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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Karate, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are among the most popular fighting styles or self-defense exercises. They have gained fame, thanks to movies of the past few generations, MMA more currently, and they also provide excellent activity for people of all ages.

If you feel fit but aren’t sure that your mind is working out, take up a martial art. The memory work alone will keep your brain active. Venum supplies gear to martial arts clubs and individual participants.

venum-comEssential Fight Gear for Training

Long before taking part in a tournament or belt test, students spend hours at their club or dojo where the sensei runs them through numerous moves: jab, front cross, upper cut, side kick, tornado kick, axe kick, and so on. With partners in class they work on control, accuracy, etiquette, and power by repeating moves or sparring in a friendly sort of way, although there should be bruises and there could be some blood.

During training, the sensei will ask partners to work with a shield, mitts, or pads. The shield is essential for kicks and is very thick. With the right technique, a pad holder should be protected against the worst of a partner’s blows from rear-leg side-kicks.

One person holds a pad high or low and the other executes front kicks, jump front-kicks, shuffle kicks, and axe kicks, frequently while moving in a line. Mitts are great for punching and jabbing back and forth, chin to shoulder, fist shooting out like a rocket.

Protection in Training

Some pain is expected and some is foolishness; unnecessary. Save real pain for fight day when the adrenaline is up. Although trained individuals should possess the control to not pummel one another senselessly, accidents happen.

Protect the groin, shins, and joints with gear by Venum. Keep all of your teeth: wear a mouth guard. Cover hands with wraps and push them into gloves: this will protect your fingers from bone-to-bone contact and the breaks which follow. A glove and hand wrap also provide additional support to your wrist.

venum-glovesGloves, All Sorts

There are four types of gloves at Venum. Kids get their own section. There are MMA-specific gloves. Boxers need gloves for training and separate ones for the ring on fight day. Browse their selection of styles, sizes, and colors online.

More from Venum

During practice, club members still want to look and feel like fighters and like part of a team. They are also expected to demonstrate discipline and respect.

Those are good reasons to come dressed in a uniform, whether that’s your gi or a special boxing shirt everyone else is also wearing. On training days, karate and BJJ participants are permitted to wear a shirt, pants, and their belt or they can wear the full gi.

This outfit consists of a baggy top which is tied at the bottom on the inside and outside then cinched at the middle with one’s belt. The color signifies his or her level in the sport. Pants are also baggy.

In martial arts, size and shape don’t matter; skill is all that counts. Uniforms of these kinds provide a sense of equalization among those who are very small or a bit large when they stand next to solid, sinewy opponents and team mates.

Venum also carries Kingdom gear, the Navy St. brand seen in MMA. Clothing sold at Venum is shaped and designed for athletics. Feel comfortable moving through the full range of kicking and punching routines.


Venum supplies free shipping once your order comes to $49 or more in the United States. Orders from Canada and Mexico qualify for cost-free shipping once they reach $120. Pricing is reasonable, but it’s not hard to load your basket to the upper value with a jump rope, hand wraps, gloves, and training mitts.

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