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A few days are left for your special bundle of joy to arrive and you are now experiencing your nesting instincts. Making that special space for your newborn baby comes with a price tag, nonetheless.

You have so many items on those different lists you have created. From the items on the Hospital list to the long list of items for the baby, everything needs to be bought just in time. If on a limited budget the task of buying all the items for nursery, clothing and travelling needs for you baby can be quite hard.

Online shopping can be a savior for moms to be in such cases. Apart from the comfort it offers to shop from home rather than taking your bulging bump tiredly all over the mall, it also offers many discounts through the use of coupon codes, which we talk about in-depth on this site.

Coupon codes can help you save more and more through the following ways:

  • Fundamentally, coupon codes offer a fixed amount discount or a percentage discount on the price of the item you are intending to buy or on the shipping costs.

If you are buying an item worth more and have a choice between a percentage discount or a fixed amount discount, do a little bit of math and compare which one gives you the better savings.

  • Many online retailers allow their customers to stack coupon codes, like the ones we talk about on this page. Which means that they can use more than one type of discount on their purchase.

This deal is often offered to customers in a way so that they end up pairing a coupon code for discount on the price of the item and a shipping fee discount coupon code.

However, stores also let their customers combine two discount offers on the price of the item being purchased. In this case, it is also beneficial to do a little math before choosing in which order to pair the coupons.

For instance, if you have a 20% discount coupon code and a $15 off coupon code, it is wiser to first use the percentage coupon code on the original price and then the fixed amount coupon code.

  • Some retailers design their coupon codes in such a way as to give you larger discounts on total purchases which are higher. Therefore, have a good look at the baby items list and figure out the maximum items you can buy from the same retailer and buy it at once for maximum discount.

With all the offers and discounts provided by coupon codes moms to be can save hundreds of dollars when buying their baby items. Just start searching for the best available coupon codes and shop away for your little one.

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