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MileIQ began with a vision to ease a task that people found burdensome, repetitive, and did not look forward to. This was mileage deduction, something companies expect of their drivers and sales reps.

It is a task performed by families living in rural areas who travel to Children’s Hospital then have to make mileage claims on their taxes. You can probably think of other applications, and MileIQ just made them easier, not to mention more accurate.

The Story

Dan Bomze and Chuck Dietrich got together in 2013 with an idea that started with taxes and smartphones. What if it was not so difficult to count those miles traveled by executives, employees, and families? How about making it harder to cheat the system too?

That might not have been on their minds, but the IRS certainly will not complain if mileage calculations are precise. Since that first meeting in 2013, the pair developed a team and created a product: MileIQ.

They received ideas from people who have to track mileage as part of their professional lives and this helped them to develop the product they now provide as an app for smartphones.

Why Does Mileage Matter?

Companies reimburse employees for miles traveled as part of their working day if they are business-related. Employees track these miles laboriously, using their odometer and keeping notes when they remember. When they forget, employees have to estimate or forfeit miles. The boss can only hope employees are being honest about the mileage they claim.

Government taxation agencies also make allowances for miles traveled when self-employed individuals submit their tax forms, when individuals must travel for health reasons, and they use them to calculate expenses for non-profit organizations. Many people benefit from knowing how far they travel yearly and how much this costs them in terms of gasoline or diesel and wear-and-tear on a vehicle.

Big Seller

After 3 years, MileIQ has grown to become a hugely useful, popular app relied upon by businesses and self-employed individuals. The company has not stopped innovating either. For now, though, this is a simple app to use which help to fuel its popularity.

How It Works

MileIQ automatically detects how far you have driven. It tracks how far and where you went also. One could behave deceptively and say those miles were for business, but the app shows where a vehicle was taken. It doesn’t use a lot of battery power, so downloading the MileIQ app will not drain a mobile battery.

It features one-swipe classification so your drive is ear-marked as personal, professional, or whatever other purpose you might hit the road for. Choose from standard classifications or create custom ones. Add details about parking fees, toll costs, and more.

Set Up

You do not have to set it up for the app to work; not until personalization is required. Miles are tracked from the start. Add which vehicles you will be tracking if there is more than one. Edit mileage and rates. Set work hours and other reasons for driving. Customers pay a monthly fee for the service which offers data privacy, secure storage in the Cloud, no ads, support, and mileage history.

The free plan is good for 40 drives but prices start at $5.99 monthly. The largest plan is ideal for a team with multiple vehicles and drivers expecting to cover hundreds, maybe thousands of miles every month between them all.

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