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The use of coupon codes in online shopping can help shoppers save a lot of money. These coupon codes offer discounts in the form of fixed dollar amount off your purchase, a percentage amount off your purchase or discounted free shipping fee. Whatever the case, the main idea is that you save money!

What is the math behind the discounts offered by these coupon codes?

Sometimes the method is very straightforward and at other times it has its complicated catches. Therefore, the buyer needs to be smart about using coupons, which is talked about extensively on this site, wisely.

Following are some of the major ways in which coupons help in saving money:

  • Generally, the discounts offered by coupon codes will directly show you how much money you are saving. Nevertheless, it is always smarter to analyze the discounts a bit more.

For instance, percentage discounts, e.g. 10% off, is better for larger orders since it will result in greater discounts. Smaller orders are better off with fixed discounts.

  • Retailers often allow customers to stack their coupons. This idea is most popularly used by tying up a percentage or fixed dollar off coupon codes with shipping coupon codes. Shipping coupon codes might be a fixed dollar amount reduction, a percentage discount or even completely free of charge.

An example of the above scenario could be a free shipping coupon code on a minimum of $30 purchase. If you are already purchasing items worth $35 and getting a 25% off on that, then it makes sense to stack the free shipping code along with the percentage off coupon code.

Let’s say the shipping was worth $10 and you end up saving almost $18.75!

  • The more the customer buys, the more he or she is eligible for greater discounts. For example, there might be a minimum amount of spending which when done will result in free shipping.

If this scenario suits you, and you are willing to buy the additional items or you are way too close to the minimum, then this deal might save you an otherwise hefty shipping cost. You can read more about coupon usage in another post here.

An example of the above scenario is that if the shipping cost is $8.95 and you need to spend an extra $9, it is worth to buy and extra item and get the shipping completely free of cost.

Now you know the math so shop away smartly and save more!

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