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In October, just in time for Christmas orders, the GoPro Karma hits shelves both real and virtual. You know the GoPro, right? Everyone has heard of this photography and video drone by now, but as they say at GoPro, the Karma is more than a drone. It’s a technical wonder to behold. The shutterbug in your life, keen to go as far as possible with this creative hobby, will be excited to receive one under the Christmas tree.


Salient Selling Points

Read about the highlights of owning and operating this latest piece of technology and you might not care that it costs about $800. Really, for the fun it brings, this price might well be worth your while, especially if it keeps teenagers and young adults involved in something intelligent, fun, and safe.

The GoPro Karma is very light. It comes with a wearable case because, even with propellers, it’s not too long or bulky to wear on your back like a knapsack. The Karma itself measures only 303 x 411 x 117 mm but manages to withstand wind speeds of up to 22 mph.

The R&D department has also created a machine that is easy enough for small people to use with supervision. If you already own a Hero 4 or 5, the GoPro Karma is compatible, so you don’t have to buy new accessories either.

New for Your Phone

In October, about the time this fantastic device is launched, GoPro will also release an app to go with the Karma. Install this onto your phone and have friends do the same with their phones so you can stay in touch. This way they can watch videos and scan shots you took using the Karma which comes with a stabilization grip to help you take steady images on the move.

On the Go with GoPro

There is a good chance, however, that you are not planning to attach the Karma to your own bicycle or car. This thing was made to fly; hence, propellers sit at the top waiting to get going. Lots of accessories provide diverse opportunity for exploration and stabilization; however, propellers will take a GoPro furthest.

The Karma flies a maximum of 1000m away from the controller and up to 4500m into the sky. That’s a long way up; suitable for taking the most stunning pictures imaginable. Capture a bird’s eye view of the city below your favorite view point, a natural wonderland spreading out from the foot of a mountain trail; or simply explore your region and wow onlookers.

Everyone will want to know what that whirring sound is and they will be surprised to see your GoPro Karma hovering a little way above them, capturing images. Just be sure you don’t invade anyone’s privacy. For inspiration, visit YouTube and find out what other GoPro enthusiasts have been doing with their devices. They are certainly great for tourism.

More Technical Details

Although those are the heights and distances you can achieve, owners of the GoPro Karma are actually slaves to their battery. The Karma can keep going for up to 4 hours when fully charged, though, so this is pretty good when you are miles from home and from any sort of charging port. Batteries for the various parts including the controller take from one to 2 ½ hours to charge. When ready to go, they supply 720p resolution on a 5-inch screen; amazing.

About GoPro

Nicholas Woodman developed the GoPro to be an agile tool for photographers and videographers. Applications of this technology have been diverse: from police car chases to military usage; filming wildlife stories to covering local festivals. His idea has gripped the western world.

GoPro technology has expanded our view of the world and enlarged the scope of what we can see and do. With its help, the beauty of this world is more accessible. Meanwhile, drones and cameras that can fly have allowed people to take video footage to a whole new dimension.

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