Getting the Most Out of Coupon Use


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I am sure most of us cannot deny the joy of buying a product for a less than the original price! It is a satisfying moment where you feel that you are on the winning side of the deal. Nowadays, with the drastic increase in online shopping, online retailers are increasingly using coupons to enrich the shopping experience for their customers.

Hence, for example, you are shopping online from the comfort of your home and finally arrived at the checkout page.  After a long time of carefully choosing and comparing your buys, you are baffled by the “Insert Promo Code Here” boxes. You know it is something you want to but you are completely clueless about how to use this option efficiently.

Well let’s tackle this world of coupons in a few easy steps:

  • If you do not have online coupons, find out an online coupon database like those found on this website which offers coupons from your desired stores and brands.
  • Before you go on a hunting and comparing mission of your favorite products, for instance, the right shoe for you with the right price tag, visit these online coupon databases. They will give you a fair idea of which brands are offering the right deals and will also go a further step to display comparisons of different deals.
  • Do not procrastinate in shopping! If you like a deal and if it seems really attractive, don’t wait too long. There might be scores of other users interested in the very deal which could end up in the deal ending due to sold out items. Deals also come with an expiry date which needs to be noted.
  • Make a list of all the things you want before embarking on this journey of saving money. Many retailers offer their customers more discount when they purchase more. So basically the more you spend the more percentage discount you get on it. Hence shop smartly and try to buy your required products from the same retailer all at once to save more.
  • Keep a lookout for online retailers which allow you to use multiple coupons on the same item (a strategy we also discuss on this page). For instance, using a promotional code with a sale item. This can result in amazing buys and a truly pleasurable shopping experience.

Now your online shopping experience along with these no-brainer usage of promotional codes will get your shopping right to your doorstep effortlessly and with a discount!

Using Promo Codes To Save Money


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Generally speaking, when thinking about saving money, the normal perception is that it takes a lot of work. However, when shopping online and especially when using online coupon codes to save money, the whole procedure is relatively effortless.

The whole idea of saving money by using coupon codes online starts of with acquiring the right coupon codes which will give you the maximum benefit.

Some of the types of discounts catered to by using these coupon codes are as following:

  • A fixed amount off of your purchase. This is very convenient when purchasing items of low costs. For instance, $3 off an item worth $10 is a good discount compared to $3 off an item worth $100.
  • A percentage amount off your purchase. This is very convenient when purchasing items of a high price tag. Since if it is an item worth less, let’s say maybe $10, a 35% discount will save you only $3.5 while an item worth $100 will result in a $30 discount.
  • Sometimes coupon codes, like we cover on this site, do not offer any amount off of the item you are purchasing but rather offers you with discounts on shipping fees. It might be a fixed amount off, a percentage discount or even free of cost!

Once you have found your perfect pick from the pool of coupon codes, you can start using some of the following tricks to maximize discounts.

  • Combine and compound your discounts. This is only possible if the retailer you are dealing with allows for multiple coupon codes to be used on the same item. If this allowance is available, you can go ahead and save more by trying your luck on stacking different coupon codes to increase the discount. The most common example of stacking of coupon codes is the combination of a code for discounts on items with a code for discounted or free shipping.
  • Save more by buying more. Many retailers offer a greater discount if you purchase more from them. If you have a shopping list where all the items can be bought from the same store online, go ahead and buy them at once for a large price cut at the checkout page. Just beware of extreme couponing, which we discuss in this article.

Once you have an idea of where to find the right coupons and how to use them for maximum discounts, the whole saving money procedure is quite effortless. So start clicking away and saving money!


How to Not Go Overboard with Discount Codes


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Everyone wants to save money and get the best deal on the things they buy. Using online coupons whilst shopping online is a great way to save money. However, is there anything such as extreme couponing?

Yes, definitely. If a shopper ends up buying things they do not need or even worse, things they should not buy, in large amounts, just because they want to use a couple of coupons, it is definitely extreme couponing. In such cases, coupons would lead to wastage of money rather than saving.

The result of extreme couponing is hoarding and stockpiling of unnecessary products and a waste of time. Just because you have a coupon does not mean that you can buy anything and everything to save money.

