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The ASUS ZenWatch 3 is a fine piece of time-keeping equipment, although “equipment” does not convey the sense of luxury due to this watch. One really must see the details. View and experience the ZenWatch 3 in person to understand how function can be fabulous and fashionable.


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Quality and Detail

The website for this ASUS product hones in on two words: detail and quality. ASUS wants you to know they did not overlook even the smallest elements of design and that the whole thing, start to finish, is worth what you pay for it.

Those details include the regular ones like time and date which can be accessed without pressing buttons or knowing some sort of code. Other features, however, show how high-tech design can be user-friendly and stylish too.

Crafted Watch

The face of this slender time keeper measures just 9.95 mm; less than a centimeter thick. A tough, protective Corning Gorilla Glass cover measures 1.39 inches under which is an AMOLED display offering 287 ppi for clear, bright readings. The design couldn’t be more appropriate for a horological item: The Annular Solar Eclipse.

Instead of designing a watch and adding last-minute style details to make it pretty, ASUS created a piece of jewelry which is also technically precise. They use 316L Stainless Steel, the sort used when making jewelry, so it is aesthetically beautiful but also very durable. Compared with regular steel, ASUS assures the wearer that this 316L is more than 80% stronger. The bezel has been diamond-cut for accuracy.

Three Buttons


One button at the top invites users to customize settings in order to access apps and other features. At the center of this array is a function button for changing brightness and other display features. Below all of these is the energy efficiency button: change over to Eco Mode and save battery energy. “Classy” takes on new, environmentally responsible ideals with the ASUS ZenWatch 3.

Colors and Materials

Added to 316L Stainless Steel is the luxury of leather. ASUS fashioned their strap from Italian stitched leather for a comfortable fit. They also allow consumers to select a color for their watch-face metal: Silver, Rose Gold, or Gunmetal. Make this a gift worth giving; choose a shade to match a spouse’s accessories, maybe even his car.

Smart Assistant

Organize information including your calendar with the Smart Assistant, part of the ASUS ZenWatch 3. Settings provide reminders, allow you to call up info as you want it, and relay messages. Choose from many watch-face themes and select one, two, or three informational widgets for the face.

This assistant is more than your calendar manager; stay fit with the ZenFit app too. Count how many steps you take daily, take heed of reminders to get moving, and track other exercises throughout the week. A water-resistant exterior lets you take this watch into the shower or as deep as 1 meter for half an hour. Care for a short swim during lunch hour?

Energy Conscious

Although the wearer will be encouraged to expend more energy, his watch will use less, thanks to a more energy-efficient processor; like the kind you find in a modern laptop. This enables one to make battery life last longer by switching off reminders and other features at certain times. A magnetic charger quickly replenishes the battery.

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