ½ hours to charge. When ready to go, they supply 720p resolution on a 5-inch screen; amazing.

About GoPro

Nicholas Woodman developed the GoPro to be an agile tool for photographers and videographers. Applications of this technology have been diverse: from police car chases to military usage; filming wildlife stories to covering local festivals. His idea has gripped the western world.

GoPro technology has expanded our view of the world and enlarged the scope of what we can see and do. With its help, the beauty of this world is more accessible. Meanwhile, drones and cameras that can fly have allowed people to take video footage to a whole new dimension.

Tips For Stress-free Back To School Shopping


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The season is upon us: back to school shopping has started already, even though there are a few weeks left to soak up the sun and relax on a beach. This can be a really stressful time for parents and kids because of peer pressure, money worries, or just not knowing what they need. There are a few ways to reduce concerns about all of these considerations and beat the rush simultaneously.

Get the List

Start out by knowing what you need, not guessing. Schools usually post a list somewhere which indicates the full extent of necessary supplies; probably online if a list didn’t come home with a student’s report card.


Even if you only access last year’s list online, it will not have changed much. Assemble what your children already have. Dig around and see what you can find in the house. There is a good chance erasers and pencils, maybe pencil crayons and other items, have not been used up or perhaps not even used at all.

Check specifications carefully so as to purchase the right type of art pencils and the right size of backpack so you only go through this once. Maybe a neighbor’s older children don’t use their protractor and other tools anymore and their parents will gladly pass them along.

Lower the Cost of Back to School Shopping

If you have to pay shipping costs or travel an hour to reach a sale, it had better be worth your while. There is a good chance that reasonable prices can be located within your local area, saving you time and possibly money. Maybe the sale price is great, but not when you add up the full cost of getting to the city and staying for three or four hours.

Perhaps families won’t save at the checkout by shopping locally, but think of what it would cost in gasoline to travel to a bigger mall with larger savings; other spending you might do if you traveled such as buying lunch or impulse shopping; and the price of shipping on certain online items, if they are available online.

Very low-cost items such as $0.10 packs of paper or notebooks are often sold at that rate until you reach the maximum number. If you need more than the maximum, send someone else in to buy the rest of what you want at the lowest price.

Don’t be lured by a sticker that says “50% off” just because this is a big sale. First, find out how much the item cost to start with. You might still do really well with a full-priced item that was already economical, but in some instances it’s not economical to be cheap. Really inexpensive backpacks last less than a year without ripping on the inside. Even packs twice the price, however, are likely to give you only a year before zippers break.

Check the Dress Code

Part of back-to-school shopping is ensuring kids who do not wear uniforms are appropriately dressed. Be prepared for the weather, for field trips, and for the school dress code. You will feel like a fool with your bags of new sale-priced shirts and pants if, when you read the school website, it turns out these are not permitted for some reason. As a simple rule, tweens and teens are not allowed to wear crop tops and spaghetti straps or very low-cut shirts. Skirts probably have to reach mid-thigh and boys have to be careful about the graphics on their t-shirts.

The Lunch Kit

Kids love receiving a new kit for school lunches. Think ahead to lunches for the autumn, winter, and spring. Will the kit be able to tidily store all types of foods without leaking and an adequate amount of food as well? Maybe current equipment is adequate. If lunch kits are ripped or zippers don’t work, though, start again. You don’t want food falling out and becoming dirty or squished.

FiberFix Products And Where To Find Them

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FiberFix could be an amazing, miraculous product. It is unrealistic to imagine this product will fix anything, but its background is impressive. The people behind this product are not gamers or software programmers; a real engineer conducted real tests on their creation and it stood up well to the pressure.

Ad Claims

According to commercials, FiberFix withstands very high heat and very low temperatures as well. Some adhesives would lose you at this point because they would look and work great on, say, a heating pipe, but once the pipe got hot the tape would come undone. Not FiberFix: that’s what it was made for.

Demonstrations show it in comparison to duct tape which is flexible whereas FiberFix is not. Place it under the pressure of impact as demonstrated on TV and see just how serious this adhesive is. FiberFix could, in fact, be dangerous in unprepared hands. Always wear gloves and prepare properly to use this tape because once it hardens, there is no going back.

The ads claim this adhesive is as strong as steel. From their roll cage demonstration (see video below), I would agree. Cement is very hard but can still be cracked and smashed. It doesn’t appear possible to do such a thing with FiberFix.

Never leave it in the hands of people who are just playing around or allow children to conduct a fix with it. Always wear the gloves included with your kit, kindly made from plastic and not latex so they won’t affect individuals with a latex allergy.

How Is FiberFix Packaged?

You can buy rolls in three widths: 1, 2, and 4 inches.