Here are a couple of ways you can avoid extreme couponing in order to save money (also click here for more coupon strategies):

  • Make a list of things you really need or will be able to use in the future effectively. If you do not keep such a list in your mind, you can end up buying things you already have in store or do not need just because you have the incentive of getting discounts.
  • However, if you use coupons to avail deals to stock up on items which you will use and need in the near future you can save a lot of money. For instance, if you stock up on non-perishable items such as diapers for a duration for which you know your baby will not outgrow them, you will surely save a lot of money and regular trips to the store.
  • Only keep the coupons you know will benefit you and trash the ones which will lead to mindless shopping. This will prevent you from buying large quantities of items just because you have the urge to use a couple of such coupons. This habit usually leads to a massive surplus of items which eventually go to waste or end up using a large storage space. It can be tempting when finding so many discounts like we provide here, but resist the temptation.
  • Understand your coupons. Online retailers often have different coupon policies. For instance, some will allow you to stack up coupons or others will allow you to use coupons on already discounted items. Therefore, it is better to retain coupons of such stores while discarding coupons for stores which have rather strict policies.

Therefore, the best way to save money by using coupons is to use them in moderation and for the things you will use.

Use These Methods for Getting Discounts


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Gone are the days of only reaping the benefits of traditional sales in stores and the traditional clippings of tangible paper coupons in the mail, newspapers, magazines or flyers at the grocery stores. There is now a whole new world of online shopping.

It is all a lot simpler now. Everything from the comfort of your home. Even saving money! There are online sales and clearances which result in an obvious saving of money. However, use of online promotional codes makes you go an extra mile into saving even more money.

The optimal use of coupons lies all in your knowledge of the best deals on that particular product.

This means that if you have the right information regarding the ongoing promotions, you get the deal, otherwise, you end up paying the full price while your more ‘knowledgeable’ friend paid almost half the price for the very thing! They must be using tactics like these linked here!

It does seem like a lot of work and research. However, once you get the hang of it, using your online coupon codes becomes an effortless endeavor.

The main idea is to find the right promotional code for the required purchase which will help you save money while shopping online. You could do this by searching online on search engines through general search terms or go a bit further with an ultra-specific search.

This will help you find sites which keep track of these codes. These coupon and deal websites, like this site,  also show you stores or brands offering similar promotions so you can choose the best coupon code by comparing and contrasting easily.

Whatever the method is the main idea is to research and find the right free coupons from online databases or invest a little and buy them. In the latter case keep in mind:

  • In the end of it all, you must be paying less as compared to buying the items on original prices.
  • That the site is trustworthy and is not costing you a fortune to buy the coupons. These priced coupons should be very cheap, for instance, an item worth $1500 might have a coupon worth $10 which would give a discount of maybe of $200-250.

Therefore, a little bit of browsing or researching can help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars while shopping online. This is undeniably a relatively effortless way of saving money.

Special Deals to Look For When Shopping Online


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Deals everywhere! Whether it is a festive season, an end of season time or even a store clearance, customers are sure to be baffled by the numerous deals around them. What to choose and what not to becomes a tough decision when everything seems quite interesting.

When shopping online the same puzzling scenario confronts shoppers. When all retailers are trying to lure you into buying from them, it is best to know what each deal is offering and which will help you in choosing the best one when shopping online. The main aim is to save as much money (we discuss many ways all over this site) as possible and this is the main factor in making the decision of which deal to choose.

Online retailers usually offer their deals in the form of online coupon codes. Here are some types of deals which might be offered:

  1. First Time Shopper Deal

Many online retailers recognize their first-time shoppers and offer them coupon codes for discount deals.

  1. Total Purchase Deal

The deal here is that the more you spend the more reward you get. Coupon codes with percentage discount on your total purchase or with free shipping with more dollars spent are offered by many retailers online.

  1. Exclusive Social Offer Deal

Specially designed for social networks. These coupon codes offer deals to shoppers who like, follow or share their brand on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Customer Loyalty Deal

This kind of deal usually depends on a point system. It begins with the shopper registering with the retailer online and then collecting points on each transaction. Coupon codes are provided to customers when they gather a certain number of points. The more points the shopper collects the more discount he/she gets.

