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The other day your friend bought the exact same bag you have and when you asked her the price you were sort of dumbfounded. While you were busy composing yourself, you calculated the price difference in your head and again you were stunned. It took you some time to digest the hefty price tag that your exact same bag came with. Once you got over it eventually, you asked her how on earth did this happen? Now another puzzling aspect comes in front of you – online coupon codes!

Your brain starts to fire up and you start to recollect those codes you saw on your receipts in store or those magazines and brochures you picked up randomly. Now it all starts making sense but you are completely dumb regarding them.

Well if you are reading this, worry no more because following is the simplest set of steps for dummies in the world of online coupon codes, just like we talk all about on this site here:

  1. Find the right coupon code

Either you will be lucky enough to get the desired coupon codes via in-store shopping or through magazines and brochures or you would have to work those fingers a little a bit more.

You can make the tiny effort to join the mailing list of your desired online store. You can also like them or follow them on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Many retailers will keep their customers updated with latest promotions and coupon codes via the above methods.

  1. Use properly

Once you have landed with the right coupon code (click here to find ways to get the best one), use it properly. Make sure you are aware of the expiration date. If the promotion is in demand, do not be lazy and use the coupon code at once while the stock lasts.

Please avoid the mistake of not entering the code properly in the promotion code box at the checkout page. Sometimes computer glitches will not apply the discounts properly and if you are lazy or in a haste, things can go wrong!

  1. Stack up to save more

Some stores allow multiple coupon codes to be used for the same item. If you are lucky in this way, combine your coupon codes for greater discounts.

  1. Buy more to save more

Retailers often want you to buy more from them. Rather it is always the case. Therefore, they will often give you more discount on more you buy from them. So if your pocket and shopping needs let you, go ahead and buy more to save more.

This brings us to the conclusion of ‘online couponing 101’ and as a graduate of this class, you are ready to shop and save to your heart’s content!

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