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The Google Pixel is like a wireless, remote, high-tech PA; always with you, but you can slide that PA in your pocket. You ask the phone for information or to do things; the Pixel politely complies. Consumers will look at the Google Pixel and its larger version, the Google Pixel XL, and ask, “isn’t that just a Smartphone?” It is a Smartphone, but also so much more.

google-pixel-xlThe Google Pixel XL

Begin by telling your Smartphone, “OK Google,” and this device is able to respond to your commands and questions. Next year, this service will also be in French. Voice controls, however, are just a small part of the many features Google has to offer.

Storing Special Moments

Enjoy unlimited storage online and keep videos and images safely close and recorded. You will not have to get rid of your pictures every so often to make space; there’s plenty. They will also be secure along with contacts, songs, and old texts if you want to keep hold of them. Some of those texts might be meaningful after all.

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Excellent Images

This is a Smartphone with a small screen, although the XL is larger at 5.5 inches, but that AMOLED screen’s pixels and definition are amazing. The technology on these phone cameras is getting better all the time. Take photos in any light, employing the flash or not — whatever you need to do. Video calls will be sharp and rewarding. Bring those you love close to home no matter how far away they are, whether they use iPhone or Android devices, although the operating system is Android and customers receive updates to the operating system for 2 years plus security updates for free.

More about the Screen

Both versions of the Pixel are fitted with a Corning Gorilla Glass AMOLED screen featuring 441-ppi and high definition. A special coating is resistant to fingerprints. That same screen provides 12.3 MP at the rear and 8 MP in the front with a fast, automatic focus including Phase Detection and Laser Detection focus.

Google promises high-quality video too; enjoyable and reliable. There are even three microphones to pick up sound accurately plus an adaptive amplifier to play it back clearly. Background noises are cancelled out for your listening pleasure.

Snapdragon Processor

Each of the Google Pixels, the regular and XL, contains a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 821, which means the device is fast and efficient with battery power. That Quad-Core helps with the fantastic images but also storage and memory.

Although there is no limit to photo and video storage, there are limits to document storage. Note the parameters when you look at these two phones and you could find yourself wanting the larger phone for more storage space. The bigger screen is also nice for older eyes.

Compact Smartphone

One of the necessary features of a handheld phone is that it must be compact. The Google Pixel XL measures 6.09″ x 2.98″ to be precise; less about 1/3 and ¼ of an inch respectively for the regular-sized unit. They weigh 168 or 143g, about a third of a pound, so light.

Available colors are silver and black with an anodized aluminum finish. Customize with a personally chosen cover if you want designs or patterns. An RGB (Red Green Blue) color strata provides realistic color on the screen and also creates an LED light to notify users of alerts if they want to choose that option.

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