  1. Email/Newsletter Deal

If you subscribe to your favorite retailer’s email or newsletter list, you are sure to get rewarding deals via regular coupon codes like these ones over here.

  1. Weekly/Monthly Deal

One of the most common kinds of deal is a weekly or monthly coupon code provided to the customer which may be in the form of a percentage discount, a fixed discount, a free gift or even free shipping.

Now since you have a rough idea of which type of deals are available through the online coupon codes and which ones maybe the most lucrative for you, go ahead and enter the world of these interesting deals and start saving money!

Spend Less by Using Coupon Websites


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On a task of saving money? Want to buy your favorite pair of shoes without burning that hole in your wallet. Just win the world of online coupon codes like we talk about here and you will save tons of money while shopping for your favorite things!

Here is how you can do it.

Firstly, get yourself some good coupons. Go on a scavenger hunt on coupon database websites to end up with coupons which fulfill your needs. You can even buy coupons which offer some great deals. However, make sure the money you put into buying these coupons should be very less as compared to the discount it offers.

There are easier ways to get hold of these coupons such as joining the store’s mailing list or regularly checking their websites for free coupons. Online retailers are always coming up with new ways to provide their customers with coupon codes, therefore, just keep a look out for these.

Secondly, use them wisely.

Make sure you save money instead of wasting money when using coupon codes. Couple of things to look out for:

  • If your coupon codes have an expiry date, make sure you keep a track of that especially if you actually bought them!
  • Always do math when choosing between ‘dollars off’ coupons and ‘percentage off’ coupons. For instance, if it is an item worth $10, a $5 off coupon is better than a 25% off coupon.
  • In cases where multiple coupons can be applied at the same item, it is again better to do a bit of math to conclude in which order the coupons should be used. For instance, for an item worth $100, it is better to use a 25% off coupon first and then a $15 off coupon to save more money!

Lastly, do not shop just to use the coupons. Many deals can only be availed when a certain minimum amount of purchase has been done. Do not mindlessly try to fulfill this criterion just to use the coupon. There is a high possibility that you might end up spending more than saving and that too, on items you actually do not need. It is always smart to have a fair idea of what all you actually need and set a budget accordingly. This way you will not get carried away in shopping, like a woman shopping for shoes (which we discuss here) just for the sake of using your coupon codes.

Now go ahead and conquer online shopping and save a lot of money!

Best Price on Shoes Online


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When it comes to shoes the list is endless. From boots to heels to slippers to pumps, the list goes on and on. To add to this confusion is the ever increasing list of shoe stores. Each repeatedly coming up with better designs and better quality. In such a maze, shoppers tend to look out for good deals on the price of shoes to cut down their shopping options.

There are many amazing deals out here in the malls and shopping areas. The same is provided in the online world of shopping via online coupon codes.

Here are some ways to get hold of good coupon codes to get the best bargains on your favorite pair of shoes:

  1. Weekly/Monthly Coupons

Retailers often post free weekly or monthly coupons on their websites to reward their customers. Ideal timings are the beginning of the month or the ending. Therefore, it is a good idea to periodically visit these websites.

  1. Pre-launch Coupons

Often when new stores pop up online, they invite people to buy from them using pre-launch coupons. Therefore, keep a lookout for such stores.

  1. First Time Shopper Coupons

Many retailers surprise their new shoppers to coupon codes with various types of discounts. If you are a newcomer to such an online store, then it is your lucky day!

  1. Total Purchase Coupons

Retailers often want customers to buy more from them therefore, they give them coupons with a greater discount if their total purchase is higher. So buy more to save more!

  1. Abandon cart Coupons

This is the most fun of all the ways. All you have to do is fill your online shopping cart with all your desired items and then just abandon it. Many retailers will get back to you and invite you to complete your transaction with a complimentary discount coupon!

  1. Referral Coupons

Referral coupons are gifted to you by online retailers when you recommend their online store to another person. So let more people know to earn more of these coupons.

  1. Social Networks Coupons

Follow, like or share the pages of some online retailers on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and get rewarded by exclusive coupon codes!

