What Is Golden Milk?

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The health food industry is always trying to sell us another new miracle: the cure to aging, cancer, colds, allergies, etc. There are teas, supplements, vitamins, and even some natural recipes which are hitting the internet these days, seemingly a new one every day. One of these is Golden Milk.

turmeric-in-wooden-spoonTaking Advantage of Asian Wisdom

Many of us know that the foods we are supposed to eat for weight loss, inflammation fighting, to fight colds, flus, enhance energy, sleep better, and to defeat depression come from countries like China and India. Turmeric is used heavily in Indian cooking and gives foods a lovely yellow color. Though not as hot as many Indian and Thai spices, turmeric will add a warm quality to foods and drinks.

Golden Milk and Turmeric

This is a real drink, something to warm up and sip on cold days or chill and drink slowly on hot days. Turmeric is the number one ingredient since it is considered to be one of those “super foods” I was just talking about the way green tea, ginger, and goji berries are thought to be “super foods.”

A variety of food professionals and health food experts propose their own ways of making this drink. The good news is that it’s flexible; do what works for you. Just be sure to use turmeric that is still in-date if sprinkling powdered turmeric into the milk. If it’s out of date, the active elements are pretty dormant.

Turmeric root is even better. You could say the same for other ingredients. Make sure they are fresh, organic, and non-GMO for best results. Finally, turmeric does no good combined with ingredients that you don’t stomach too well. If you can’t drink dairy milk, turmeric won’t suddenly make you lactose-tolerant.

Why Is Turmeric So Good for You?

Studies show that turmeric’s most beneficial component is curcumin, a nutrient known to possess many benefits. There is a possibility that natural remedies containing curcumin might be as good as if not better than pharmaceutical medicines including steroids and pain killers.

For example, some doctors and scientists relate turmeric to reduced inflammation among arthritis sufferers, people with Type 2 Diabetes, cancer patients, and individuals with digestive complaints. Any form of inflammatory condition responds well to curcumin including arthritis and IBS. One’s entire immune system benefits overall.

Turmeric in Milk?

It might not be your first thought, but turmeric plus black pepper and milk could be a solution to many illnesses. The pepper is said to increase curcumin uptake. Use dairy milk if you like it but consider non-GMO, organic soy, almond, coconut, or rice replacements to make this work for your gastric situation.

Almond milk is aromatic but coconut milk gives you that exotic finish milk without losing the wonderful and interesting flavor of lightly spicy milk enhanced with a touch of honey and some coconut oil. Skip coconut oil if you like, although it is also considered a very good nutrient with beneficial fats that support brain health and general well-being.

Ginger is a great addition too, both warm and spicy. Ginger complements all the ingredients listed here, promoting the exotic qualities of golden milk and adding antioxidants to fight winter colds.

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