The Google Pixel XL Personal Assistant

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The Google Pixel is like a wireless, remote, high-tech PA; always with you, but you can slide that PA in your pocket. You ask the phone for information or to do things; the Pixel politely complies. Consumers will look at the Google Pixel and its larger version, the Google Pixel XL, and ask, “isn’t that just a Smartphone?” It is a Smartphone, but also so much more.

google-pixel-xlThe Google Pixel XL

Begin by telling your Smartphone, “OK Google,” and this device is able to respond to your commands and questions. Next year, this service will also be in French. Voice controls, however, are just a small part of the many features Google has to offer.

Storing Special Moments

Enjoy unlimited storage online and keep videos and images safely close and recorded. You will not have to get rid of your pictures every so often to make space; there’s plenty. They will also be secure along with contacts, songs, and old texts if you want to keep hold of them. Some of those texts might be meaningful after all.

Image: Google Store

Excellent Images

This is a Smartphone with a small screen, although the XL is larger at 5.5 inches, but that AMOLED screen’s pixels and definition are amazing. The technology on these phone cameras is getting better all the time. Take photos in any light, employing the flash or not — whatever you need to do. Video calls will be sharp and rewarding. Bring those you love close to home no matter how far away they are, whether they use iPhone or Android devices, although the operating system is Android and customers receive updates to the operating system for 2 years plus security updates for free.

More about the Screen

Both versions of the Pixel are fitted with a Corning Gorilla Glass AMOLED screen featuring 441-ppi and high definition. A special coating is resistant to fingerprints. That same screen provides 12.3 MP at the rear and 8 MP in the front with a fast, automatic focus including Phase Detection and Laser Detection focus.

Google promises high-quality video too; enjoyable and reliable. There are even three microphones to pick up sound accurately plus an adaptive amplifier to play it back clearly. Background noises are cancelled out for your listening pleasure.

Snapdragon Processor

Each of the Google Pixels, the regular and XL, contains a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 821, which means the device is fast and efficient with battery power. That Quad-Core helps with the fantastic images but also storage and memory.

Although there is no limit to photo and video storage, there are limits to document storage. Note the parameters when you look at these two phones and you could find yourself wanting the larger phone for more storage space. The bigger screen is also nice for older eyes.

Compact Smartphone

One of the necessary features of a handheld phone is that it must be compact. The Google Pixel XL measures 6.09″ x 2.98″ to be precise; less about 1/3 and ¼ of an inch respectively for the regular-sized unit. They weigh 168 or 143g, about a third of a pound, so light.

Available colors are silver and black with an anodized aluminum finish. Customize with a personally chosen cover if you want designs or patterns. An RGB (Red Green Blue) color strata provides realistic color on the screen and also creates an LED light to notify users of alerts if they want to choose that option.

The iPhone 8: Rumors, And Anticipation

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There is no sign of the iPhone 8 on tech store shelves; not yet. We don’t know what it will look like or what it will be made of; what the spec will be over all, not even dimensions. Consumers can make some educated guesses such as the fact that it will be light as always, not one of those Smartphones you can see from space. Otherwise, we will tell you what we know and what we guess. Just promise not to interpret this as the last word.

Big Redesign for the 10th Anniversary

Apple has announced they are planning to go for a celebratory overhaul, no minor tweaks. The design will allegedly be very different. How they interpret “very different” is anyone’s guess, but it will still be an iPhone in many ways, possibly in two versions.

One will be the expensive, limited edition type; the other will be for regular people (that is, anyone who can afford $600 or doesn’t mind selling his car to get a new iPhone). If it wasn’t at least similar, Apple would have to call it something else.

Don’t hold your breath for a Christmas release, though, or expect to find this in your stocking. Unless you hang those out at Easter, you are wasting your time. It’s more likely mom could get one for Mother’s Day but certainly not before 2017, a year that marks a decade of iPhone technology, controversy, and some level of commercial hysteria. I mean, some people are truly committed to owning one of each number even if the previous one is still working nicely.

Expectations of Quality

There is no denying that Apple makes a quality unit, although some accusations of fragility have circulated over the years. We anticipate something with reinforced glass, maybe even less metal and more glass than before.