  1. Email/Newsletter Coupons

Register and join the email or newsletter list of online retailers to be pleasantly surprised with regular coupons codes.

The above, and also this page here, summarizes some of the many ways to find the right coupons to save tons of money on your next shoe shopping expedition!

Shop Online Without Breaking the Bank


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With the hard hit economy nowadays and recession always a reoccurring thing, everyone is strictly vigilant about their bank balance. Everyone’s aim is to keep it constant or make it better and passionately keep it from going down. There are two choices in such a situation, either curb spending to the minimum or continue spending but very economically.

When spending wisely, shoppers are always on the lookout for the best deals and discounts. When in the online realm, these promotions, discussed on this site, are often offered in the form of coupon codes.

These coupon codes when entered into the promotion code boxes at the checkout page of online shopping websites will result in a fixed amount discount or a percentage discount. Coupon codes are also used to give indirect discounts, such as promotions on shipping costs. Shipping cost discounts are also fixed amount discount or percentage discounts or even completely free.

These coupon codes are available to the customer directly in store purchases or via magazines, newspapers or brochures.

Customers can also sign up for emails with their favorite retailers to receive these coupons regularly via email. Additionally, social networks like Facebook and Twitter can also be used to get hold of coupon codes. Many retailers will notify you of their coupon codes once you like them or follow them on these social network apps. Both of these methods keep the customers up to date with the latest coupon codes and promotions.

Apart from the above, the customers can go on a self-search on coupon database websites online to find the coupon for the particular brand or item they are looking for.

Once the shopper has his or her hands on the desired coupon, they can save tons of money to better their bank accounts.

Apart from the direct discounts the coupons offer, customers can also use the tricks of stacking up coupons or spending more to save more to increase their savings further. There’s more here on that topic.

Stacking up codes allows the customers to use multiple coupons on the same item to reap the maximum discount benefits. This trick is applicable if the retailer does not restrict one coupon per item.

Some retailers offer a higher percentage discount on a higher total purchase. In this case, if the items are all needed, it makes sense to buy them all from the same retailer at once to increase savings.

In brief, by using coupon codes and using them wisely people can save money and better their bank balance effortlessly!

Pay Less by Using E-commerce Codes


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The use of coupon codes in online shopping can help shoppers save a lot of money. These coupon codes offer discounts in the form of fixed dollar amount off your purchase, a percentage amount off your purchase or discounted free shipping fee. Whatever the case, the main idea is that you save money!

What is the math behind the discounts offered by these coupon codes?

Sometimes the method is very straightforward and at other times it has its complicated catches. Therefore, the buyer needs to be smart about using coupons, which is talked about extensively on this site, wisely.

Following are some of the major ways in which coupons help in saving money:

  • Generally, the discounts offered by coupon codes will directly show you how much money you are saving. Nevertheless, it is always smarter to analyze the discounts a bit more.

For instance, percentage discounts, e.g. 10% off, is better for larger orders since it will result in greater discounts. Smaller orders are better off with fixed discounts.

  • Retailers often allow customers to stack their coupons. This idea is most popularly used by tying up a percentage or fixed dollar off coupon codes with shipping coupon codes. Shipping coupon codes might be a fixed dollar amount reduction, a percentage discount or even completely free of charge.

An example of the above scenario could be a free shipping coupon code on a minimum of $30 purchase. If you are already purchasing items worth $35 and getting a 25% off on that, then it makes sense to stack the free shipping code along with the percentage off coupon code.

Let’s say the shipping was worth $10 and you end up saving almost $18.75!

  • The more the customer buys, the more he or she is eligible for greater discounts. For example, there might be a minimum amount of spending which when done will result in free shipping.

If this scenario suits you, and you are willing to buy the additional items or you are way too close to the minimum, then this deal might save you an otherwise hefty shipping cost. You can read more about coupon usage in another post here.

An example of the above scenario is that if the shipping cost is $8.95 and you need to spend an extra $9, it is worth to buy and extra item and get the shipping completely free of cost.

Now you know the math so shop away smartly and save more!

Big Savings on Makeup with Promos


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Makeup products are a long term investment. Therefore, these products can have a very high price tag. Makeup shoppers are always looking for the best quality products with the best deal on the cost. Furthermore, the colorful and endless collection of makeup items always tempts ladies into regularly buying more to continually enhance their collection.

