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A Smart Watch is like a Smart Phone. At first, consumers get their phone and use it only as a landline replacement. Later, as they become familiar with their phone, it’s a daily tool: a gaming device, GPS, and a planner. Android Wear is more than a time piece. This device is capable of multiple functions too.

Android Wear Watch for the Future

Of course, the primary purpose of Android Wear is to tell time. No matter how sophisticated our society becomes, watches are still necessary and more convenient for telling time than having to dig around one’s bag to find a phone.

A small display can only provide limited visuals, but information is another thing. There is plenty you can see on a Smart Watch display which connects to other technology. It’s even possible to respond to calls and texts right there from the watch. Leave the phone at home and travel light.

Fitness App

Fitness accessories and apps are big-selling products. There are many forms and functions to these devices, including fitness tracking. Let Android Wear help you keep an eye on activity and sedentary time. Use it to follow movement or lack of movement and prompt you to get up from your desk for a walk.

Fitness Apps will motivate, inspire, encourage, and inform the wearer as to how far she has taken her hikes or cycling trips that week and keep her up-to-date with any challenges she is part of with a wider community. Go for a run or a walk with music on your wrist too.

Timing Life

It is impossible to get away from our calendars because there is so much to do. What would a person accomplish without a day timer to keep it all straight? Better yet, how about setting up your watch to provide alerts and keep track of the day?

Program it to store data about appointments and to remind you about casual and formal events in plenty of time to drive across town or get home first for a quick change of clothes; into sports gear or suitable attire for a special dinner.

Styles of the Android Wear Smart Watches

This Christmas, show a person you love how well you know him or her; buy one of the Android Wear Smart Watches with a strap to match this person’s character. Select a material first such as leather or silicone. Next, opt for a style such as distressed or animal skin-type leather. Choose a color; maybe purple, gray, or olive green. These straps are detachable so consider ordering one for play and one for work.

The watch face is also easy to change right on the screen. There are so many styles, one might wish to set a new one each week. Try Captain America’s shield, Mr. Time and his seasonally appropriate backdrops for Valentine’s Day etc., the soft cherry blossoms of Sakura, or Dangerous Cats.

Applause for Apps

Don’t you love apps? What would we do without these customization features that make mobile communication devices so much fun? Install your favorites from music and comedy, GPS, clothing stores, and coupon websites. Enjoy a variety of shopping, learning, and entertainment apps for Android.

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