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Many of us unfortunately have parts of our body that have unwanted fat deposits that stick with us no matter what we do. They seem to hang on to our body and never let go. You can try to exercise, eat a proper diet, and try many other things and no matter what you do the fat seems to stay there and never diminish. And for all your healthy eating and exercising, you can’t figure out why these fat stores won’t disappear like they’re supposed to.

If you wake up and realize that your body has unwanted fat deposits that will not seem to go away, you should never give up the fight and feel that all hope is lost. On the contrary, there is a beautiful new way to get help eliminating these fat deposits and the name of the process is called CoolSculpting.

If you stick with traditional cosmetic procedures, you may feel that liposuction is your best option. But know that this noninvasive procedure called CoolSculpting is innovative, exciting, and the perfect way to get rid of stubborn body fat without having to have our bodies cut opened and literally have it sucked out by a vacuum. Disgusting!

If you came here to read this and look for answers, and just know that I always recommend CoolSculpting to all of my readers because it is a simple and noninvasive procedure that makes it very easy to freeze fat on certain areas of your body that are tough to get fit even if you are an expert at diet and exercise.

After the completion of the freezing process, it will take two months to experience the total results, but your body will look shapely, slim and toned when all is said and done. And when you finally look in the mirror after this experience is complete, you’re going to jump for joy because you finally look and feel the way that you always wanted to.

Most of us just aren’t happy with the way that we look, and the thought of trying an invasive procedure just doesn’t make you feel good inside. You want a procedure that will get rid of stubborn areas of body fat without having to get cut open and have the fat sucked out. For people like you, please realize that the CoolSculpting procedure is available to help you and it has the power to truly change your life in ways that are better than you’ve ever imagined.

Learn more about the CoolSculpting procedure right now. Contact a doctor and ask for a consultation. This person will be able to teach you how he or she performs the procedure, and when you’re done you’ll feel like you know whether or not this is the right option for you based on your needs.

CoolSculpting Review and How It Works

The simplest and most effective way to define CoolSculpting is to let everyone know that the process is noninvasive, which many people really appreciate, and it also uses a specific device particularly designed to freeze those unwanted fat cells. When all is said and done and the treatment is complete over a two-month process, your unwanted fat cells will be gone from your body because they will eventually die off and slowly shrink over a two-month period of time. When the procedure is through and your fat cells are no longer there, you will practically jump for joy because of the effectiveness of this treatment. And best of all, you’ll never have to go under the knife in order to experience these huge benefits.

The beginnings of this process were accidentally discovered in Russia during the 1970s. Russian people realize that some of their children had sunken in cheeks. Since they were young and often chubby children, it was a mystery at first as to why their faces had become so slim.

Those paying attention realize that the children with the slimmest cheeks were also the ones that enjoyed sucking on frozen popsicles on a regular basis. These children were healthy in every aspect of their lives, yet the frozen popsicles were literally melting the fat inside of their mouth. It was an amazing discovery to say the least!

Well, as you can imagine, scientists and medical doctors recognize that this information was incredibly valuable. At that point, they decided to take things to the next level and begin studying freezing temperatures and its effects on fat loss. The research led to the creation of the CoolSculpting machine that ultimately allows medical professionals to completely eradicate minor fat stores. This process can totally get rid of accumulated fat on parts of your body that just do not seem to want to let go.

What Does the CoolSculpting Process Entail?

The process known as CoolSculpting is unique to say the least. It mainly uses an applicator that is formed in the shape of a paddle. The paddle is then attached to a hose. The medical professional performing the CoolSculpting procedure will either use a small paddle if the area being treated is small or a large panel when the area being treated is larger. They will determine the size of the paddle depending on how much fat needs to be frozen and melted away. Because this is the device that doctors will use to make the body reach freezing temperatures to eliminate fat from difficult areas.

No matter the size of the paddle being used, the CoolSculpting device will also have two panels that each contains 3000 sensor pads. Before the paddles are placed on the area being treated, the doctor will put a gelatinous pad in place over the area of the skin being treated in an effort to protect it from harm while the freezing process takes place. After the pad is securely located in place for initiation of the treatment process, the device is then turned on so that it can begin working on your stubborn fat deposits.

Now that the device is on and working an applicator will kick in. This applicator has the ability to lift up the fat cells and hold them between the two panels. This is how the freezing process works, which is ultimately what is going to melt your fat cells away. The treatment takes roughly an hour, and during this time the device will have to stay in place in order to experience the full benefits of the treatment.

Once completed, one of the members of the medical staff will start massaging the area of your skin that just was treated after the removal of the device. They will only spend a few moments massaging your skin, but they do this in an effort to restore regular blood flow.

Once the treatment is complete, you can leave the medical facility and go about your daily life like a normal person. There are some side effects that you can experience like skin cramping and stinging, as well as reddening or whitening, but just remember that they are only temporary and will dissipate within a few days.

Is CoolSculpting a Valid Option for Me?

Are you trying to find out if you qualify as a valid candidate for CoolSculpting? If so, please look at these criteria because it will help you determine if you are right for this powerful procedure.

  • You successfully maintain a healthy weight although certain pockets of body fat do not melt away.
  • Your abdomen area contains noticeable fat bulges and/or you have unwanted love handles even though you work hard to get rid of them through diet and exercise.
  • You do not nor have ever suffered from Raynaud’s syndrome, which is a disorder of the circulatory system.
  • You realize that this is not a quick fix and two months will pass before you notice complete results.
  • You eat healthy food and exercise regularly and pledge to continue living this way after the treatment has been complete.

How Much Does Coolsculpting Cost?

  • When treating the area between the ribs and your hips as well as the upper abdomen, it costs on average $700-$800.
  • When treating the portion of the lower abdomen it typically costs $1200-$1500 on average.
  • When treating love handles it often costs roughly $1300-$1500 for the average procedure.
  • When treating the combined lower abdomen, upper abdomen, and love handles it usually costs $2500-$3000 in an average situation.

How are The Reviews of this Procedure?

Many people appreciate reading or watching CoolSculpting reviews. They feel this information is valuable because it teaches them more about the process from somebody that has gone through it. If you feel that you can benefit from this practice, then we highly recommend checking out CoolSculpting reviews at your earliest convenience.

Before and After Photos

Looking at before and after CoolSculpting photos is also a great way to determine if the process seems right for you. If you like the way that the results look, then it’s certainly worth considering for your own problem areas.


Extremely freezing temperatures can melt away difficult pockets of body fat. This treatment is cosmetic in nature and is not covered by insurance. To determine if this is the best option for you, check with a local practitioner near your home to find out more about the process.

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