Using coupon codes like the ones you can read about on this site can help in the above endeavors while protecting you from spending way too much. With an endless variety of deals, good coupon codes for makeup shopping is an ideal shopping assistant.

The main question is where exactly to find these coupon codes?

Just a mere visit to the website of these makeup product retailers can help you get hold of some good coupons offering nice makeup deals. Conversely, join their mailing or newsletter list for even more up to date coupons.

If you watch makeup tutorials of retailers on YouTube, make sure you have a look at the description section. Many retailers often have coupon codes, like these ones, under their videos to reward their followers. In addition, the social networks like Facebook and Twitter are also rewarding customers who like, follow or share the brand of these makeup products.

Makeup product retailers are often introducing new products with an accompanying deal to encourage customers to try their products. The next time a new shade of your favorite lipstick brand turns up, keep an eye open for complimentary coupons.

Refer the new tint of eyeshadow you tried to a couple of friends and you will be rewarded with a referral coupon code!

The following way to find a great makeup coupon code is the easiest of it all. Just shop till you drop and leave your shopping cart idle. Many retailers will often track you and invite you to come back and finish your shopping expedition with a coupon deal to welcome you back.

The above are a few ways you can get hold of best makeup deals via coupon codes online. However, keep in mind that seeing discounts sparks this natural and almost reflux attraction in a human’s mind and almost lures you into falling into the ‘spending trap’.

Therefore, be smart and always weigh the pros and cons of the deal you are going to avail. Do a bit of math while dealing with ‘dollars off’ coupons, ‘percentage off’ coupons and shipping costs and enhance your makeup collection with ever increasing colors via great coupon deals just like we talk about on this page.

Save Money on Jewelry


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Whether it is an anniversary, birthday or even a seasonal gift, jewelry is sure to make most women happy. These attractive items are made of different materials. From the more expensive side of diamonds and gold to the lesser costly side of gold or silver plated and artificial. Whatever the type of jewelry is, a good piece is sure to hold a substantial price tag.

For the one buying these items, it is always a pleasant surprise to find the piece of jewelry they are interested in on a discounted price! The hole in their wallet is not that much after purchase and at the same time, they get to see the immense joy on the face of their loved ones.

While shopping online, these discounts are offered in the form of coupon codes, many of which we reveal here. There are many kinds of great deals offered by these coupons. Sometimes jewelers will offer discounts on a certain range or collection of their jewelry and at other luckier times, the whole store can be on sale.

Many times it is a good idea to visit your favorite or the most popular online jewelry retailer near festive occasions like Christmas, New Years, Eid or Diwali among many other festivities to avail some really good offers. There are also many other major occasions where gifting jewelry is a great idea and one of the main ones is Valentines Day.

Some of the other ways to find fantastic online coupons for big savings on jewelry shopping are:

  • Register yourself with your favorite online jewelry retailer and become a part of their mailing or newsletter list. Many stores send out free and the very latest coupon codes this way.
  • Like, follow or share the social network pages of these stores such as the ones on Facebook or Twitter. Many stores will reward such customers with free coupon codes for their loyalty to their brand.
  • Share the websites of these stores with other friends of yours looking for good jewelry buys, and you will surely be rewarded with great referral coupon codes like those discussed on this page.

Therefore, getting your hands on some fantastic online coupon codes for jewelry shopping is not too much work. Hence, just get online and do not wait too long to gift that perfect jewelry piece to your loved ones and actually end up saving a lot of money.

Best Deals to Save on Baby Items


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A few days are left for your special bundle of joy to arrive and you are now experiencing your nesting instincts. Making that special space for your newborn baby comes with a price tag, nonetheless.

You have so many items on those different lists you have created. From the items on the Hospital list to the long list of items for the baby, everything needs to be bought just in time. If on a limited budget the task of buying all the items for nursery, clothing and travelling needs for you baby can be quite hard.

Online shopping can be a savior for moms to be in such cases. Apart from the comfort it offers to shop from home rather than taking your bulging bump tiredly all over the mall, it also offers many discounts through the use of coupon codes, which we talk about in-depth on this site.