Thanks to constant improvement in the way this material is made, glass isn’t the fearful element it once was. Consumers can now safely breathe on the most recent iPhone without breaking it. This OLED element will feature better pixels and more realistic gaming with a wider range of colors for contrast and realism.

Your photos and videos will stand up to ones taken on a Samsung, no problem. That is, they will be comparable until Samsung upgrades their camera too. Audio will also go through an improvement to match so that videos will play back with less background noise and truer quality.

New Security

Is security on these things as good as it gets? Not yet. You have seen some new laptops launched recently which use bio-metric security such as visual recognition. Could the iPhone 8 follow such cutting-edge lines, or will fingerprints be the most logical step for them? This is high-tech but not new-tech.

Faster Internet

Of course, these devices get faster all the time as the technology inside them becomes smaller. Soon customers will have to use a microscope to activate their iPhone and special glasses (or perhaps telekinesis) to make it work without fingers which are not becoming smaller to keep up. For now, expect data processing to speed up a little as you operate the iPhone 8 to email friends, shop, watch videos, or chat on Face Time. There will be little or no perceptible lag plus increased storage.

New Charging Method

Is it possible that Apple will go with wireless battery recharging? How expensive would this make the iPhone 8? What sort of dock would you require? Actually, recharging at a dock would be very cool; totally Star Trek. I’m all for it. Those cords go missing all the time and if you own more than one type of device, don’t even talk about what happens when you force an Android USB end onto an Apple one. It’s bad news.

ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe

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The ZS570KL or ZenFone 3 Deluxe reminds us that cell phones are streets beyond what they started out as. We first knew these as communication devices and they were the size of a two-slice toaster. These shrunk and shrunk, but technology developed and grew. Now many times more tech lives inside something a fraction of the size we remember from the 90s.

ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe World First


Several of these are represented in the ZenFone 3 Deluxe. One is the first invisible antenna design. Second is a Snapdragon 821 processor, equivalent of what you find in many laptops. With Adreno 530 GPU, the meaningfulness of these two numbers isn’t lost on gamers or people who rely on their smartphones for all of the non-textual uses of a phone. If it isn’t sending email or texting, the ZenFone supplies visuals like games, Skype, and photography.

Storage is exceeding expectations and, for the first time, customers can own a phone with 6 GB RAM plus 256 GB of Universal Flash Storage 2.0 memory. This is a sign that companies are making phones they know and hope will be as powerful as laptops. Many individuals use their phones in place of a larger device, creating documents with voice activation and doing away with the need for a keyboard in many instances.

ASUS has also created the first phone worldwide to have installed a Sony IMX318 sensor and 23-megapixel resolution, the highest possible on a smartphone. Calling it a Smartphone is almost an insult; it’s a Genius Phone.

Metal Design

What’s with the invisible antenna? You don’t usually see an antenna sticking out of a phone, but there are gaps in metal exteriors to enable the wireless connection. ASUS does away with the gaps but not the metal. They employ diamond-cut curves in aerospace-grade, anodized metal sanded fine for a smooth result. It’s a shame you will want to cover that with a protective shield to prevent slipping, even with Gorilla Glass protecting the screen, but at home you can take it out and show the phone off to friends.

Color Perfection

Enjoy bright images shown in Super AMOLED with a contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 to enhance already amazing small-screen gaming graphics. Three focusing technologies combine in the ZenFone camera: phase detection, laser, and continuous auto-focus providing fast focus and true images.

Photons of light can’t leak between pixel sensors, so the images are super-clear. Game Genie brings gaming to a new handheld level. Its search window pops up so users can look for gaming tips while they play. Even broadcast game play from the small screen to YouTube for friends to watch. Yes, games use a lot of power, but recharging is almost finished in under an hour.

Sound and Scenes

Add precise sound from a system not found on any other mobile phone: SonicMaster 3.0 with High-Res Audio certification. ASUS provides a five-magnet speaker, a large sound chamber, and a metal voice coil for sound that is worthy of a professional studio experience.

ZenFone Accessories from ASUS

The range of extras includes a flip cover, mobile power pack in playing-card size, and a tripod for steady pictures. Create a perfect package for someone this Christmas.