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FiberFix could be an amazing, miraculous product. It is unrealistic to imagine this product will fix anything, but its background is impressive. The people behind this product are not gamers or software programmers; a real engineer conducted real tests on their creation and it stood up well to the pressure.

Ad Claims

According to commercials, FiberFix withstands very high heat and very low temperatures as well. Some adhesives would lose you at this point because they would look and work great on, say, a heating pipe, but once the pipe got hot the tape would come undone. Not FiberFix: that’s what it was made for.

Demonstrations show it in comparison to duct tape which is flexible whereas FiberFix is not. Place it under the pressure of impact as demonstrated on TV and see just how serious this adhesive is. FiberFix could, in fact, be dangerous in unprepared hands. Always wear gloves and prepare properly to use this tape because once it hardens, there is no going back.

The ads claim this adhesive is as strong as steel. From their roll cage demonstration (see video below), I would agree. Cement is very hard but can still be cracked and smashed. It doesn’t appear possible to do such a thing with FiberFix.

Never leave it in the hands of people who are just playing around or allow children to conduct a fix with it. Always wear the gloves included with your kit, kindly made from plastic and not latex so they won’t affect individuals with a latex allergy.

How Is FiberFix Packaged?

You can buy rolls in three widths: 1, 2, and 4 inches.


These are all the same quality but you do not need to roll it around an item as many times when the tape is wide, and in narrower places a 1-inch roll is more practical. Layers are what make this tape work, however, so don’t think you will save yourself some work and some money by just rolling the tape around itself one time. Resin in this fibrous tape is wetted and allowed to dry hard as solid steel.

There are also versions specifically for pipes and tubes, like sleeves, but the rolls are just as good and flat patches are not as successful because when they dry they can be ripped off of a surface. Maybe one day the FiberFix team will come up with something better than their current patch. In the meantime, layering is its strength.

Order Online or in Person

Customers can enter almost any major hardware store and find FiberFix on the shelves. It’s carried at Canadian Tire, Lowe’s, and also general shops like Walmart. Find it online at Amazon and the company’s own website.

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Some of the pricing from is considered better than elsewhere if you want to buy a bundle consisting of several versions of the tape, but shipping will increase that price considerably. Buying in person is potentially cheaper, or through Amazon for Prime members.

Hype or Reality?

Reviews are a little skeptical: how can anything as simple as tape harden to a steely finish? How many places will one find it to be an ineffective fix? If a surface is glossy, it won’t work, but sand that down a little and the tape will adhere. As for testing, in some cases you will just have to try it and see. There are automotive and household applications galore.


Anyone who says a fix with FiberFix isn’t pretty is completely right, and beauty was never advertised as one of its characteristics. What you get is a tough finished job, but there is a way to make your repair look better.

Sanding the outside will not damage the job you just did. In fact, nothing short of a heavy electrical saw or an explosion will undo your work. Merely sanding the exterior is completely safe. Once smooth, the surface can be painted.

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