Coupon codes can help you save more and more through the following ways:

  • Fundamentally, coupon codes offer a fixed amount discount or a percentage discount on the price of the item you are intending to buy or on the shipping costs.

If you are buying an item worth more and have a choice between a percentage discount or a fixed amount discount, do a little bit of math and compare which one gives you the better savings.

  • Many online retailers allow their customers to stack coupon codes, like the ones we talk about on this page. Which means that they can use more than one type of discount on their purchase.

This deal is often offered to customers in a way so that they end up pairing a coupon code for discount on the price of the item and a shipping fee discount coupon code.

However, stores also let their customers combine two discount offers on the price of the item being purchased. In this case, it is also beneficial to do a little math before choosing in which order to pair the coupons.

For instance, if you have a 20% discount coupon code and a $15 off coupon code, it is wiser to first use the percentage coupon code on the original price and then the fixed amount coupon code.

  • Some retailers design their coupon codes in such a way as to give you larger discounts on total purchases which are higher. Therefore, have a good look at the baby items list and figure out the maximum items you can buy from the same retailer and buy it at once for maximum discount.

With all the offers and discounts provided by coupon codes moms to be can save hundreds of dollars when buying their baby items. Just start searching for the best available coupon codes and shop away for your little one.

Best Discounts for Entertainment Deals


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Giving discounts and offers to entice customers to shop more is one of the many important marketing tools. This method is not only confined to retail outlets. It has seeped into almost all forms of entertainment and leisure domains.

Therefore, if it is your next dine out at your favorite restaurant or a massage appointment at the spa that you love, be ready to pay less than the actual price with coupons like those provided on this site. The art of couponing has expanded to outdoor leisure activities like desert safari trips or boat trips to the little one’s entertainment like trips to their favorite theme parks.

Many of these coupons are available online. You can either buy them or they might be given to you complimentarily through your subscription or registration with another brand or company.

One of the most popular deals offered by coupons in this sector of the business world is the ‘Buy one get one free’ deal. In restaurants, this kind of deal can be offered in a variety of ways. For instance, when the main course item is ordered, another main course can be free. This deal is also highly used for tickets for entertainment and leisure purposes like that to a cinema or outdoor activities.

A few points to keep a look out for and prevent you from wasting your money while using these online coupon codes (if you’re looking for ways to find these coupons, check our guide here) are:

  • Most of these coupons come with an expiry date. Keep a track of this. It will be a very disappointing experience if you actually bought a coupon and completely forgot about it till it expired.

For such coupons, make sure you mark a date in your calendar as to when you will be using them, and make plans with friends or family beforehand.

  • Coupons for spas or salons can have deals on similar services or different paired up services.

If they are similar, make sure you book an appointment with a friend or a family member to avail the discount since it is not possible that you will be getting two haircuts on the same day!

For deals offered on different services make sure that you are willing to get those services done on the same day.

With all the above incentives of using online coupon codes and pointers on how to use them optimally, go ahead and entertain yourself while saving a lot of money.

Online Couponing 101


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The other day your friend bought the exact same bag you have and when you asked her the price you were sort of dumbfounded. While you were busy composing yourself, you calculated the price difference in your head and again you were stunned. It took you some time to digest the hefty price tag that your exact same bag came with. Once you got over it eventually, you asked her how on earth did this happen? Now another puzzling aspect comes in front of you – online coupon codes!

Your brain starts to fire up and you start to recollect those codes you saw on your receipts in store or those magazines and brochures you picked up randomly. Now it all starts making sense but you are completely dumb regarding them.

Well if you are reading this, worry no more because following is the simplest set of steps for dummies in the world of online coupon codes, just like we talk all about on this site here:

  1. Find the right coupon code

Either you will be lucky enough to get the desired coupon codes via in-store shopping or through magazines and brochures or you would have to work those fingers a little a bit more.

You can make the tiny effort to join the mailing list of your desired online store. You can also like them or follow them on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Many retailers will keep their customers updated with latest promotions and coupon codes via the above methods.

  1. Use properly

Once you have landed with the right coupon code (click here to find ways to get the best one), use it properly. Make sure you are aware of the expiration date. If the promotion is in demand, do not be lazy and use the coupon code at once while the stock lasts.

