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It’s a watch. Wait, no, it’s a fitness tool. Hold on, this is a phone, right? Actually, all of these statements are true of the Apple Watch Series 2.

Apple’s latest Christmas stocking stuffer is a combination of every tech tool you could possibly need for any situation on any given day.

With so many style options too, it will be easy to coordinate the Apple Watch Series 2 with your wardrobe for work or for play.


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Fitness Functions

The highlight of Apple’s Series 2 time-keeper is its role as your fitness guru. This watch is like a Fit Bit, recording data all day to indicate the value of every action you perform. Find out how many steps you walked, the miles you ran, laps you swum, or kilometers you cycled.

You don’t have to be in the middle of workout; just the usual daily routine counts towards your objectives. Capable of withstanding 50M of water immersion, swimming is obviously no problem and neither is running in the rain with your high-tech watch.

Learn how many calories you burned. Follow a map of the route you took after a workout. Set goals for yourself then track them on the watch in the form of rings. These colorful visuals are a simple means of tracking progress. How far do you want to walk every day? The circle will close itself when you meet that goal; it’s genius, great for those who respond best to visual clues.

A heart sensor built into the band records your heart rate accurately. This is important, particularly for people who are training for competition, trying to lose weight safely, or who have any health concerns. Make sure your heart rate goes high enough to do some good. Ensure it doesn’t climb so high your heart could give out at any moment.

Social Software

Apple has enabled their Series 2 watch for social engagement, particularly as it pertains to fitness. Consumers can compete with other people wearing the same watch and motivate each other towards better performance.

Get your friends involved and prompt each other to stick with the aim of improving fitness, stamina, and strength. Add a coaching element and award badges and this is a complete personal trainer. There are 12 indoor and outdoor workouts available plus 5 metrics.

Coach’s Corner

Do you respond well to a little bit of prompting? Engage the coaching app on your Apple Watch Series 2. This will remind you to get moving when you have been sedentary for too long. Use it to tap into a quieter side of your mind when you are stressed and breathing too hard.

Apple’s idea of fitness is well-rounded. Burning calories is just one small component; defeating stress is another. High stress can contribute to weight gain and cause heart problems. It tires you out before you get around to walking, running, or swimming.

Apps Abound

Although the Series 2 comes with its own apps, there are probably lots you already downloaded on your iPhone. Easily transfer those fitness tools you find useful such as yoga and running programs. You don’t have to start again.

Also, use your iPhone to track data from each workout recorded on the Series 2 Watch. Set up for wheelchair exercise too; this Apple device is ready to help you meet every challenge.

More than a Watch

How does the Apple Watch Series 2 follow your every move? It’s easy with GPS in the system already. This connects to satellite right away with no waiting and the processor is lightning fast. Also, the screen is doubly bright, so you can easily read it in failing light.

Use this watch as a phone to stay in touch with people without having to pull out a separate device. No matter how you look at it, the Apple Series 2 Watch can prevent users from losing their way.

Apple will release their exciting new multi-purpose accessory in mid-September, in time to add it to your Christmas list. Maybe eating too much turkey and pumpkin pie will prompt some consumers to ask for their gift a little early.

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