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The number one prepaid service for cell phone users in the United States is TracFone according to, well, TracFone. That is not what some other consumer sites are saying. They talk about AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and others. That doesn’t mean TracFone isn’t the service provider you are looking for. Their plans are affordable, but what do they offer? See below.


TracFone aims to keep your bills low. They don’t do any credit checks to ensure you’re a solid, worthy candidate. There are no contracts or bills. Make calls within the United States or to international destinations. If you already have a number with some other provider, keep that same number but switch to TracFone.

tracfone-comWhy TracFone?

It’s a good question: what’s so good about this company? In their own words, one reason is the lack of commitment listed above. You aren’t tied to a plan that doesn’t work for you.

Coverage is nationwide on most networks. Charges are lower than anyone else’s. Phones from TracFone come from the likes of Samsung and LG; known, reliable brands.

Finding someone to sell you the phones and minutes is easy with tens of thousands of participating retailers or you can keep the phone you have and order the plan only.

If minutes remain at the end of a billing period, they will be carried over to the next month if your phone and plan remain active with TracFone. You don’t pay to activate your phone, there are no penalties for cancelling your plan, and charges aren’t shockingly high. You can start at under $10 monthly.

It’s easy to move content between an old phone and your new one if you are switching; apply the Transfer Wizard app. They try to make things simple at TracFone.


Choose a one-year plan, Pay as You Go, or BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone). Select a number of minutes per month, a number of texts, GB of storage, and our price is all set up for the BYOP plan. The first plan offers 200 minutes, 500 texts, 200 MB of storage, and a 30-play plan for $15 or less when customers commit to auto-renewal.

Pay as You Go costs from $8.99 for 30 minutes a month but offers up to 450 minutes over 90 days for $79.99. Pick a one-year plan from 400 to 1,500 minutes priced $99.99 to $199.99. Consumers will discover that the bigger their commitment and the larger the plan is, the less each minute or text costs individually.

Can you foresee times when having lots of text or talk time would benefit you? Maybe you typically pay too much for a plan, the lowest one they have, and you still can’t make full use of it? TracFone’s plans won’t make you see red. Even if some minutes and texts remain, the price is much easier to swallow than some other minimums priced over $10 or even $15 monthly.

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There is an excellent chance any phone purchased from TracFone will be worth in excess of $19.99. Buy a bundle, get your phone shipped for free, or go to the store. It’s up to you. Checking out phones and talking to professionals in person is reassuring to many consumers, but it helps to have the option.

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