Please avoid the mistake of not entering the code properly in the promotion code box at the checkout page. Sometimes computer glitches will not apply the discounts properly and if you are lazy or in a haste, things can go wrong!

  1. Stack up to save more

Some stores allow multiple coupon codes to be used for the same item. If you are lucky in this way, combine your coupon codes for greater discounts.

  1. Buy more to save more

Retailers often want you to buy more from them. Rather it is always the case. Therefore, they will often give you more discount on more you buy from them. So if your pocket and shopping needs let you, go ahead and buy more to save more.

This brings us to the conclusion of ‘online couponing 101’ and as a graduate of this class, you are ready to shop and save to your heart’s content!

Common Myths When Using Promo Codes


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Generally, when people think of couponing, they often think about saving money. At times it seems like a very attractive deal and at other times it is just plain confusion. To make it even worse there are a lot of misconceptions about couponing.

Let us bust three major myths among many regarding coupon codes:

  1. Searching for coupons is just too time-consuming

This is not true most of the time. Coupons are now being made available to such an extent that it is almost annoying. Emails and newsletters or a simple visit to the store’s website are sure to land you with a couple of good coupons.

Even if you have to work to get hold of your desired coupons, and there’s a lot of websites where you can find them, it is still not much of an effort. Just going on websites which hold a database of such coupons and searching through with the ease of filters is quite quick.

  1. Coupons make you buy more things than you actually need or will not buy otherwise

This myth is really a measure of the shopper’s self-control. Buying just for the sake of using coupons is definitely a wastage of money and will lead to buying things which are not useful. However, if you exercise self-control and only use coupons for things you actually need then you will be able to save a lot of money.

  1. Coupons are mostly offered for processed food or junk food

There is this large misunderstanding that coupons are mostly available for items which are not good for your health. Well, as far as this is concerned, coupons are available for all kinds of food items and not only for processed and junk food. There are many coupons out there for organic food stuff and if you can not get your hands on it directly, just visiting the websites of the brands you are looking for may get you some good coupons such as these ones.

Furthermore, when you use coupons for other essential daily usable items such as toilet rolls, toothpaste or tissue boxes, you end up saving money. Why not use this money to buy healthier food? Here couponing is actually helping you get indirect discounts on a healthy diet!

In brief, taking full advantage of these coupon codes to save the most amount of money really depends on you smartly using them and exercising self-control.

Big Price Cuts When Shopping Smart


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Coupons, coupons everywhere! Whenever you visit any website for online shopping or just browsing, you will often see many coupons offering various kinds of deals. It all looks very tempting but is it really worth it?

Like every other kind of shopping experience, if you are smart with the way you use these coupon codes, you can actually save a lot of money in the long run.

Just be keen in making sure that the coupon is actually saving you money and not just forcing you to shop forcefully. Splurging into random shopping just because you saw a good coupon which offers a great deal will only lead to waste of money. However, if you can think smartly and do a little bit of math, like we show you over here, you can stay on top of it all by only using coupons which actually save you real money.

At the end of the day, the question is, can online coupons aid in money saving in the long run?

Yes, it is possible, and here are a few ways:

If you shop regularly from an online store, and often use a certain type of coupon, they will recognize you as a long term customer and reward you more to continue shopping with them. In this age of intense competition, online retailers might even keep a track of your shopping and the kind of coupon codes you use and reward you with more similar coupon codes.

Additionally, if the online store has a loyalty point system, something we speak more of on this site, and you end up buying more from them because of their amazing coupon deals, you also end up making your points. Therefore, in the long run you have more parallel discounts adding up.

Sometimes there are very attractive coupon codes for buying items in bulk. You have to be smart in deciding what is worth buying in bulk. Do not just stockpile and hoard leading to massive surplus of things for which you do not even have space for!

Make a list of things you repeatedly use and how often. These items if bought in bulk will not be wasted. Also make sure if perishable items are involved, you will be able to consume it in time. Non-perishable items like toilet paper are a safer bet in these cases. This will help you in buying really what you need in the long run.

Coupons, if used correctly, can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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