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Apple’s new watch partners great time-keeping with serious athletics, not forgetting clean aesthetics in the process. The Apple Watch Nike+ was designed for runners; for people who run alone and athletes motivating each other to push their bodies further. It is sleek with a small footprint, but you could be surprised how much one small device can do.

A Watch Plus More


For example, the Nike+ offers GPS tracking so a runner always knows how far he ran and the route he took. This feature is built-in as it is with all Series 2 watches designed by Apple. Is motivation a factor in your running schedule? Does it take a nudge of some kind to get out the door?

The Nike+ connects to other friends’ Apple watches so when they run, this could be the trigger for a reminder. Users can set it up that a certain day or time is always running time or that a change in the weather signals an opportunity to lace up those shoes.

Two-way Motivation

Meanwhile, your activity could be motivating someone else to do the same thing. Share a recent run with friends. Take that old elementary school gold-sticker cross-country chart to the next level with leaderboards for the digital age. This tool is a good way to keep an eye on one’s personal accomplishments too.

Weather Conditions

The weather does not matter to runners with a goal to meet; not even the sort of weather that forces other active people to stay indoors. If you are training for a marathon, rain or hot sun won’t slow you down. The Apple Watch Nike+ screen is not only highly readable but even water-proof to 50M, so it’s okay to forget to take it off in the hot tub and shower.

Wear It Well

For someone who does not enjoy wearing bracelets or even conventional watches because of their weight, you are going to surprise everyone. Turn up in this lightweight time piece created from fluoroelastomer, a flexible material which breathes instead of leaving a sweaty ring around your wrist.

Each version features an aluminum watch face colored space gray or silver, but Nike made four styles of bracelet, each one dotted with holes that let your skin breathe. There is black/volt, black/cool gray, flat silver/white, and flat silver/volt. Volt appears to be a neon yellow-green.

Watch Face Fanatics

Nike and Apple take technology and fashion seriously, knowing that what they create today will inspire new looks for tomorrow, especially in the field of fitness accessories and electronics. The face of each watch is made to appear especially large with framed rolled below the rim. Choose analog or digital time keeping. Numbers, letters, and symbols are vivid. Messages are easily readable.

Nike App

Become a part of the Nike+ Run Club where keeping track of metrics is important. This app suits the amateur who is new to running and is also useful for someone in the upper leagues of their sport.

Follow how far you have come by viewing the distance of your previous run, enabling you to set goals for today. Pay attention to the timing of weekly runs, maybe selecting various slots for different days of the week.

Program those in for the future too; don’t let forgetfulness stop you from doing your best. Glimpse reminders of a schedule you and friends set for the next run. Get Apple to send you a message that today is the day: you have half an hour, so get your gear together.


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