These are all the same quality but you do not need to roll it around an item as many times when the tape is wide, and in narrower places a 1-inch roll is more practical. Layers are what make this tape work, however, so don’t think you will save yourself some work and some money by just rolling the tape around itself one time. Resin in this fibrous tape is wetted and allowed to dry hard as solid steel.

There are also versions specifically for pipes and tubes, like sleeves, but the rolls are just as good and flat patches are not as successful because when they dry they can be ripped off of a surface. Maybe one day the FiberFix team will come up with something better than their current patch. In the meantime, layering is its strength.

Order Online or in Person

Customers can enter almost any major hardware store and find FiberFix on the shelves. It’s carried at Canadian Tire, Lowe’s, and also general shops like Walmart. Find it online at Amazon and the company’s own website.

See our FiberFix deals from Amazon Here

Some of the pricing from is considered better than elsewhere if you want to buy a bundle consisting of several versions of the tape, but shipping will increase that price considerably. Buying in person is potentially cheaper, or through Amazon for Prime members.

Hype or Reality?

Reviews are a little skeptical: how can anything as simple as tape harden to a steely finish? How many places will one find it to be an ineffective fix? If a surface is glossy, it won’t work, but sand that down a little and the tape will adhere. As for testing, in some cases you will just have to try it and see. There are automotive and household applications galore.


Anyone who says a fix with FiberFix isn’t pretty is completely right, and beauty was never advertised as one of its characteristics. What you get is a tough finished job, but there is a way to make your repair look better.

Sanding the outside will not damage the job you just did. In fact, nothing short of a heavy electrical saw or an explosion will undo your work. Merely sanding the exterior is completely safe. Once smooth, the surface can be painted.

Apple Watch Series 2: More Than A Watch

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It’s a watch. Wait, no, it’s a fitness tool. Hold on, this is a phone, right? Actually, all of these statements are true of the Apple Watch Series 2.

Apple’s latest Christmas stocking stuffer is a combination of every tech tool you could possibly need for any situation on any given day.

With so many style options too, it will be easy to coordinate the Apple Watch Series 2 with your wardrobe for work or for play.


Image: Apple

Fitness Functions

The highlight of Apple’s Series 2 time-keeper is its role as your fitness guru. This watch is like a Fit Bit, recording data all day to indicate the value of every action you perform. Find out how many steps you walked, the miles you ran, laps you swum, or kilometers you cycled.

You don’t have to be in the middle of workout; just the usual daily routine counts towards your objectives. Capable of withstanding 50M of water immersion, swimming is obviously no problem and neither is running in the rain with your high-tech watch.

Learn how many calories you burned. Follow a map of the route you took after a workout. Set goals for yourself then track them on the watch in the form of rings. These colorful visuals are a simple means of tracking progress. How far do you want to walk every day? The circle will close itself when you meet that goal; it’s genius, great for those who respond best to visual clues.

A heart sensor built into the band records your heart rate accurately. This is important, particularly for people who are training for competition, trying to lose weight safely, or who have any health concerns. Make sure your heart rate goes high enough to do some good. Ensure it doesn’t climb so high your heart could give out at any moment.

Social Software

Apple has enabled their Series 2 watch for social engagement, particularly as it pertains to fitness. Consumers can compete with other people wearing the same watch and motivate each other towards better performance.

Get your friends involved and prompt each other to stick with the aim of improving fitness, stamina, and strength. Add a coaching element and award badges and this is a complete personal trainer. There are 12 indoor and outdoor workouts available plus 5 metrics.

Coach’s Corner

Do you respond well to a little bit of prompting? Engage the coaching app on your Apple Watch Series 2. This will remind you to get moving when you have been sedentary for too long. Use it to tap into a quieter side of your mind when you are stressed and breathing too hard.

Apple’s idea of fitness is well-rounded. Burning calories is just one small component; defeating stress is another. High stress can contribute to weight gain and cause heart problems. It tires you out before you get around to walking, running, or swimming.

Apps Abound

Although the Series 2 comes with its own apps, there are probably lots you already downloaded on your iPhone. Easily transfer those fitness tools you find useful such as yoga and running programs. You don’t have to start again.

Also, use your iPhone to track data from each workout recorded on the Series 2 Watch. Set up for wheelchair exercise too; this Apple device is ready to help you meet every challenge.

More than a Watch

How does the Apple Watch Series 2 follow your every move? It’s easy with GPS in the system already. This connects to satellite right away with no waiting and the processor is lightning fast. Also, the screen is doubly bright, so you can easily read it in failing light.

Use this watch as a phone to stay in touch with people without having to pull out a separate device. No matter how you look at it, the Apple Series 2 Watch can prevent users from losing their way.

Apple will release their exciting new multi-purpose accessory in mid-September, in time to add it to your Christmas list. Maybe eating too much turkey and pumpkin pie will prompt some consumers to ask for their gift a little early.

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